ray harryhausen evolution

ray harryhausen evolution



Dinosaurs have been really fascinating us since we found them. It is a wonder that when a new medium called cinema was invented many tried to make dinosaurs to varying levels of success in early movies. Before Jurassic park we had the dinosaur creations of ray harryhausen.Ray Harryhausen is one of my heroes. I would say he made dinosaurs more realistic then many others at that time. Jurassic park may have changed the game but it was ray that inspired that game changing movie among others. Ray Harryhausen inspired many of today’s filmmakers among others in cinema.

Ray Harryhausen’s love of dinosaurs dates from 1925, when he first saw Willis O’Brien’s film The Lost World in the cinema at the age of five, which he described with the words, I was about five years old when I had my first taste of dinosaurs. My parents took me to see the movie of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (1925) in which an intrepid group of explorers, led by the fearless Professor Challenger, discover a dinosaur-infested plateau in the South American jungle. I had never dreamt that such huge and terrifying creatures might exist and they captured my imagination immediately, setting me on the path to a career in animation.
The Lost World inspired him to make papier mâché puppets of dinosaurs. These puppets, and the sets in which they performed, became increasingly sophisticated, allowing him to develop model making skills that would prove key in later life. After seeing King Kong at the age of 14 in 1933 he made more marionettes of the main creatures; those of King Kong 1 as well as a brontosaurus, pterodactyl, triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex. These puppets remarkably still exist, photographs of which were published in Ray Harryhausen’s Fantasy Scrapbook. So it inspired him to create many ideas which would inspire this great man among many other things would inspire him greatly so I talk about dinosaurs he created.

Harryhausen’s Dynamation dinosaurs 


The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

This movie pre-dated Godzilla by one year it was As a result of an arctic nuclear test, a carnivorous dinosaur thaws out and starts making its way down the east coast of North America is basic story of this monster movie.  It was ray’s frist movie after mighty joe young. Ray Harryhausen love of dinosaurs is used in this movie to great effect. The prehistoric creature was a dinosaur of some kind yet he never named it.

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms dinosaur

Ray Harryhausen’s special effects are fantastic. The dinosaur moves very fluidly and has a very convincing sense of realism to it. All the sets and models look great too. If you watch Giant Monster movies to see Giant Monsters this movie will not disappoint you. t. It’s fairly well written and there’s never any really cheesy dialogue at all it. Its characters are very well written too and very easy to sympathize with. Its must see for any fan of b-movie movies or Godzilla or Giant Monster (Kaiju) films in general, along with fans of 50s sci-fi films its just that darn good.


The Animal World (1956)

The Animal World is a 1956 documentary film that was produced, written and directed by Irwin Allen. The film includes live-action footage of animals throughout the world, along with a ten-minute stop motion animated sequence about dinosaurs. Its very rare as they come as it is a short documentary with stop motion animation. Its one of rare times where ray animated a t-rex.  I put you-tube link of the view-master slides of it. Its very much a fun thing to see as this video is a treat to see a dinosaur come to life by the master the process.

Ray Harryhausen and jules verne is a match made in heaven. I would say out of his many movies he helped craft this movie truly marvelous. The flim departs form the book in so many ways. I fondly enjoy many of his movies one is a treat to watch anytime. The caracters are given so many conflicts that its a joy to see the story unfold. The icing on the top of this cake is the music by Bernard Herrmann as his wonderful score really is such a joy. Mysterious Island is the type of old-fashioned adventure film that they just don’t make anymore which you should watch today.

Pre-Jurassic Park dinosaur b-movies get no more fun than in One Million Years B.C as its truly a fun b-movie. It’s very silly movie in many ways yet it’s very much a fun b-movie at heart and soul as it’s a hammer remake the 1940 fantasy film by the same name. It’s very much b-movie acting at its finest as all of them are good in their roles yet it’s all cheesy.  Raquel Welch is the big selling point of this movie with ray’s wonderful stop motion dinosaurs really stealing the show form her many time as these creatures are a joy to watch on the screen then again so is Raquel Welch. This is a fun b-movie that you will enjoy but do not expect it to set world on fire.

Those years of obscurity were unfair, because The Valley of Gwangi is one of my favorite films from the team of Ray Harryhausen and producer Charles H. Schneer. It’s a huge sugary ball of all the things I love to see in a pulp adventure tale as this western gem mixed monster movie. It’s a gem for sure. Originally written by King Kong’s Willis O’Brien, Gwangi script was never filmed, but a copy owned by Ray Harryhausen stored in his garage was resurrected in 1966. With additional work by writer William Bast. It has wonderful acting by its cast as James Francious headlines it with Gila Golan and Richard Carlson. It’s very much a fun gem with many fun moments of joy as the prehistoric mayhem of the stop motion dinosaurs vs. dinosaurs really is such a treat to watch. I would suggest you see it today. Today i talked about some classic gems you should see today. I was hoping to inspire you to check out the works of ray harryhausen. I will be hosting a The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon,which you can join by clicking the picture below. I hope you enjoyed my talk on these fun classic movies.

The Ray Harryhausen Blogathon


king kong

The Animals in Film Blogathon hosted by Crystal of In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood  which runs May 26 – 28.  Enjoy all the interesting contributions by clicking HERE. My review of king kong is done for this event.



King kong is 83 years old now. It has been delighting us for 80 years. It is considered by many of the greatest filmmakers one of the best movies all time.


King Kong  haunted me for years, I came out of the theatre in another world. I’d never see anything like that before in my life. I didn’t know how it was done and that was half the charm. I didn’t just say “Eureka, I’ve found what I want to do”, that came over a period of time. But I’d done a few dioramas in clay of the La Brea tar pits and I saw in “King Kong” how you could make them move. Luckily a friend of my father’s worked at RKO and he knew all about stop-motion, so I started experimenting in my garage this is a personal quote by Ray Harryhausen who is one of my greatest idols. He truly is one my childhood heroes when i frist saw this magician’s greatest works. I was amazed even when i learned about his name finally and the process of “Dynamation. He created monsters that looked so real. I would say that got many of his great works and creations were inspired by Willis O’Brien’s work on king kong and his many other works. King kong is often looked upon as something truly special by every great filmmaker and many of the greatest minds of special effects all call it the eighth wonder of flim as its a marvelous treat. So to review this classic gem now i hope you enjoyed my story and tribute one of my heroes. So now to review this classic movie.

King kong review

King Kong (1933) 16

One of the most imaginative, creative, and spectacular action/horror films ever made. It was decades ahead of its time in many ways. It influenced Spielberg, Jackson and countless other filmmakers. This movie is the eighth wonder of flim.

The movie was directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest Scheodsack, and produced by them with the legendary David O. Selznick, then head of RKO Radio Pictures. Selznick took little credit for the film, saying his key contribution was to put  Willis O’Brien’s work. Its acting of everyone is very good yet it’s not really what makes this movie magical as this movie’s effects are the charm here as it truly was a marvel at its time also another marvel is its score which is considered one of the first used in movies. Willis O’Brien is the man primarily credited with bringing King Kong to the screen, but in truth, Kong was the brainchild of Merian Cooper, a truly larger-than-life film producer, on whom the character of Carl Denham was modeled after Merian Cooper. oper had been a fighter pilot in World War I, a POW after he was shot down behind enemy lines, and- with his partner Ernest Schoedsack- had traveled to the wilds of Asia and Africa to film documentaries. Cooper imagined King Kong as the logical extension of his true life exploits. He wanted king Kong to fight a komodo dragon which i doubt would have been allowed in 1933 as it was not to be a stop motion but real ape. It was not to be and altered. . The miniature jungle settings created by O’Brien’s crew with multiple glass paintings created an otherworldly quality to Skull Island  with its many creatures and king Kong and the many famous scenes created by stop motion  miniatures even kong was a miniature that truly was a marvel at its time as all the many creatures of skull island and Kong were animated by this process slowly. It created Kong whom would be loved by everyone forever. , the cinematography and makeup and Max Steiner’s wonderful score all come together with the stop motion animation to create marvel for all time.

King Kong was a made for the movies myth, not based directly on any previous source other than Cooper and O’Brien’s imagination as few movies ever will match it beside wizard of oz. It truly is a classic that you should see today.

The ruth rating:five bette's





Pinocchio was Walt Disney’s second animated film as he moved up in production from Bambi. Although Snow White is considered a special treat many regard this gem as his greatest gem. So today I look upon this classic movie in insight into this classic gem and a review of it. When you wish upon a star any dream can true. So let’s begin into this dream.

A new art is born the start of a dream.

So Walt Disney had the smash hit Snow White break open a new medium as he decided a feature animation often. He started work on many projects at the same time about as he had Bambi and Pinocchio as while in process of making Pinocchio he started another classic later called fantasia as that later classic would mix music and animation richly as that classic remains one of my favorites.  It was a hard task take this kids story that was beloved and turn it into another Disney classic as to make the puppet more friendly as the books original version wasn’t so nice and friendly.

Often many books are tasks to create a template for a movie as this was one of those cases which was harder without many changes.

One of the hardest tasks was creating the under the sea feeling in water as water in animation in that stage struggling to make it look real. One trick was put bubbles in water to create a trick of being under the sea. It works greatly. It truly is a work of magic.

Jiminy cricket was a late addition to the movie as he was such a loved idea. Disneys favorite was the movies beloved cat.

The blue fairy animation was crafted by same animation crafter of Fantasia. Another first for this classic was its use of famous actors. As budget raised up it became one of Hollywood’s most costly animation budgets of the time.

Upon its release it truly was raved upon with great reviews and beloved by many hailing it as the start of the Disney golden age. It is often stated to be favorite among filmmakers and artist and many great legends as it’s a special kind of magical tale that tells a tale that is about a wish to be a real boy. When you wish upon a star any dream can come true. So now to review this classic I hope you enjoyed insight into this classic.

Pinocchio review 

Pinocchio benefits from one of the finest collections of songs such as I got no strings on me to an actor’s life for me and when you wish upon a star.

This classic had won an Oscar for best original song for when you wish upon a star. It also won for its wonderful musical score a Oscar which is truly wonderful. It’s voice acting is also remarkable as two great talents make its fold. Cliff Edwards whom truly is one of best character actors. Mel Blanc does work too as the donkeys as he does it greatly as he is truly one of its most famous voice actors whose work shines in many animation voice roles. Dickie Jones played one great role as Pinocchio. The blue fairy is played by the remarkable Evelyn Venable a great character actress. Frankie Darro plays a great role too another great character actor in many westerns. Walter Catlett truly is another gem in the fold in his role. Another legendary character actor. One other great talent is Don Brodie a director and actor. This movie has such vast contrasts in its themes. It’s dark nature n humor mixed with joy and heartbreak it really stirs up emotions.

Pinocchio has great acting with a wonderful musical score and wonderful themes make this a truly landmark classic. So you should watch it today this classic gem.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Planet of the apes 

Planet of the apes review



Complex sociological themes run through this science-fiction classic about three astronauts marooned on a futuristic planet where apes rule and humans are slaves. The stunned trio discovers that these highly intellectual simians can both walk upright and talk. They have even established a class system and a political structure. The astronauts suddenly find themselves part of a devalued species, trapped and imprisoned by the apes.

Today’s review is a review of planet of the apes. It’s considered one of the most beloved scfI classics all time. It was written by Michael Wilson and rod Serling as its famous ending was devised by Arthur P. Jacobs early in production as they making seem like another planet as Rod Serling helped him craft that ending.  Out of the planet of ape movies series is Beneath the Planet of the Apes which is more popcorn level flare with its very fun story, The orginal is a sci-fi gem made at time or racial issues it reflects upon in its story in many ways for this movie. It is based on the 1963 French novel La Planète des Singes by Pierre Boulle so to review this sci-fi gem. 

In the year 1968, two movies came out that changed modern day science-fiction films forever, 2001 A Space Odyssey was the most famous out of the two, but Planet of the Apes stands on its own ground and became a classic that it is universally acclaimed and beloved by so many people. It is really such fun to watch as is the movie series which have many fun little tales told,

The movie based on this book is an ‘Americanized’ adaptation of it. Rod Sterling did the first drafts of the screenplay, simplifying the plot by fitting it into the mold of his “Twilight Zone” TV series plot elements to help bring it to screen in a cheaper budget then the novel would have. The book was satire of the nuclear culture of time.

Charlton Heston plays the role of George Taylor whom is grounded down and more likeable in the movie then the novel. The acting performance of Charlton Heston is outstanding in his respective role. Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter, as Cornelius and Zira, and Maurice Evans, as Dr. Zaius, enjoy some of the best performances on the screen in this movie. bringing the then-innovative makeup design of John Chambers to life under the intelligent and stylish direction of Franklin J. Schaffner with really such a wonderful musical score by
Jerry Goldsmith. Its acting by everyone in the cast is really wonderful too Veteran cinematographer Leon Shamroy’s Panavision lensing, which makes great use of remote areas of southern Utah around Lake Powell to suggest an alien world, and Jerry Goldsmith’s avant-garde musical score, which has become a landmark, cannot be emphasized more for contributing to the weird atmosphere and eerie mood of the movie. Rarely has a movie score so fit like hand-in-glove with wonderful direction and a wonderful screenplay and acting all make this a sci fi masterpiece.

PLANET OF THE APES is a mark in cinema history, famous for these talented artists, gripping story and an amazing ending that shocks you, scares you, breaks you and brings you to tears with the realization that you’ll never truly experience a film like this again so watch it today this classic gem.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

The wicked lady

The wicked lady 



Margaret Lockwood devours the screen as a tightly wound seventeenth-century beauty with loose morals, who steals her best friend’s wealthy fiancé on the eve of their wedding. And that’s only the beginning of this piece of pulp from director Leslie Arliss—there are no depths to which this sinful woman won’t sink. James Mason co-stars, and nearly steals the movie, as a highwayman with whom our antiheroine becomes entangled. This nasty, subversive treat was the most commercially successful of all the Gainsborough melodramas. (https://www.criterion.com/films/28017-the-wicked-lady info on site)

So tonight i watched the wicked lady my frist time.


I will say that It inspired me to buy Eclipse 36: Three Wicked Melodramas from Gainsborough Pictures which contains The Man in Grey, Madonna of the Seven Moons, The Wicked Lady as such a highly loved gem by me as its truly one movie that captured my heart. I was even tempted to rewatch,Its just that good of a movie and joy to find this new gem. Chances are many more form across the pond know of this classic gem then harry potter or jaws as Margaret Lockwood made a name for herself by starring in the lady vanishes among other classics of the 1940’s as the  the British Film Institute compiled a list of the all-time most popular films ever shown in England, not just those made in Great Britain but across the globe this made the list as one of the biggest ticket sellers in the uk. This little known swashbuckler is a classic that shows that class in acting sells tickets. So my review of this highly loved classic gem.


The wicked lady  review

The Gainsborough Melodramas are not cited as masterpieces but box office hits in the united kingdom. It was heavily censored in America. Its themes are such that many times share many things common with each other as such of the unhappiness on the wedding day. sexuality and adultery are also shared among each other as common themes. I have not seen the others but i know of their themes that they share in common also they are all noir like but they are not noir with such themes that noir has in common but it could be placed into a sub-genre of noir if you like for Melodramas.

The wicked lady was directed by Leslie Arliss who wrote and directed it with such style and depth to his direction and script as his script is helped by A great deal of witty additional dialogue and catty repartee also aided by Jack Cox’s typically moody, gray-toned photography, John Bryan’s magnificent sets, Elizabeth Haffenden’s eye-catching Restoration costumes which are some very low cut period outfits, it could be said that helped boost its appeal in the uk as it really caught the eye of the public at large.

The wicked lady has such wonderful cinematography which has such remarkable daytime scenes that are captured with a graceful eye. Its gray toned and dark in tone yet it captures the mood and humor of the movie which you can say makes one laugh and delights one so highly.
Margaret Lockwood devours the screen really making the movie shine in such a way. It’s her wonderfully skilled acting that steals the show form her fantastic outfits she wears designed by Elizabeth Haffenden that captures her beauty so greatly. It’s her charming acting that steals the show as she truly shines in so many scenes as she acts out the wonderfully witty and charming script with such grace and charm that it makes her the star of the show. She is one of my favorite actresses all time with such charm and skill to her acting it’s no wonder why. This stands as one of her finest roles ever on the screen.

James Mason co-stars and nearly steals the movie, as a highwayman with whom our anti-heroine becomes entangled as he plays out his charming and dashing role of the highwayman which has him really playing it with such charm and style that he really seems like a figure that you would want to fall in love with instantly if you’re a lady. It is his acting talent that really pushes it along as he really was one of those wonderful actors that should be looked upon more highly as he really nails home a wonderful performance in this movie.

Patricia Roc nails home one of her best roles as Caroline a woman who really loves the man that was stolen by the leading lady. She really has such a charm manner to her that she plays it like she is a caring lady that just wants what is best for her love even if it means losing him. Its her style and grace that charms you too as she truly shines in her outstanding role. Michael Rennie gives a wonderful performance as Kit Locksby. Griffith Jones gives out a wonderful performance. I would say all of the stars of the wicked lady really shine as the script that really flows with charm and wit that makes it them all nail home such great acting.
The set designs are some of the finest ever done on the screen. Its magnificent sets capture the movie’s period perfectly along with its wonderful costumes by Elizabeth Haffenden Whom crafts out such period outfits that really catches one’s eyes as they are low cut but truly shines greatly as they are all wonderfully lovely and enchanting to behold on the screen.

The story is really very swashbuckler heavy with such charm and style as we have aristocratic Lockwood pursuing a life of adventure by becoming a highwaywoman, but it’s highly enjoyable as entertainment of this kind as it truly makes Margaret Lockwood shine greatly on the screen with such charm and depth to her acting. Its welcome cast of deservedly popular support artists help round out the movie with wonderful acting and such wonderful sets and cinematography and costumes. The wicked lady is a classic that one should not ever miss it is one of the best introductions ever to Gainsborough Melodramas, The wicked lady is a wicked treat not to be missed by anyone so watch it today.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's