bewitched reflections


So today I talk about bewitched as it remains one of my favorite TV shows all time as also one beloved TV show I adored ever since I was a child. I am ready talk some of my favorite bewitched moments and tales as reflection upon my memories of this classic series. So now to talk this series.

bewitched reflections

This series had brilliant writing for the first and possibly the second season. The characters had depth and grew and changed like real people. Serious themes were explored. Endora was even moving toward acceptance of her son-in-law as the series grew along it did have somewhat lesser later seasons but the show was always fond in my heart even its later seasons as i adore this series.

A Is for Aardvark review

Here we see how power corrupts. We explore the meaning of life. When Samantha makes the house cooperate with Darrin, while he is bedridden, Darrin gradually reexamines all of his assumptions toward life. It’s truly a very good tale which we have very wonderful acting by its cast with a wonderful scripted tale that truly shows us what power if abused upon. I truly adore the tale that makes me smile to see tale has moral lesson thought to us and it helps Darrin grow as a character. This is one truly good tale to watch.

Eye of the Beholder review

Endora always like to have fun, particularly at Darrin’s expense and she seizes the perfect opportunity to send him into a blind panic when she comes across an old painting in an antique shop and artfully changes it to appear as though it is a portrait of Samantha, dated 1690. Darrin is positively alarmed when he comes across it and tries to hide it from Sam but when she finds it in a closet; she quickly puts two and two together and realizes what Endora is up to. It’s truly a very good tale where we see about the fears of age reflected upon as it’s learned in end that it’s not the age but love that matters. This is another very good story of bewitched.

Abner Kadabra review

Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) is convinced that she has finally caught Samantha out doing something that can’t be explained, after all, it just isn’t possible for pictures to jump off a wall and hover about in mid-air before rearranging themselves. Or is it?

This is truly one of the funniest stories of the series as its truly funny to watch the cast act out such very funny and witty storytelling that matches closely to its roots form classic comedies. Its truly a wonderful classic tale that you can enjoy.

My memories of the show

I recall as a boy watching this show as i tuned it often in morning when i was waking up eating breakfast as a boy. I would laugh ass off at some of the funny moments as the charm of the series just made me smile so much. I truly adore this wonderful series with wonderful acting by Elizabeth Montgomery and Agnes Moorehead and dick York among many other wonderful wonderfully acted cast members and actors acting out in such wonderfully acted stories. I do really think this series always remains in my heart.

star trek 50 years of a new frontier

star trek 50 years of a new frontier(


Star trek was started by GENE RODDENBERRY as he wanted a show that would be different then anything done before that would explore new ideas. Star Trek was part of the culmination of space fascination that had begun with Sputnik’s launch in 1957 and wouldn’t reach its peak until Neil Armstrong made his famous lunar steps in 1969 to sum it up simply it man trap was what the public wanted to see. The early ratings did not show signs of the phenomenon Trek would become as it was to become a phenomenon in the 1970’s as the animated series aired and the fans showed what this show was inspiring in legions.  In 1977 a phase two TV show was in the works as a big SC-FI hit was hitting the screen known as star wars. Paramount rethought about the TV show idea and decided to boldly go to the big screen. It helped spark more interest into star trek. The movies were paramount’s cash cow in the 1980’s which would help build the brand name of star trek. It’s when they announced star trek the next generation we seen a new era start of star trek which continues to this date as many fans hated it but it became so loved now it’s considered classic trek all the same. It was such a huge hit that managed to spin off many TV series in the 1990’s which would crash and burn with the worst movie of it all but it did not kill the brand as star trek lives on now due to the many TV shows and many times the classic TV show has aired on TV. Star trek manages to outlast everything due to its deeply rooted human nature it addresses.  The ideas of what it addresses on war and human issues that connects cultures around the world. Star trek main message is about hope for a brighter future for humanity that is something that should last forever in my eyes. Yes i am die hard Trekkie so to honor 50 years of star trek is a deep honor as i want to honor gene’s vision of star trek. So this tribute is to honor 50 years of star trek.  So let’s go into that final frontier and honor the show that made many times in my childhood magical and so many others around the world. Happy 50 years to star trek lets go into that final frontier.Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.It’s continuing mission,To explore strange new worlds,to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before,lets go boldly where no man has gone before.


star trek 50 years of a new frontierStar trek may be one of those bold sci-fi series that does have issues that anyone can connect to as a person. Its core is about humanity which makes the best of its stories about that deeper humanity.  Where No Man Has Gone Before review

Where No Man Has Gone Before was Written by Samuel A. Peeples and Directed by James Goldstone. Roddenberry’s second pilot was repurposed as the third ever episode, and became the first Star Trek episode to be shown in the UK. The flight recorder of the 200-year-old U.S.S. Valiant relays a tale of terror a magnetic storm at the edge of the galaxy! This story type of a lost ship is often used in star trek. This tale started that classic star trek trait. The story is surprisingly sophisticated for such an early effort it’s no wonder it got green light after this story. Where man trap setup the relationship of McCoy this tale setups relationship with Spock even if somewhat uneasy. This tale deals in absolutes. It asks about godhood and morals. It talks about ideas of compassion in command and the ideas of power. What it means to be human. It’s really a deep story that has friendship and bonds and tests of those bonds. This tale when I watched it as boy I used to feel such pity for the people needing the cure yet we have to understand what is needed to do for the best is what they seek out. Its fine writing and very fine direction and acting make this one of those classic star trek tales to watch often.

five spocksThe City on the Edge of Forever reviewWritten by science fiction legend Harlan Ellison and guest-starring Joan Collins. This is star trek at its finest. This classic tale is often considered by Trekkie to be the finest star trek tale of all time. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find themselves in 1930s New York, where a chance encounter could have disastrous consequences on the future if they alter events in any way. It’s one of the first tales on TV to deal with the ripples of time travel. Time travel is a new idea for this period as we had shows dealing it softly at its time as this tale is the highest praised story of star trek for good reason. The City on the Edge of Forever” is a love story about Edith Keeler and Jim Kirk which really shouldn’t happen as the ripples of such a love would destroy the timeline. Its at a Kirk story as we deal with Kirk’s humanity as he must follow prime directive yet he feels so passionate for this person. It’s a moral test for captain Kirk as he really by end does feel broken up by his choice. It has moments where you think timeline may be altered as by end it is not altered as we see as Kirk makes right choice in end for the best of the timeline. Kirk’s test of humanity is what makes this tale a classic tale to watch for the ages. Its classic trek at its finest with great acting and writing and direction makes it a wonderful tale that is classic star trek at its finest.five spocksBalance Of Terror reviewThe Enterprise must decide on its response when a Romulan ship makes a destructively hostile armed probe of Federation territory. This is an incredibly riveting and layered episode, a tense war story pitting two vessels against unknown enemies. There are obvious parallels to naval battles between seafaring ships and submarines as one can say it’s a game of battleship. Kirk and the  Romulan commander share many things alike and many things different as its so interesting to see that play out. This tale really plays upon many elements that mirror world war two in the Japanese as the Romulan’s share many traits with them about their idea of their loyalty to the cause. We see two sides both are loyal men trying to figure out best for their people as a whole. It’s such an interesting tale as we see Kirk really come into his own as a captain in this tale in my eyes as it feels as he is truly trying his hand at a mission which could have an outcome different then many think. This story has many morals about not judging anyone. This tale really does play upon many elements with its great storytelling and acting making a truly classic star trek tale.five spocksmirror mirror star trek reviewA transporter accident places Capt. Kirk’s landing party in an alternate universe, where the Federation is a barbarically brutal empire. It’s a mirror universe tale at its finest. Its something of a staple in scfi to use these types of tales. Mirror, Mirror is frankly one of the finest hours of star trek as every detail is such a joy. I love all the details that is different such as a sword going trough earth and the voice being male and its many details of differences in the looks of everyone of the crew. It looks like a vastly different star trek to a tee. This mirror tale really does make for some fine acting by everyone in the cast as they play two roles each their good and evil half it’s such a mirror of roles that one can see a depth of acting form everyone in the cast. Its fine storytelling at its finest too as its one of the best written and scripted tales of star trek. Its direction is such finely crafted direction as its just able to make us understand the differences of everything as were as shocked as Kirk at some of the actions of the crew. I would boldly say this tale goings beyond many tales in its depth and it cores to make it the finest hour of star trek ever crafted.five spocksThe Devil In The Dark review Star trek at its best is about humanity at its best. At the heart of Star Trek is an essential optimism, a faith in the hope that, with enough time and effort, intelligent life of every variety can find a way to live together in peace. Its stories that test these ideals that really do push many things in trek in ways we do not see. We have them called to protect miners form a threat. It Kirk and Spock that have to figure how to deal with it. Kirk and Spock really do test their bonds as they both have different ideas how deal with it. This tale proves to test of their friendship too. The look of the herta is alien as they come as they do look silly somewhat but its cheesy nature is another element to like about them. We see them figure a way to make humans and the herta live together as its mission set them to do in the first place as this tale is such a wonderfully layered story that does address many human traits in even the most alien of moments with wonderful acting by its cast and its wonderfully crafted out and directed making it one of the finest hours of star trek.five spocksI remember the first night that star trek next generation aired as i watched it. It did show me a new frontier. It’s about the idea of humanism as gene would quote it to be. Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star-ship Enterprise. It’s continuing mission, To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before, let’s go boldly where no man has gone before. We are bold explorers that explore our past to better understand our nature and we explore space often to find a new future. Mankind at its heart are explorers. Star trek teaches us to be our best as humans and find a way to live better as humans. The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that ‘Star Trek’ has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities.” – Gene Roddenberry. Gene Roddenberry created not only a vision but a philosophy that expanded what is possible. His vision was to create unity, curiosity, taking chances and going where no one has gone before. It’s that vision that keeps star trek lasting for so long. Thank you Gene Roddenberry and the many talented hands beyond this wonderful idea and vision. Let us always remember we must take chances and go where no man has going before. as Kirk ended it. second star straight into morning,happy 50th anniversary to star trek.

Doctor who The Stones of Blood

Doctor who The Stones of Blood


The Stones of Blood is the third serial of the 16th season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 28 October to 18 November 1978. Part 4 was broadcast during the week of the show’s fifteenth anniversary. It forms part of the Key to Time story arc. The TARDIS lands on Earth close to the Nine Travellers, an ancient stone circle. Professor Amelia Rumford and her associate Vivien Fay, who are studying the stones, explain that whenever the circle has been surveyed, the number of stones has changed. Also interested in the circle are a group of druids-dedicated followers of the Cailleach, the Celtic goddess of war, death and magic-who are prepared to perform human sacrifice to satisfy her demands for blood. The Doctor soon learns that there is more to the Nine Travellers, the Cailleach, and the druids than meets the eye. How can the stones apparently move around the countryside? Why has the area around the circle always been owned by a woman? After Romana discovers the true identity of the evil Cailleach, the Doctor finds that he must travel into hyperspace to solve the mystery of the Nine Travellers and save his companion from the blood-hungry alien life-forms known as the Ogri.

Tom baker is clearly at his finest hour as the doctor in this tale. It is nestled in the middle of Tom Baker’s reign as the Doctor. This tale has the doctor really taking on the quest for a part of the key of time yet it leads the doctor to an adventure of horror. Tom baker really makes the best of this story as he does his own brand of humor.

Mary Tamm’s Romana truly shines in this tale as she really gives us some of her finest hour here. She really plays perfectly with tom’s doctor as the keys to time season is one of the best seasons of this remarkable show. David Fisher bursts onto the scene with potentially the wittiest script in Doctor Who which is crammed full of imminently quotable dialogue that the actors really shine with the wit and charm. Its supporting cast all really shine too as all of them give us some fine acting. Darrol Blake is very much suited to Doctor Who, and his lone directorial assignment is done in fine style as he really crafts out such fine direction with such remarkable set pieces. The Stones Of Blood is so good it’s a shame its last chapter was a collective let down. The Cailleach and the Ogri are suitably eerie – the Ogri make for great villains as classic as many others. The Stones of Blood pretty much sums up Doctor Who perfectly with great horror and drama and wonderful direction and a smart and witty script and wonderful acting. Its a classic doctor who serial one can love.

The ruth rating:five bette's



tomb of cyberman

tomb of cyberman


Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon which takes place this easter weekend is about bloggers talking about their favorite tv show episode. So today i am talking about tomb of the cybermen which is one of my favorite serials of doctor who. It is also the birthday of the leading doctor of this tale whom is  Patrick Troughton who is a wonderful legend of the britsh acting that led the show to new heights after the leaving of the frist doctor. So happy birthday to this wonderful legend i hope you enjoy my review of this classic tale.


The Doctor goes on an archaeological dig on the planet of the Cybermen only to find that they’re still very much alive, and much more creepy than their modern fibreglass equivalents. It is one creepy tale that really effectively make the cybermen some of the best villains in the show’s history it is a mix of the hammer horror meets universal’s the mummy. This smartly crafted tale with such great acting and depth brings to life the cybermen in a creepy way that really can be effectively called something amazing and noteworthy.  Patrick Troughton gives us his finest hour as the doctor as he really brings to life this tale to such great effect. Fans of the era should watch out for Hammer veteran George Pastell playing yet another weaselly character while Roy Stewart makes an impact as an imposing strongman. Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling have such great moments giving us some of their finest hours. I would also say many one thing one can notice its nods to Metropolis in many of its scenes with the cybermen. It turns them into some of the creepest villains ever. Tomb of cybermen form its wonderful casting to its great and creepy layers remains one of the best doctor who tales to ever grace the screen.

The ruth rating:five bette's


Jamie McCrimmon played by Jamie McCrimmon. He faced off against Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, Ice Warriors, the Yeti, and even a unicorn. And yet, he never lost his cool throughout those adventures as he stands out as the acting by the actor lead is just truly outstanding as they come. I acted alongside today’s birthday boy Patrick Troughton as a small tribute i thought i put this nod to one of my favorite companions of his era. Happy birthday to  Patrick Troughton  i hope you enjoyed my review of this classic serial.