The Thirteenth Doctor revealed –

The Thirteenth Doctor revealed


After 36 seasons and 12 doctors, the title character of “Doctor Who” has finally regenerated into a female body as this breaks the mold of doctor who. Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to play the Doctor, the BBC announced Sunday. She will inherit the role of the alien adventurer from Peter Capaldi, who announced he would step down in January. “I’m beyond excited to begin this epic journey, with Chris and with every Whovian on this planet,” Ms. Whittaker said in a statement. “It’s more than an honor to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. dont fear me as the doctor. congrats to her for landing this role. live depends on change and renewal. I am over the moon as i am so happy to welcome this truly amazing actress that played so many good roles on TV and movies that deserves a chance to prove she is the doctor. If you want proof of her acting watch  Broadchurch you will be love insantly.   I am so happy for you. congrats to you. welcome to the family of doctor who.





my favorite doctor who stories all time.


  1. Caves of Androzani (1984)-
  4. Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)
  6. Pyramids of Mars (1975)
  7. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (2005)
  8. World Enough And Time (June 2017)-The Doctor Falls
  9. Heaven Sent (Nov 2015)
  10.    Listen (Sept 2014)


Why the doctor should be female?

Why the doctor should be female?


when peter was announced it blew fans wild. next doctor will be just a huge.


The doctor will always remain a hero as he is just a hero no matter what they cast.

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ever since Peter Capaldi announced he would be leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming season, fans have been taking to the inter-webs to list the actors they think would be best suited to take over the role as normally many were very hard pressed on a woman being the doctor but i think its time. we been seeing diffrent actors play the role of doctor. Its been a long time tradition to many to see a male doctor. Matt smith said the next doctor should be female to show many that it can be diffrent then we think. Its been a long time tradition to many people to see a male doctor.  If the show remains popular, then the ethnicity of the leads won’t be questioned by anyone other than a minority. If the casting is right, then the actor will be popular enough to convince the audience. Personally, I don’t have any problem with an actor of any age, sex, creed or colour playing the Doctor if they’re good enough to play the role. 13TH DOCTOR ANNOUNCED on Sunday. Exclusive News: It’s Almost Time. #DoctorWho so here is some female choices for the role. get ready the doctor is coming.


Yes its time for a female doctor who.I will reveal a choice that would be good as i feel Suranne Jones would be a fan perfect choice as she played the tardis she could be the doctor next.  Any moment the doctor is coming get ready for Sunday.





A spaceship that is trapped in the gravity well of a black hole harbors one of The Doctor’s most-feared enemies.

Doctor Who series finale is always exciting as we can see how the series arc fits together. This is true for a finale written by Steven Moffat as he loves to to obscure pertinent pieces of the narrative puzzle, via careful phrasing or editing, throughout the series. The story begins with  The Doctor Regenerating. Its truly a moment that could take place in future or past.I cried i admit it as i felt so sad as i was thinking he had died.

The time has come. But the moment has been prepared for as the doctor doctor quotes as the doctor is about face his end. It begins with this week’s tale the end arc of this doctor. The story begins with bill and Missy and Nardole are together. Its very early in the story where bill gets shot by a trigger happy alien with a hole trough her. It cuts to her and doctor talking as she asks doctor not get her killed as we know the doctor says he cant promise it but will try such. It cuts back to bill and gang together as we see moment where someone drags her away as doctor thinks she will be saved as he talks to her saying i will save you in hopes to save her. 

Bill awakening on a hospital bed with chest full of retro cyber-tech, rows of half converted patients screaming in pain, the show’s own take on Nurse Ratchett silencing the victims’ volume dial – it’s chilling as you hear them yelling out in horror. “Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain” then kill me  as bill walks trough it you realize they are cyber-men and they are getting converted to them. the horror of this tale is the this is the genesis of the cyber-men as we hear nods to exodus but its not an exodus but a genesis as its where the cyber-men began their tale. The tale is so chilling as each moment that is pure horror unfolds. Its one very scary tale that will leave you on edge of your seat.


You know you are watching an amazing episode of doctor who when it end s and you’re convinced that forty-five minutes can’t have passed that quickly.  World Enough and Time plays with your emotions from start to finish, from the opening moments where your jaw falls and is left-hanging, and to Missy owning the show ,and again we’re back to silence as we’re left in a state of true shock.  We see the horrors of forced human-experimentation and Bill is left in amongst it all.  Its truly one of the doctor’s finest hours. any moment he is coming the 13th doctor. Its the end of this doctor. we will be sad to see him go but we will see it unfold at Christmas time. good night to 12th doctor. the doctor shall always be fondly among the best of doctors forever.

This is one amazing tale that may be one of best doctor stories all time ever. its gonna go down as truly one of a kind. Its truly one amazing ride.

The Ruth Rating:


Doctor who The Stones of Blood

Doctor who The Stones of Blood


The Stones of Blood is the third serial of the 16th season in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in four weekly parts from 28 October to 18 November 1978. Part 4 was broadcast during the week of the show’s fifteenth anniversary. It forms part of the Key to Time story arc. The TARDIS lands on Earth close to the Nine Travellers, an ancient stone circle. Professor Amelia Rumford and her associate Vivien Fay, who are studying the stones, explain that whenever the circle has been surveyed, the number of stones has changed. Also interested in the circle are a group of druids-dedicated followers of the Cailleach, the Celtic goddess of war, death and magic-who are prepared to perform human sacrifice to satisfy her demands for blood. The Doctor soon learns that there is more to the Nine Travellers, the Cailleach, and the druids than meets the eye. How can the stones apparently move around the countryside? Why has the area around the circle always been owned by a woman? After Romana discovers the true identity of the evil Cailleach, the Doctor finds that he must travel into hyperspace to solve the mystery of the Nine Travellers and save his companion from the blood-hungry alien life-forms known as the Ogri.

Tom baker is clearly at his finest hour as the doctor in this tale. It is nestled in the middle of Tom Baker’s reign as the Doctor. This tale has the doctor really taking on the quest for a part of the key of time yet it leads the doctor to an adventure of horror. Tom baker really makes the best of this story as he does his own brand of humor.

Mary Tamm’s Romana truly shines in this tale as she really gives us some of her finest hour here. She really plays perfectly with tom’s doctor as the keys to time season is one of the best seasons of this remarkable show. David Fisher bursts onto the scene with potentially the wittiest script in Doctor Who which is crammed full of imminently quotable dialogue that the actors really shine with the wit and charm. Its supporting cast all really shine too as all of them give us some fine acting. Darrol Blake is very much suited to Doctor Who, and his lone directorial assignment is done in fine style as he really crafts out such fine direction with such remarkable set pieces. The Stones Of Blood is so good it’s a shame its last chapter was a collective let down. The Cailleach and the Ogri are suitably eerie – the Ogri make for great villains as classic as many others. The Stones of Blood pretty much sums up Doctor Who perfectly with great horror and drama and wonderful direction and a smart and witty script and wonderful acting. Its a classic doctor who serial one can love.

The ruth rating:five bette's



tomb of cyberman

tomb of cyberman


Favourite TV Show Episode Blogathon which takes place this easter weekend is about bloggers talking about their favorite tv show episode. So today i am talking about tomb of the cybermen which is one of my favorite serials of doctor who. It is also the birthday of the leading doctor of this tale whom is  Patrick Troughton who is a wonderful legend of the britsh acting that led the show to new heights after the leaving of the frist doctor. So happy birthday to this wonderful legend i hope you enjoy my review of this classic tale.


The Doctor goes on an archaeological dig on the planet of the Cybermen only to find that they’re still very much alive, and much more creepy than their modern fibreglass equivalents. It is one creepy tale that really effectively make the cybermen some of the best villains in the show’s history it is a mix of the hammer horror meets universal’s the mummy. This smartly crafted tale with such great acting and depth brings to life the cybermen in a creepy way that really can be effectively called something amazing and noteworthy.  Patrick Troughton gives us his finest hour as the doctor as he really brings to life this tale to such great effect. Fans of the era should watch out for Hammer veteran George Pastell playing yet another weaselly character while Roy Stewart makes an impact as an imposing strongman. Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling have such great moments giving us some of their finest hours. I would also say many one thing one can notice its nods to Metropolis in many of its scenes with the cybermen. It turns them into some of the creepest villains ever. Tomb of cybermen form its wonderful casting to its great and creepy layers remains one of the best doctor who tales to ever grace the screen.

The ruth rating:five bette's


Jamie McCrimmon played by Jamie McCrimmon. He faced off against Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, Ice Warriors, the Yeti, and even a unicorn. And yet, he never lost his cool throughout those adventures as he stands out as the acting by the actor lead is just truly outstanding as they come. I acted alongside today’s birthday boy Patrick Troughton as a small tribute i thought i put this nod to one of my favorite companions of his era. Happy birthday to  Patrick Troughton  i hope you enjoyed my review of this classic serial.