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As the world’s biggest box office draw for two weekends in the row for 75 years wonder woman has been an icon for women snice the 1970’s when she landed on cover of miss magazine.   She started out as a brain child of William Moulton Marston to create an icon that would be feminist ideal to create a superhero character that young girls and boys could look up to as wonder woman started out as the frist female super-heroine ever as she always been looked upon as the icon for years for women. The idea of superheroes was created out of the depression that we needed these heroes to save our world.  So today i talk about the marvelous wonder woman in my spotlight today.


Few heroines have lasted test of time as wonder woman as she has been continued snice her debut in 1941 as her comics remain something special with many classic arcs remaining forever part of our world.

Gods and Mortals was the reboot of the classic wonder woman story as we see Wonder Woman’s origin re-told for the modern day. Its regarded the definitive account of Diana Prince’s origin story, exploring her creation on Paradise Island, her first journey into man’s world and her first clash with Are. Its a very fun arc that sees wonder woman finding her place in man’s world.

Spirit of Truth is a very interesting read if you love This character-driven story focuses not on Diana’s battles with supervillains, but more real-world threats that aren’t so easily punched away. The story is basically a meditation on her humanity and place in the world. Its out of print but will be re-printed later this year in a hard-cover which i beg you to read.

Wonder Woman #170, a story titled “She’s a Wonder!” This standalone issue features an interview between Diana and Lois Lane as the two spend a day together and Lois learns a little about what it means to truly be Wonder Woman. Its not all about saving people as you might think its a struggle of many things in her life to balance all the elements of her life. Lois lane is also a wonderful pool player one of the best in dc comics ha ha. This story is worth tracking down the trade of Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost for this issue alone which is one of best comics ever written ever.

Having just started getting used to living in Patriarch’s World, Diana is dealing with suddenly being a celebrity when she encounters a new archenemy, the Cheetah. Whereas Diana wishes to share her gifts with the world, the Cheetah is willing to sacrifice everyone and anyone for more power and her sights are set on stealing the power of Wonder Woman. As if this weren’t bad enough, Diana must face the rivalry of fellow Amazons and has to deal with the Zeus, king of the Greek gods, deciding that she’d make a good wife. And when the Amazon warrior turns him down, the results aren’t happy. And just why does Wonder Woman’s costume resemble the US flag? Its an arc that very much explores her and this rivalry of her fellow amazons and Cheetah.Its a very fun arc that further defines her modern origin story that you should read today.

This one-shot by Christopher Moeller has Wonder Woman faced with a prophecy: a menace is coming that will destroy the JLA. When an ancient dragon begins to stir awake for the first time in many years, Diana realizes the prophecy is coming true and decides the only thing to do is to make sure only one member of the JLA is around to confront the beast. thing to do is to make sure only one member of the JLA is around to confront the beast. If you never thought of Wonder Woman as that formidable compared to the likes of Superman and Green Lantern, here’s the book that shows you how wrong you are. Through a combination of power, battle savvy and keen intellect, Diana neutralizes all of her teammates, all in the hopes of preventing their deaths even if it means they’ll hate her for it. Its a wonderful story that has her fighting with her all power and wisdom to overcome a foe stronger then her whole team which you should read.

Phil Jimenez (joined by co-writers J.M. DeMatteis, George Perez and Joe Kelly) brings an interesting collection of stories that can’t be classified by one genre. begins in Gotham City. Diana has faced the god of war Ares and his children before, but now these dark creatures have a new strategy: join forces with some of the most dangerous criminals on Earth. The Joker, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow were deadly before but now they’ve all been joined by the essence and power of Greek gods. Wonder Woman and her allies must join forces with Batman and his apprentices against the new gods of Gotham. Afterwards, Wonder Woman must face a civil war happening amidst the Amazons. Can she stop it when she refuses to raise a hand against any of her sisters? Its also the same book that features one of her single best stories all time as Wonder Woman #170 tells about a day in life of wonder woman. Its a very wonderful collection of tales that you will love as many really show wonder woman at her best.

WONDER WOMAN #206-213! The deadly Medousa comes calling, and Wonder Woman’s world is turned completely upside-down. After a terrible sacrifice, the Amazing Amazon must prove herself once again to her comrades in the JLA and to the world. Themyscira, a.k.a. Paradise Island, has moved its location and now resides near the U.S. coastline, which means Diana, as ambassador, must deal with new political ramifications and fears over national security. Its also this arc deals with Wonder Woman’s enemies joining forces as she also takes on the most famous gorgon of them all, Medusa in a battle. Its an arc also where we see a coup of Mount Olympus and it looks like Wonder Woman is going to have to decide who’s side she’s on. Its this wonderful arc we see wonder woman really grow as a heroine as we see her make tough choices in a wonderful must read arc.

Gal Gadot stars as the iconic character of Diana, the Amazonian who fought for justice throughout the ages of comics. In this modern re- telling, the Amazonians are immortal women who reside on a secret island, hidden from the world. Born of the Greek Gods, they have Herculean qualities in combat, strength, and character. Eventually, they are accidentally discovered by soldiers fighting in World War I – the War to end all Wars. Its a very good movie that defines her greatly for a modern movie re-telling as Chris Pine plays the perfect Steve Trevor that inspires her to act more heroic in the end againist ares. Its truly the wonderful acting of Gal Gadot whom shines in the role as few really seem to be like their heroic counterpart as much she plays it as she makes us truly love wonder woman as she reminds me of the richard donner superman and Clark Kent at times as she embodies those traits. Patty Jenkins really made a tale that tells us about a war set to end all wars as we have wonder woman dealing with this new world she has to live in now. Its truly a wonderful tale of compassion and love that has a few faults in its very lesser ending but the movie as whole is so wonderfully done with wonderful action and drama and acting by everyone in its cast. Its a wonderful treat.

To celebrate the release of Wonder Woman, we pay tribute to the heroic icon with a mashup of classic feminist anthems in the ultimate music video, Save The World!(fitting tribute to this wonderful heroine)

Wonder woman has lasted for 76 years as the first super-heroine ever that stood out among our world as she continues to inspire girls and people with her compassion and care and her love for humanity we will see her continue to be a legendary icon for many for ages to come. Today’s marvelous marvel talked some of her best comics ever done about this wonderful heroine. I hope you enjoyed it.


Marvelous Marvel 04

Marvelous Marvel 04:The joker

The Joker can be considered the finest comic book villain all time. He was created as a larger then life caracter that could rival batman.He was not meant to last past the frist comic he showed up which changed after how beloved he became. He is the yang to batman’s good and noble ways. The joker seems to represent many things we like to hide about ourselves the dark nature that one bad day can bring out of a person. HSo my marvelous marvel spotlight on the joker will be an interesting one because it mixes movies and comics and tv and such. I will talk the joker.

The Joker’s Crime Costumes!”BATMAN 63 review

It is a cute gem of a story that  Joker deciding that he was sick of Batman having an advantage by having special uniforms for special mission (like an underwater Batman costume), so he decided to use special costumes inspired by famous fictional comedic characters. Joker’s having fun with those outfits as you see joker really creates many great looks inspired by movies and such. It really is a fun story that is one fun read.

Detective Comics # 475 & 476 review

The Joker stars in this two-issue comic book  story written by Steve Englehart, with pencil art by Marshall Rogers and ink work by Terry Austin. The first issue is entitled; “The Laughing Fish!” and the second issue’s title is; “Sign of the Joker!”. Both covers are done by Rogers and Austin

The Laughing Fish(Detective Comics Vol. 1 #475-476). The Gotham fishing industry suffers a major hit when the latest catch comes back contaminated. No, BP isn’t to blame this time. These fish clearly resemble the man responsible for their grotesque appearance: The Joker. It is one of the joker’s most crazy crimes all time. This classic tale written by Steve Englehart, with pencil art by Marshall Rogers and ink work by Terry Austin Really done both issues of this tale as both parts of this classic tale are such gems. Part 01 of the tale deals with the start of the classic tale deals with the joker’s crazy crime unfolding as men find fish with his face on it. It makes them throw up. The joker is really driven in his crazy plan to have all his faces on fish as he tries to copyright it. It is Joker at his finest as many traits does seem to work into a noirish fold that is really some of the darker elements of Gotham city works best in noir. It is the finest opening chapter of any comic ever as the story is such a joy to read.

Issue # 476 begins with the Batman and the Gotham police department providing protection to the Copyright Commissioner. But again the Joker is successful in killing the man, using his own cat, even though Batman was disguised as the Commissioner and the Commissioner was wearing Batman’s costume! The scene switches to Thorne and St. Cloud on their way to Akron, Ohio for some reason, but when Silver defends the Batman to Thorne, he leaves her at the edge of the deserted roadside. Lucky for her, its near a small airport and she is able to charter a plane and fly back to Gotham.  Meanwhile the Joker has brought his battle to Batman and the police!  Batman manages to dodge a blast of acid let loose by the Joker and chases him to a rooftop where they battle until Batman is forced to leap away to avoid another blast of acid and it’s at this moment that lightning strikes the girder the Joker is on and he plunges into the river below!  It is at this point that Silver arrives and tells Batman that she knows he is Bruce Wayne, but that even though she loves him, she can’t live with knowing that each night brings him so much danger.  She kisses him and runs away and Batman is left to swing away into the night, forever alone! The second chapter of this tale really shines as many great scenes that would echo in batman for years to come. Joker truly shines here as we see him at his finest. This two part tale is the classic joker tale you should read today.

Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” (1973’s Batman #251) review 

A rainy Gotham city night and a murder has taken place on its outskirts. At the crime scene Commissioner Gordon and the Batman find the victim, Jack Barton wearing a ghastly grin along with Jokers calling card. The Batman leaves the crime scene realizing the Joker recently escaped from the hospital for the criminally insane has it in for the former members of his gang. The Batman tries to bring former gang member Packy White (a janitor now at a boxing gym) under police protection. After a sparring match Packy is convinced to go along with the Batman’s plan. He takes a drink of water to “wash the taste of Batman’s knuckles away” when he suddenly falls backward with the Jokers grizzly grin upon his face. The Joker soon takes out another member of his gang with an exploding cigar filled with nitro-glycerin. The Batman tries to help another former member Bigger Melvin only to be hit from behind and falls unconscious. When the Batman comes to he finds Melvin hanging dead from the rafters and then knocked unconscious again from behind by the Joker. The Joker at first seems to want to kill the Batman but then decides against it. Regaining consciousness, the Batman heads for the last member Bins Hooley, the forger at the Home for the Aged to find he was taken out earlier that day by Mr. Genesius, realizing that this Mr. Genesius is the Joker. Rubbing his head from the Jokers attack, the Batman finds crude oil and sand and comes to the conclusion of the Jokers whereabouts, an abandoned aquarium. There he finds the Joker holding a control to lower Hooley (sitting in a wheechair) into a tank with a great white shark. They make a deal to spare Hooley and put Batman in the tank with shark instead. After the Batman is pushed in so is Hooley. The Joker laughing after breaking his promise watches. Soon the Batman frees himself from his chains and defeats the shark and then uses Hooley’s wheelchair to break the glass tank. The Batman chases after the Joker who almost gets away when he slips on the oil slicked beach. The Batman overtakes the Joker and puts him out with a right cross(plot of the comic form comicvine)

This comic hit stands in 1973.  It diverged from the established conventions of The Joker, his actions and his interactions with Batman, which at that point were more in line with a prankster or mild annoyance more than a wildcard killer. Despite it being rightfully recognized by many as the measuring stick for the joker we see today. It truly is a shame this comic is often considered lesser by many fans. The issue is a game of cat and mouse at its finest as we see joker’s staked raised for batman as we see how dangerous the joker can be. 

The story works pretty well as a self contained unit, with the plot ultimately being resolved by the end of the issue with Dennis O’Neil writing and crafting out one of the finest joker tales all time. It is a gem that you should read today.

The story takes place around Christmas time and is narrated by Robin (Tim Drake). In it, his attempt to apprehend weapons traffickers goes awry when rival weapons dealers arrive and he is caught in the middle of the shootout. He crashes his motorbike trying to getaway and a stranger who is driving by throws open their door to help him escape. His desperate situation leads him to take the offer (“Besides, any port in a storm…”), but before he can get his bearings inside the car he discovers the driver is none other than the Joker, who gasses him and drives off. The story follows the two as the Joker drives around Gotham City, committing gruesome and wanton acts of homicide (vehicular and otherwise) in an attempt to psychologically torture Robin, who he has bound and gagged in the passenger seat. Eventually Robin escapes, gassing the Joker and throwing him out of the car, where he is hit by a truck and knocked off the overpass. His body is not found at the end and he is presumed escaped. If one is thinking this has nothing to do with Christmas. You are right it could be normal fare but the stakes are raised by the joker. Paul dani expertly makes the tale better and better each page by raising the stakes and making the joker’s kidnapping of robin and robin overcoming joker a very great ride of emotions. Slay ride is one of the truly classic joker tales that may joker at his finest that one should read today.

The Joker is Wild/Batman is Riled review

Cesar Romero, alongside Burgess Meredith as Penguin, was one of Batman’s most frequent villains. It truly is a fun gem of a story that has joker doing one of his silly schemes which is classic joker. Bat-shenanigans we’ve seen, it revolves around the Joker attempting to unmask Batman and Robin as what makes it such fun is just the nature of it as it is just purely comedy gold for joker. It is one of the best examples why many love the 66 batman TV show.

As joker would say you can be goody two shoes to the end of days but where is the fun in that. Listen to the big black bat but you have no fun without a crazy clown like the joker as he truly remains one of the finest villains any medium. So to talk about the crazy clown was a joy to me.

As one of batman’s biggest fans I truly think this week’s marvelous marvel was a joy to write i hope you all enjoy it too. 

Marvelous marvel 01

Marvelous marvel 01

My frist marvelous marvel talk will talk about the worlds of comics and movies and tv and comics mixed together. It is insightful thoughts on movies and comics and tv mixed together. It is a tribute to the medium of comics. So Today begins my frist Marvelous marvel talk.

Today i talk about a genre that often does mix into comics sometimes. The genre of noir. Superheroes may be often the main force of comics but today is noir classics.

Gotham noir really works really well as Batman lends himself better than anyone to the classic ’40s detective story then many other genres. This really takes a backseat to batman as we have James Gordon painted as a classic noir detective. Gotham Noir was the first collaboration between Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. It is one of the best elseworld tales all time as gotham noir stands out as a gem.

Gotham Central is an Ed Brubaker comic at its finest. It paints gotham’s finest in the limelight over batman. The stories are about the cops of gotham really dealing with the villains and mobsters that rule this seedy and dark city of noir. Soft Targets,” which ranks as one of the best Joker stories of all time. Before The Dark Knight put the same images on the big screen, Brubaker, Rucka and Lark showed how the cops could deal with a fearful engine of chaos who regarded them as less than pawns in his battle against Batman, and the lengths they’d go to try to stop him themselves. Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker crafted out a masterpiece of comics.

Batman: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale often figures on the list of the best batman stories all time. Taking place during Batman’s early days of crime-fighting, The Long Halloween tells the story of a mysterious killer named Holiday, who murders people on holidays, one each month as batman looks into this crime it takes place in his early days as a hero. It has allies of James gordon and Harvey Dent work with batman to take down the mob and fight the starting war on supervillains. It paints a good picture of batman and his allies in the early days with many of the finest gotham villains all time.  Tim Sale’s art strikes this balance with great subtlety, all the gangsters are drawn with relatively realistic features and proportions, while the “freaks” are drawn with bizarre, larger-than-life styles. Even Bruce and Selina are drawn relatively mundane, but when they slip into costume, suddenly they’re outrageous caricatures. At its heart, though, the story focuses on Batman as a crime-solver first and foremost and while there is plenty of action, it never gets in the way of a solid, brain-bending mystery. Its one mystery with the many great moments of joker and other villains. he incredible mystery, the subtle themes of changing face of the city. Its one of the finest batman tales all time.

The Laughing Fish(Detective Comics Vol. 1 #475-476). The Gotham fishing industry suffers a major hit when the latest catch comes back contaminated. No, BP isn’t to blame this time. These fish clearly resemble the man responsible for their grotesque appearance: The Joker. It is one of the joker’s most crazy crimes all time. It is joker at his finest as he does connect to the noirish elements too with this crazy crime. This wonderful tale is one of the finest comic book tales all time.

The maltese falcon is one of the greatest detective tales all time. It is noir at its finest too.With a fine combination of cast, characters, story, and atmosphere, this classic is one of the most entertaining films of its kind as bogart is at his finest. Its acting by everyone is wonderful. It would even shape many comics later.

Today’s talk is about comics and one movie that  that has noir traits in them. Today i talked about the stuff that dreams are made of.

marvelous marvel 02

marvelous marvel 02


Today’s marvelous marvel i cover about the pages of dc comics. When one assumes the pages of comics ever since a boy i been reading dc comics. So today i talk about many wonderful dc comics reads in this comic book page turner of marvel marvel. I have been reading dc comics as i grew up was watching batman 1989 often and rewatched it to death.

I loved batman to death as i grew up i was always wanting to be in the world of dc comics as I loved the heroes of the dcu that they had such a special trait that made them ever lasting. Superheroes are the american gods as greeks had the legends of the gods as we grew up loving the magic of comic books.

I grew up reading superhero comics of dc comics so to tell about some of the magical stories i read. I am the biggest fan of the batman snice forever.

The pioneers gave up their safety, their comfort, and sometimes their lives to build our new west. They were determined to make the new world strong and free – an example to the world. Some would say that those struggles are all over. That all the horizons have been explored. That all the battles have been won. That there is no longer an American frontier. And we stand today on the edge of a new frontier. The frontier of unknown opportunities and perils. Beyond that frontier are uncharted areas of science. Unsolved problems of peace and war. Unconquered pockets of ignorance and prejudice. I’m asking each of you to be pioneers towards that New Frontier. My call is to the young in heart, regardless of age. Can we carry through in an age where we will witness not only new breakthroughs in weapons of destruction, but also a race for mastery of the sky and the rain, the ocean and the tides, the far side of space, and the inside of men’s minds? All mankind waits upon out decision. A whole world waits to see what we shall do. And we cannot fail that trust, and we cannot fail to try as many know this best represents the magic of dc comics.(quote form Justice League The New Frontier) lets talk that magic now.

Batman a lonely place of dying was one of the best arcs of 1989 as a boy as a boy as being one magical read. Robin is dead, Batman is losing it and getting his ass kicked every night out of guilt and grief, and a young kid named Tim Drake tries to convince Dick Grayson/Nightwing to help Brucey mend his psychological woes as tim drake can be called the best robin ever as he truly does all he can to help batman mend his wounds. Its quite a magical read.

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing is one of the best creative runs in the history of comics, surpassing all expectations and earning its place above and beyond these other classics as many comic runs go i read this years later as i picked up the trades at a comic shop even though not as a boy. This run by him was one of the best creative runs in comics. Swamp Thing is so masterfully crafted as we have some of the best writing of any era of comics. It has such wonderful tales as many issues were alright amazing as ever as you see such layers to the characters even the heroes and others making cameos in the book all feel like they all work together to make the stories even more magical so if you can read Swamp Thing Vol. 1-6 which is one of the finest runs of comics ever.

If you read comics long enough you are bound to find one comic series that really is one of most landmark comic series all time. Many runs in this book were just amazing as ever. The Sandman, Vol. 3: Dream Country which be considered The third book of the Sandman collection is a series of four short comic book stories. In each of these otherwise unrelated stories, Morpheus serves only as a minor character. Here we meet the mother of Morpheus’s son, find out what cats dream about, and discover the true origin behind Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream. The latter won a World Fantasy Award for best short story, the first time a comic book was given that honor as many runs this volume of the sandman run is one of the finest hours in comics ever written. Its next volume is the one that i would say is one of sandman’s finest hours as ts exploration of mythology as In Season of Mists, Gaiman builds the larger universe of the Endless, and the gods, minor and major, who serve them. And he tells a heck of a good story as one amazing tale that really is something special. Fables and Reflections, is an anthology of single-issue stories written by Neil Gaiman, set in the realms of Morpheus as much as any run this one has some great tales but as many of the tales are very myth heavy in nature which makes for some very amazing stories to read. The Sandman, Vol. 2: The Doll’s House which would be collection of 9 to 16 of the book is probably one of my favorite runs of the series as many others take that place too. I can say this run has such a magical level of storytelling magic. As i pointed out many times the sandman in its many runs form start to ending of series is one of the best comic series all time.


One of my favorite comic book team’s all time is the jsa. I would say as much as anything i loved this team to death. its rich history and many characters made for such magical comic reads.

So JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA book was reborn after infinite crisis with a new tale to forward it along to the new era of storytelling. determined to rebuild the Justice Society, Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat initiate a recruitment program as a series of murders start taking place too killing people of that very core team’s group too. they have find out the truth and bring back together the jsa in one amazing arc by Geoff Johns as he crafts out one of his finest arcs.

Jsa darkness falls would be considered one fun arc of jsa. In this volume we get a pretty good couple of stories which are some of the most fun dc comics you will ever read and some of the finest.

One of the jsa’s finest arcs was the Return of Hawkman as a classic adventure story.  Geoff Johns takes the convoluted mess that is Hawkman’s history and sorts through to find the good stuff and cleans it all up so he can bring him back from comic book limbo.
Great story that travels from ancient Egypt to outer space while juggling a lot of comic book history as we see the return of the classic hawkman as this tale was one of the fun arcs of this book that captures the spirit of what makes dc comics magical .

James Robinson has a huge love for golden age heroism as we often see in his writing of many comics. With GOLDEN AGE, writer James Robinson mesmerizes the reader with some very simple, very haunting images of superheroes who have lost their reason to wage metahuman battles and have been forced from the skies, by a public that no longer requires them. The superheroes are then forced to face their own fragile humanity as we see at end of the great second war they are struggling to fit into society as the golden age really shows these heroes at their collective best and worst as we have a heavy tale that feels like a classic tale for the ages you can read anytime.

James Robinson created in the wonderful star-man comic a character that really is one of the deepest villains of dc comics as he we do not what side he truly fall on. He is a guy that plays to both sides as a hero and villain that we see such wonderful character here with such layers. I would say to read the wonderful shade miniseries if you can you will really love it as it really does tell one of the best comic tales all time.

The classic super-hero series STARMAN which was written by James Robinson probably one of the finest series of comics all time. The superheroic legacy of Starman is renewed in these stories, in which Jack Knight–antiques collector and dealer as the new starman as this book was one of the finest hours of superhero comics ever. In case you haven’t heard of Starman, it was a DC comic that ran for 80 issues and the entire series was written by James Robinson if you count the blackest night issue it has 81 issues. The series is about Jack Knight, a reluctant superhero who is the son of the original Starman, Ted Knight. Starman was a character that originated back in the days of All Star Comics (in the 1940s) and was created by Gardner Fox as this tale is one of finest comics ever as even non fans can get into starman and enjoy it. Its truly such magical fun to read these comics. Its one of the finest hours to read in comics. I would say read it today.

(a dc comics rap to show the magic of dc comics

Dc comics has many great comic runs I have only talked a few today as many more to cover in future marvelous marvels along with many other things of movies and TV and media. It is the marvelous world of comics in all its glory. So check them out today and find some amazing dc reads as many times I said comics have such magical stories that many times you will always find a new gem to read. So stay tuned for the future to come as i will talk more comics.

Marvelous marvel 03

Marvelous marvel 03


Today’s marvelous marvel i cover about the pages of marvel comics as i talk about this week’s marvel fun comic reads this week. This week is two fun and charming reads you shouldn’t miss. You should read Devil Dinosaur#5 and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6

So both reads this week are fun and light tales that are very much tales that feel like a sliver age fun tale of marvel comics. Its such fun to read Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 as this issue just cranks up the humor to 11 with such charming wit and humor it feels like a classic comic in modern day. Devil dinosaur this week was very fun and light hearted as we see them reunite again and cause some damage such joy. You can say both comics will be the most fun you have reading comics all week. So read them both today.


Kraven the Hunter is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is one of Spider-Man’s frequent enemies. Kraven’s name is Sergei Kravinoff. As he is this week’s villain of the week we see him in Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6 this week. I am very fond of his many great tales you can check them out today. I hope you a have a happy comic book day.