Cocktails, wisecracks, and murder:the charm of the thin man

Cocktails, wisecracks, and murder:the charm of the thin man

The Thin Man movies are always charming and fun little gems you can sit down and watch again and again. The magical charm of those movies is the duo of William Powell and Myrna Loy as the effervescent husband and wife team of Nick and Nora Charles. I am a huge fan of the thin man movies as much of it comes from their wonderful Chemistry and banter between Nick and Nora as they feel like a perfect couple so today talks about them.

Cocktails, wisecracks, and murder:the charm of the thin man

After The Thin Man 1936 William Powell Myrna LoyThe thin man series review

The thin man wasn’t considered a classic when released in 1934 as it wasn’t an a picture as considered an A picture as they didnt expect it to be a huge hit but it did n spawned six movies as that is a rarity. Each of them are fun classics in their own right as all six movies are wonderful classic movies.

The real power-play of The movie series is the wonderful acting by the duo of William Powell and Myrna Loy as the effervescent husband and wife team of Nick and Nora Charle are the main stars as simply their powerful performances make the movies click together perfectly. The thin man was released in 1934. It was a huge hit to the surprise of the studio.In this film. The movies main plot-line:Edward Ellis plays a mean-spirited inventor. The recently-divorced Ellis discovers that his new girlfriend has stolen $50,000 and is carrying on with other men. Not long afterward, he disappears. Anxious to locate her father, Ellis’ daughter Maureen O’Sullivan goes to private detective Nick Charles for help.  Maureen O’Sullivan and Nat Pendleton and Minna Gombell and Porter Hall all give out wonderful performances. Its Maureen O’Sullivan that really shines in her role as the daughter. Minna Gombel plays the greedy ex wife Mimi Jorgenson as she simply gives out a wonderful performance. Cesar Romero as Chris Jorgenson is another fun character in this movie. This film is simply magnificent. Powell and Loy have fabulous chemistry and their dialogue is so smooth that there are many moments when you forget you’re watching a film. Script is really sharp with wonderful acting its a wonderful start to the series of thin man movies.


In this sequel to 1934’s hit “The Thin Man, called after the thin man. Director W.S. Van Dyke moves the action to San Francisco, where he unleashes the investigative power couple Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy) on a missing-person case that soon involves murder. This is a perfect example of a film where plot is really secondary and it’s all about the lead characters and the witty banter as each character shines in this movie as they all give out wonderful performances. James Stewart is playing a wonderful role that is a wonderful performance for an early debut of a legend to come. The supporting casts of talented character actors all give out such wonderful performances. It’s a rare follow up I feel that is so much better then first movie in many ways as simply it’s a marvelous classic that you should see today.

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The Third Thin Man, aka Another Thin Man (1939 really shows you how it’s one of the best movies of 1939. This third entry features William Powell and Myrna Loy in top form as the stylish Nick and Nora Charles as they give out such wonderful performances on the screen. The film is well-paced with wonderful acting by everyone as it’s another wonderful charming movie in this charming series. William Powell and Myrna Loy prove them once again to be the Fred and Ginger of detective movies as simply third movie is a classic you should see today.

Shadow of the Thin Man is another addition to the Thin Man” series starring that wonderful couple, Nick and Nora Charles, played to perfection by William Powell and Myrna Loy. In this film, they have a son, Nicky who keeps daddy on his toes. Donna Reed is beautiful in an early role as she gives such a wonderful performance. It’s another marvelous classic in this classic thin man series that showcases such marvelous new talents as it’s a wonderful must see movie. The last two movies in thin man series called thin man goes home and Song of the Thin Man both are wonderful classics that are enjoyable but i will warn you they are not same level of magic as frist four movies so i feel they are lesser even at that you can still enjoy them all.

The charm of Nick and Nora Charles and  Asta. 

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My favorite detective/private eye of all time, Nick Charles (William Powell…love him!) and his hilarious, feminist, “take no stuff” better half Nora (Myrna Loy). I love this series for its mix of murder, mystery, intrigue, suspense and comedy and really marvelous acting by its wonderful talented actors in the movies. Asta, you can’t forget about their dog sidekick who often steals the scene. The real power-play of The movie series is the wonderful acting by the duo of William Powell and Myrna Loy as the effervescent husband and wife team of Nick and Nora Charles are the main stars as simply their powerful performances make the movies click together perfectly as also with their stealing dog named Asta as all three of them are the real stars of series as you simply can’t take eyes off them.  I love everything about this series…the witty dialogue…the scenery…the cinematography and use of shadows as everything seems to work in this series. It’s a series that you should check out today. I hope you liked my tribute to the thin man series.

The charm of Rosalind Russell

The charm of Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell always been a favorite of mine as always been one of my favorite actresses. In her early days at MGM in the mid 1930s, Russell tended to play prim and proper women the hero jilts for someone more exciting, say, Jean Harlow as simply was her big debut in her more comic roles such as his girl Friday she would truly find her voice on screen as she had such a powerful timing and wit that was able make her something special on screen as i think she was truly one of the finest actresses ever as she was a comic that was such a wonderfully powerful actress to give class to roles that seemed lesser. I talk about her today for THE SECOND MARATHON STARS BLOGATHON as today i talk this wonderful legend.

The Marathon Stars Blogathon


The charm of Rosalind Russell

I recall when I first saw her upon my screen watching His girl Friday. I was truly amazed to see this woman that was matching wits with Cary grant on his same level and just not holding back upon her comebacks to him but sadly in truth the casting of her was last on lists of Howard hawks but we can’t think of anyone playing the role but she was below others at time as Jean Arthur was the first choice, followed by Katharine Hepburn, Carole Lombard, Claudette Colbert, Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers. Rosalind Russell would have been well at the bottom of the list as he was fool not see what we would see this charming actress would come out on screen with Cary grant that would test his wits unlike any woman ever did on the screen. I would say that she was not taking as much of actress by time of his girl Friday due to her roles she played before it.

Image result for The Women 1939 russellIt was another role about same time that would bring her to bigger ideals as it was one year before his girl Friday which I still feel is her true debut as her own voice as actress. It was her role in the women would take this proper actress into a new level of legend as she is truly amazing in her role in the women with her sharp wit and charm she works greatly with the other women as she brings the trouble to the screen. It’s truly fun see her play this fun gem of a role. It would be her next roles after His girl Friday that was some funny roles that I feel showcase the amazing comic charm of this actress along with her powerful acting skills as an actress.

Image result for DESIGN FOR SCANDALRosalind Russell shows her Broadway acting skills as she plays in the wonderful no time for comedy which she plays a wonderful character that may show off her truly best of her timing and mannerism.  Melvyn Douglas and especially Rosalind Russell are magnificent with what little they are given. The material wasn’t much more then an idea and some scenarios, so the laughs came mainly from actors delivery in this thing called love as Rosalind Russell shows again her truly wonderful timing as an actress.

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The Feminine Touch shows off another layer of the magical charm of Rosalind Russell as the movie showcases her skills as an actress. what a cast! Don Ameche, who I have adored since first seeing him in Midnight with Claudette Colbert as i would say he simply is delightful here too. This is a lightweight comedy, with a top-notch cast, particularly Rosalind Russell and Kay Francis, who ultimately engage in a classic cat fight over their men as truly it is Rosalind Russell who more feels like she is a natural born comic as Kay Francis gives her best comedy charms but doesnt match it. Its a fun little gme you can enjoy.

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Design for Scandal (1941) is another charming comedy classic that has such a wonderful cast as Walter Pidgeon is delightful in his role alongside with  Rosalind Russell as the girl too smart to fall for his courtship as she is really charming as hell and delightful as she give such wit and charm for her role as she is so good in this this movie. Its a fun comedy that you will enjoy.

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Rosalind Russell is an ad exec who has made it up from the bottom in a male dominated world in Take a Letter, Darling as she is such a powerful role here as her best role for that time to what she did to that point. Fred MacMurray does what he always does, gives his lead actress room to breathe as he simply is amazing in his role on the screen. the idea of combining a successful business career with being a 40s woman is very good touch for this movie it brings it up to a very wonderfully modern feel for a classic gem that is such fun to watch.

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Roughly Speaking is a wonderful family melodrama. Russell should strength as staunch matron, guiding family through hard times, always finding a new way to go on.  Jack Carson stays affable second husband, though you can see fear and pain underneath as both give out such wonderful performances on screen as this is simply a joy to watch upon the screen.

The Velvet Touch has Rosalind Russell killing her killing her long time director/producer/lover as she plays the lady that tries get away with murder by her charm as she can likely pull it off as she is that dam charming. Rosalind Russell gives a good performance in her role as Valerie Stanton. It has wonderful performances by its cast as its a fun little thriller that you will enjoy to watch. A Woman of Distinction is highlighted by three delightful performances by Rosalind Russell , Ray Milland  that all give this flim such powerful fun to watch.

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Auntie Mame has reprising her Broadway role, Rosalind Russell’s uproarious high-wire performance that truly shows off her range as an actress. Rosalind Russell gives an excellent performance one of her best hours upon the screen as she really lights up the screen with this role. The rest of cast give wonderful performances in their roles. untie Mame is an excellent adaptation of the novel and play, thanks to the excellent performances in particular from Rosalind Russell and Peggy Cass, along with the direction, script, some humor and brilliant technical aspects making it a classic.

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Today i talked about Rosalind Russell always been a favorite of mine as always been one of my favorite actresses as no one can really charm us like she can upon the screen. I always find her roles to be so delightful to watch upon the screen form frist time saw her with cary grant to her later works its always such fun to watch this wonderful legend upon the screen. I adore her simply so much to watch in her wonderful range as an actress I hope you enjoyed my tribute to her today.

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast(

Out of the extravagant variety of Jean Cocteau’s work the paintings and drawings, the poems, the plays and novels and memoirs, the opera librettos and ballet scenarios—it is likely his films that will have the most enduring influence, and among those, Beauty and the Beast (1946) will have the most pervasive effect. Few films brim with the kind of cinematic magic as Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête. For its entire 93 minutes, Cocteau implores us to view the proceedings with childlike wonder and suspension of disbelief. His call to order in the prologue asks us to indeed suspend our disbelief form the start of the movie.

a debt-ridden man (Marcel Andre) accidentally stumbles into the lair of the Beast (Jean Marais), a fearsome-looking and seemingly ill-tempered nobleman. The man then steals a rose from the Beast’s garden as a gift for his beloved daughter Belle (Josette Day). At first, the incensed Beast threatens to kill him for those actions. But he relents, saying that he will spare the man if one of his children will take his place as none them but belle stays with him.

The film’s costumes and set designs were inspired by the illustrations and engravings of Gustave Doré (shown above), and the farmhouse scenes are an obvious nod to the paintings of Jan Vermeer. This sumptuous artwork is the perfect muse for Cocteau’s re-imagined fairy tale.

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Cocteau and his cinematographer Henri Alekan (who later shot Wings of Desire and Roman Holiday) use reverse and slow-motion shots, mirrors, and other camera tricks to striking effects to capture many of the scenes of the movie. Cocteau’s decision to keep the camera as still as possible was against the prevailing fashion of the time, and according to Cocteau’s diary, the source of some friction with Alekan. Cocteau had this to say in the press booklet that accompanied the film when it was released in America.

French actress Josette Day is perfectly cast as one of literature’s great heroines that really feels like the book’s belle come to life on screen. Belle’s character, played with sweetness and light by Josette Day, is aided immeasurably by the costumes of Christian Bérard. The costumes are somehow of their time and outside of it, both practical and fantastical that makes belle come to life upon the screen.

Like many films made during the early days of cinema, there is a charming quality considering the innovative efforts used to bring this fantasy tale to life upon the screen. . Actress Josette Day stars as Belle, and beloved French actor Jean Marais portrays the Beast. Marias spent five hours in make-up every morning to transform into the tragic character, and special fangs were made and adhered to his teeth transformed him into the Beast each day on set. 

Jean Marais who plays three characters  the foolishly obnoxious rapscallion Avenant whom Beauty loves, the self-pitying but elegant-looking Beast as the three characters he plays are all wonderfully acted by him. Cocteau’s conception of the Beast is a little more canine in appearance and behavior than subsequent versions like the animated film as he simply is quite more like the original version in the book. He is simply a book to screen perfect version of the beast.


Bête slightly differs in comparison to Disney’s adaptations. Most notable is the inclusion of Belle’s sisters and brother, which closely resembles de Villeneuve’s original tale in contrast to Disney’s version which does not feel closer to the book. The metaphoric story is full of visually magical moments, which was new territory in film at the time of its release. Overall it was the cast and crew’s labor of love to create something unique that brought this tale to life. Cocteau’s focus on creating a visual poem gave the film a classical presentation. This is where the advance storytelling of early French cinema is best represented. There is a more romanticized element to Bête compared to its later adapted counterparts that told the tale. Beauty and the Beast (1946) will have the most pervasive effect. Few films brim with the kind of cinematic magic as Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête shows upon the screen.

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The ending was more ambiguous than I had remembered.The Beast’s curse is lifted yes, and he turns into a beautiful Prince.  Belle hesitates to go away with him – she was looking for an escape but might be going in circles. But, with no other options, she flies into his arms and up into the sky to live as husband and wife, future king and queen  but perhaps not happily ever after as we would love to think about in the Disney classic film. Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast is more than just a fairy tale but a beautiful enchanting story on how beauty can be in the eye of the beholder. He wanted to make a poem, wanted to express what he felt through images rather than words, and even though the story takes the form of the familiar fable to translate to screen a magical tale that has such wonderful charm and magic to watch upon the screen any time.

The lost art of screwball comedy

 Today I talk about The lost art of screwball comedy as i will give more in depth talk about the classic genre of screwball comedy which i consider a lost art by today’s time with its funny slapstick humor to its witty and charming lines to its wonderful love stories that have couples matching wits with each other. The screwball comedy was a genre that defined 1930’s and 1940’s in many ways as its what defined the comedies of its period. So lets begin this talk about them.

The lost art of screwball comedy(


In the 1930’s and 1940’s,We had movies had movies that began with  a fanciful message printed on screen, beginning “Once upon a time A hangover from the silent era but also an invitation to view a modern urban setting as somewhere romantic and faraway. The device was especially common in screwball comedy.


Screwball comedy (the term was coined by a publicist in the mid-1930s) is one of those genres, like film noir that remains hard to define as what exactly is a screwball comedy or a comedy drama or comedy?  Originally, screwball films were those in which glamorous stars were persuaded to behave like clowns like in bringing up baby.

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A full-fledged screwball comedy is always a romance: the story of a man and a woman who remains at arm’s length yet manage to take the utmost delight in each other’s cleverness or foolery to try outwitting the other person. I would point out man of the genre many consider screwball do have these kinds of stories or slapstick humor which is another form of screwball comedy.  I would point out another fine example of the screwball is the battle of sexes comedies where both sexes battled wits with each other. I would say comedy of that would be better refined if we went back to that system of comedy which we be the movies that starred Kate Hepburn in the 1940’s which were comedies.

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The screwball also could be very risky subject matters such as the Lubitsch touch comedies which are Trouble in Paradise and Design for Living among other Ernst Lubitsch comedies which were broadly about sex and things you didn’t discuss in society at the time. It’s such a taboo yet a very fun outline that still defines comedy to our date now.

Image result for Trouble in Paradise.

Movies with most of the essential screwball ingredients started to show up on the screen in 1932, notably Trouble in Paradise which led to movies such as bombshell starring jean Harlow in the same year the thin man had another sub-genre of comedy show up the mystery comedy of the 1930’s which has some very delightful classics you should see today.

Image result for Myrna Loy and William Powell,

Myrna Loy and William Powell, went on to make five more movies about Nick and Nora Charles as well as several very good non-mystery comedies, including I Love You Again and Libeled Lady as the duo would be one of the most iconic duos of comedy of any era. I simply adore the thin man movies as they are such classic gems. The powerful nature of the fast talking screwball comedy genre is such a charming one to watch on the screen anytime. You have such wonderful wit and humor and sharp writing and such great humor with wonderful acting to match them upon the screen. It’s time for some examples of this genre now.

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 screwball comedy reviews

His girl Friday review

His girl Friday is a classic comedy classic that is directed by Howard hawks. His girl Friday is one of my favorite movies all time to watch again and again. . Cary Grant plays a wonderful performance in his girl Friday. Rosalind Russell gives out an amazing performance in his girl Friday. Cart Grant and Rosalind Russell who make a great team together on the screen. Howard hawks compositions are layered with fore and background action and depth to each of its scenes. His girl Friday is about its dialogue more than its visuals elements on the screen. It comes so fast and sharp on the screen. This is a comedy classic that you will simply adore watching unfold as it’s just so much fun to watch it unfold on the screen.

My Girl Friday successfully combines screwball romantic comedy with biting satire that truly makes it the true comedy classic that you should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Trouble in Paradise (1932) review

This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex. It is more open in sex. It is pre-code in that nature toward how it plays sex. It is based on Laszlo Aladar’s play The Honest Finder which was the springboard for the movie. The sexual undertones are very frank. I would not call it as sexually open as Design for Living which is far more sexual in nature. This was a taste of what was to come for his works. Trouble in Paradise is a comedic counterpart to a melodrama.

Lubitsch was best known for what we call the Lubitsch touch is a subtitle way of referencing sexual shenanigans that his characters do upon the screen. Lubitsch’s Magnum Opus faced controversy three years after its initial release because of the conservatism of the Production Code. This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex which is more open in sex that feels modern. . The movie is tamer than his other film design for a living for its sexual tone on the screen. It’s a spellbinding comedy classic about a a suave jewel thief (Herbert Marshall) falling in love with his intended victim (luminous Kay Francis) much to the displeasure of his girlfriend (Miriam Hopkins) whom all give out wonderful performances in their respective roles for the screen. . Kay Francis steals this film as she truly shines in her wonderful role that is hard to do with Miriam Hopkins. She is exquisite and enchanting and absolutely charming. Miriam Hopkins gets the better comedic lines and the guy even if lesser then Kay she still gives out a marvelous performance. Herbert Marshall shows an unexpected flair for light comedy while Charlie Ruggles and the ubiquitous Edward Everett Horton provide their usual first class supporting roles that that truly shine in their performances on the screen. Ernst Lubitsch crafts out a masterpiece of early comedy that truly shines in every manner making it a must see comedy classic for all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

Ball of fire review

Howard Hawks Ball of Fire is an urban update of the Snow-White fairy-tale with an urban twist. Ball of fire was written by Billy Wilder with Howard hawks directing this movie. It remains one of the finest screwball comedies ever put to the screen.

Ball of fire remains one of my favorite screwball comedies all time. This movie has such wonderful acting by Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper. The ever wonderful Barbara Stanwyck really leads the show as Sugarpuss O’Shea who hides with them for her gangster boyfriend whom she becomes best friends to them in the end. She plays the role in a very wonderful way that really charms you to watch on the screen. Barbara Stanwyck is warming up in this movie for her acting skills are truly growing as it goes along to its ending. . Gary Cooper gives us one amazing performance for the screen.

The groups of professors are all very good supporting actors as Oskar Homolka and Henry Travers and S.Z. Sakall and Tully Marshall and Leonid Kinskey and Richard Haydn and Aubrey Mather whom I would say all give out such wonderful performances on the screen. I would say Henry Travers is among cast of the stand out character actors as he played the angel its Wonderful Life as he plays such an amazing role for this movie. I would say each of these professors are played by very wonderful character actors that each give out wonderful performances. Allen Jenkins is a garbage man seeking knowledge for pecuniary gain as he gives a very good acting   performance. The movie has very wonderful acting by everyone in its cast of talents.

Dana Andrews plays against type as a gangster in one very good performance for this amazing actor of the screen as he as the gangster boyfriend of Sugarpuss O’Shea for this movie. Mary Field as Miss Totten, the daughter of the wealthy inventor who created the foundation really gives a good performance in her role. The whole of supporting cast of many great acting legends all give such wonderful performances.

Ball of Fire is one amazing classic that you should see today.

The Lady Eve (1941)

It’s no accident when wealthy Charles (Henry Fonda) falls for Jean (Barbara Stanwyck). Jean is a con artist with her sights set on Charles’ fortune. Matters complicate when Jean starts falling for her mark. Jean is fixated on revenge and still pining for the millionaire, devises a plan to get back in Charles’ life. With love and payback on her mind, she reintroduces herself to Charles, this time as an aristocrat named Lady Eve Sidwich.

The Lady Eve is one of my favorite movies of the 1940’s. It is one of the best movies that Barbara Stanwyck ever on the screen. This comedy treat truly always delights me anytime I watch it on the screen. Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck truly shine together as a duo as both acting legends give us their finest performances all time on the screen. It has brilliant writing and direction provided by Preston Sturge whom crafts a wonderful comedy classic.

Screwball lost art closing thoughts.

I absolutely love the classic screwball comedies of the 30’s and 40’s. They are indeed fascinating… funny, frenzied and full of crazy antics, witty dialogue and numerous quirks and mishaps. Also starring some of the finest comedy actors and actresses of the era or any era of the screen as such wonderful legends.

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I talked about the lost art of screwball comedies today in some depth as i talked about many movies that dealt with this marvelous genre that had such broad and diffrent ranges in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Its such a fun genre that died out by end of 1940’s which should return to our screens today. I hope you enjoyed today’s talk about it and join me again for another talk in the future.

Mr. Skeffington

Today I talk about my favorite actress all time whom is Bette Davis for The Third Annual Bette Davis Blogathon.

picmonkey_image-12I pay tribute to her today by reviewing Mr. Skeffington today for my friend’s Crystal Kalyana Pacey’s The Third Annual Bette Davis Blogathon today. I am so happy to review another classic movie starring this great legend today for her birthday today. Happy birthday to this wonderful legend of the screen. 

I hope you also check out the work of my friend Crystal Kalyana Pacey’s called IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD as i would also suggest you also read other posts form The Third Annual Bette Davis Blogathon today.

Bette Davis remains my favorite actress all time as my top favorite actress all time. A wonderful actress that was one of the finest actresses to grace the screen, she was one that gave me such wonderful memories of her wonderful image on the screen of a powerful woman. She stood out from other actresses because of her audacity, it was how studios owned the stars, she defied Warner brothers, she was lifting the veil for women in film for their behavior and traits as she did what was right for the character as she was able melt into characters greatly, she was a short woman but always stood out among every-one in the room, she truly is my favorite actress all time I always admired highly Bette Davis. She is always my favorite to watch anytime. She remains one of the best actresses I ever watched on screen as far I am concerned she remains timeless to my eyes. I am happy to begin my review now to honor this legend whom is my favorite actress all time. Let’s begin to honor this legend.

Mr. Skeffington reviewMr. Skeffington is one of the great Hollywood melodramas has both Bette Davis and Claude Rains starring in one of her darkest melodramas. Bette Davis has the showy role in this epic story of a troubled relationship, but it’s Claude Rains as her Jewish husband who jerks the tears in this movie.

Mr. Skeffington is a rewarding Bette Davis vehicle. Bette Davis’s performance is decidedly affected as she plays this Fanny as a young girl, but the pure talent and visual power of this actress makes one believe that she is truly the beauty that she is supposed to be as one would notice how her movements and responsiveness reinforce the sense of someone almost 15 years younger than herself then she transforms from young to old in such a marvelous change of her role to the older fanny as many did not like the makeup of her i find it to be very fine as we see such a marvelous role unfold on the screen by Bette Davis as i would place this performance in Bette Davis’ top tier, along with “Now, Voyager”, “The Little Foxes”, and “All About Eve.

Claude Rains plays the title character with restraint, integrity, and great love for Fanny, but the sense of pathos that he communicates really helps to give the movie a lot of power to his performance that really does stand out as a remarkable performance on the screen. The other acting performances are uniformly excellent performances that all stand out on the screen. Franz Waxman’s score is simply marvelous in my eyes. This is easily Vincent Sherman’s best work as a director as he crafts out a marvelous classic that you should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I would love to express my great joy today that I got to talk about Bette Davis my favorite actress today by reviewing another classic gem that she starred upon the screen. I would love to thank everyone i hope you return next time for another magical review soon.

the sea wolf

the sea wolf

Today I review the Michael Curtiz/Robert Rossen adaptation of Jack London’s famous novel the sea wolf which I frankly just watched recently as I brought it recently which is the Warner brothers archive Blu-ray release of this movie which is a remastered version with lost scenes we have not seen as this wonderful movie really speaks about Nazi fascism in a way that stands out. I would also love to wish Ida Lupino a happy 100 years old.


So now to review this classic movie

the sea wolf review

The sea wolf  takes one  of the most famous jack London novels of same name in a way that really shines upon your viewing of it on the screen. The  sea wolf is loosely based upon the book.  Edward G. Robinson does one of his finest hours  of acting as the cruel captain of the ghost a ship which no one wants to sail upon. Edward G. Robinson puts his own brand of cruelty on the role of a freighter captain who tyrannizes his crew and some unexpected passengers in such a marvelous acting performance.

Ida Lupino and John Garfield and Alexander Knox all  play in a crew of a ship that is basically a ship that feels like its form hell in some regards as they all give out such marvelous acting and performances that all stand out as you watch them on screen.

This Michael Curtiz/Robert Rossen adaptation of Jack London well known novel  was mostly shot on one location as it has lots of atmospheric shots, tons of memorable conflicting personalities(Edward G. Robinson, Alexander Knox, John Garfield, Barry Fitzgerald, Gene Lockhart, an underserved Ida Lupino) It really shines with this new Blu-ray release.  It is Rousing old-school sea adventure yarn functioning as an allegory for the burgeoning Nazi dictatorship in Europe in 1941. It is a truly marvelous classic you should see today.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Today i reviewed the sea wolf which is a rousing old school yarn that i feel has such marvelous acting that makes it such a marvelous movie that may be one of the finest movies i ever seen as this true classic is something i enjoyed to talk about today as always until next time for another movie review.

The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around the Corner(

So today I talk about the The Shop Around the Corner which is directed by Ernst Lubitsch whom is such a wonderful director with many wonderful classics i adore to watch often. Lubitsch’s charming masterpiece, so often imitated and re-adapted since it appeared in 1940 as its so charming and enduring to watch on screen as today i talk about why i adore this classic so much.

The Shop Around the Corner review

Ernst Lubitsch’s charming masterpiece is often imitated and re-adapted since it appeared in 1940 on the screens as it is one of those rare films that is simply perfect form beginning to end.. Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart worked in several films together over their film history on the screen as both of them give out their finest performances ever on the screen. Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan play off each other well as they are a perfect pair to watch on the screen. Frank Morgan is truly wonderful in his performance as the owner of the shop as he gives out his finest performance ever on the screen.

The Shop Around the Corner is a charming comedy gem in Ernst Lubitsch had another quiet triumph added to his credit with this lovely film as this charming little shop could be set anywhere in the world. The shop is a life microcosm with its little quiet joys and its bitter disappointments it feels very close to frank Capra in its charms you see unfold on the screen.  It is one of the sweetest and most charming of comedies all time. Everything works out perfectly in this perfect film which was often remade but never matched to same level as this marvelous classic gem.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

I hope you enjoyed my talk about The Shop Around the Corner which frankly is one amazing classic gem that I simply adored to talk about today. See you next time for another classic review soon.