why the twlight zone is timeless.

why the twlight zone is timeless.


It was back to the original twilight zone. When Rod Serling wrote “The Time Element” in 1958, he was frustrated by the way network executives as the way network executives, driven almost solely by sponsor needs, were controlling his visions. Despite being an Emmy winner, and already well-recognized voice in television, “The Time Element,” about a man trying to stop Pearl Harbor that never got picked up as sold cheaply to Desi Arnaz’s company and aired as a part of “Desilu Playhouse show” It was a hit, allowing the production of “The Twilight Zone” to commence with one of the most resonant pilots to this day, the phenomenal “Where is everybody? About a man who wakes to find himself alone in the world. How the stories told about the human condition and the monsters inside us all. It’s our fears and what injustices and racism and other issues. It was a bold show ahead of its time in story-telling. What would rod stirring do? is asked now by everyone that does shows like it. I feel today talk about the classic power of this wonderful show.

why the twlight zone is timeless.


Rod Serling wasn’t just the narrator, he was the creator and head writer. Other writers of note included Charles Beaumont, and the late sci-fi novelist Richard Matheson among other great writers. Having dealt with TV censorship early in his career, he decided he could sneak in social commentary through sci-fi and fantasy. Racism, conformity, the folly of war, all were explored, but not in such an overt away as to reach public outcry as he managed make stories to address such isuses that was smart and clever and enraging. While the short story with a twist ending has always been a staple of storytelling, it was Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone that refined it to an art-form that was able tell us stories that was such classics.

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Watching The Twilight Zone today, it’s striking how complex, satirical and thought-provoking it all is. You can watch the twilight zone now you would be shocked to see how these tales have not aged at all.

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Watching The Twilight Zone today it’s striking how complex satirical and thought-provoking it all is. While the tales include such fantastical imagery as a stopwatch that can stop time, department store mannequins coming to life, or a child whose dreams take corporeal form, you can clearly see that they’re really about the early-60s as its addressing the issues of its time period as it was an era of race riots, assassinations, crooked politicians and the Vietnam war, when communism and nuclear bombs were palpable fears. People were confused, scared and paranoid yet so little of the TV of its time reflected that mood.  Sponsors, executives, salesmen and producers were in charge of the networks and they didn’t want viewers distracted by big issues when they should have been thinking about what products to buy. It was in this climate that 34-year-old writer-producer Rod Serling devised The Twilight Zone. It was noticeable at time that this show was bold and enraging. Our world is just as chaotic as the 1960s with the rise again of hate crimes and other things as the times are ready for a modern day twilight zone which is why the remake is working so dam good and a dam good show in own regard. The Twilight zone is always prime for any era of time as you can watch it anytime.

The best stories of twlight zone. 

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“Eye of the Beholder”

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“Eye of the Beholder” contains a poignant commentary on the cruel, ineffective methods utilized by the state when dealing with “undesirables” who, having been arbitrarily classified as such, are often relocated to artificially erected communities to avoid interfering with the lives of so-called ordinary people its The quintessential episode of The Twilight Zone, “Eye of the Beholder” suggests that the value of a human being can never be assessed by superficial measures alone. Also commendable is Janet’s reveal in the final sequence which is one of the greatest reveals in tv show history. which, though somewhat predictable in retrospect, demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail that will appeal to both casual viewers and diehard Serling fans that you will always make you think.
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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” Rod Serling wrote a suburban Lord of the Flies, a parable about the fragility of civilization, paranoia and the susceptibility of nice folks to manipulation as we can be played upon fears of the other as we always fear that fear even now. a moral object lesson that plays as freshly today as it did during its post-McCarthy Era debut. The “twist” that aliens have been lazily tinkering with the lights and cars, and that they’ve concluded that the easiest way to destroy mankind is to let us destroy ourselves by our own fears. Its simply an amazing story.
Twilight Zone

 A Game of Pool

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A tour-de-force of acting prowess as comedian Jonathan Winters spreads his dramatic chops alongside Jack Klugman in an episode that both rewards and questions dedicating your life to perfectionism as no man can be perfect it’s a powerful story that shows you why such things can be not very useful in the end as you miss out on the finer things in life.

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“The Invaders”

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An absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, this episode is a near-wordless masterwork of fear about tiny intruders who terrorize an elderly wife (Agnes Moorehead). Despite being the size of mice, they torment and injure her until she fights back, killing one and following the other to the flying saucer that landed on her roof. Since we never hear her speak, it’s a shock when we hear the tiny alien as its twist is simply amazing work. It’s simply a powerful story that plays upon our fears.

deaths house

Deaths-Head Revisited”Image result for Deaths-Head Revisited"

This Dachau-set episode aired after the Adolf Eichmann trial started and a month before the guilty verdict was delivered, proclaiming that the SS leaders weren’t merely just following orders.” Serling’s searing story really shows you the horrors of what they did to people. A former SS captain who visits Dachau in 1961 only to find one of his victims is now caretaker of the prison camp. Realizing he’d murdered the man years before, the Nazi loses his mind in series of delusions wherein he’s placed on trial and deemed guilty. Serling closes the episode proclaiming that Dachau and other concentration camps must stay standing as monuments to horror so that it may never happen again as simply something we should never forget. I hope you enjoyed some of the best stories as so many stories i choose four that showed its range of story-telling powerful nature form powerful acting stories to the enraging social stories it always made you think.

Rod Serling did it with 156 episodes of the ground-breaking anthology series The Twilight Zone, thanks to his commitment to enhancing the twists by showing humanity in both its angelic and monstrous forms that was such bold commentaries upon our world. It always was about talking our world and its raw nature i hope you enjoyed my talk today on it.


why i love bette davis

why i love bette Davis


Bette Davis remains my favorite actress all time as my top favorite actress all time. A wonderful actress that was one of the finest actresses to grace the screen, she was one that gave me such wonderful memories of her wonderful image on the screen of a powerful woman. She stood out from other actresses because of her audacity; it was how studios owned the stars as she defied Warner brothers and others by not being owned by them. She was lifting the veil for women in film for their behavior and traits as she did what was right for the character as she was able melt into characters greatly that forever changed the game for acting.  She was a short woman but always stood out among every-one in the room, she truly is my favorite actress all time that I always adored to watch upon the screen. I recall my first impression of her in dark victory that role made me fall in love this remarkable legend upon the screen.  I pay tribute to her for THE FOURTH ANNUAL BETTE DAVIS BLOGATHON in honor of her birthday. I wish this legend a happy birthday as this article is a personal love letter to her today. I hope you enjoy it and check out others form the event.


why i love bette Davis

There is something so remarkable about Bette Davis. I recall my first memories of her when I was watching dark victory. I was watching this remarkable character that was such a marvelous character that showed her as this very spoiled soul that learned and changed in time growing to be this tragic character that ended up dying in the end but she was simply a marvel in this role showing her from her many different sides of personality as the ending when her friend last sees her it broke my heart first time I saw it.  The movie is a powerful example of why you can adore this wonderful actress.

Bette Davis gives a fine performance playing such an intricate character. that simply was this nice lady in Now, Voyager. I recall seeing her change and her transformation  in the movie is amazing to see happen as she changes so much in the course of the movie. Paul Henreid gives, what I believe to be, one of the most romantic performances in history in this film as he gives out such a performance in the role. When I come back to this film every so often, I find that it has a sort of calming effect on me, probably because it’s such an uplifting story which emphasizes the importance of finding you inner-strength and trying to share that strength with others who need it too as its simply an up-lifting movie that makes me so happy to watch anytime.

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Mr. Skeffington is one of the great Hollywood melodramas has both Bette Davis and Claude Rains starring in one of her darkest melodramas. Bette Davis has the showy role in this epic story of a troubled relationship, but it’s Claude Rains as her Jewish husband who jerks the tears in this movie. Mr. Skeffington is a rewarding Bette Davis vehicle. Bette Davis’s performance is decidedly affected as she plays this Fanny as a young girl, but the pure talent and visual power of this actress makes one believe that she is truly the beauty that she is supposed to be as one would notice how her movements and responsiveness reinforce the sense of someone almost 15 years younger than herself then she transforms from young to old in such a marvelous change of her role to the older fanny as many did not like the makeup of her I find it to be very fine as we see such a marvelous role unfold on the screen by Bette Davis as I would place this performance in Bette Davis’ top tier, along with “Now, Voyager”, “The Little Foxes”, and “All About Eve. as this is another movie that made me recall why i adore her so much as an actress.

Bette Davis gives a great performance in Jezebel as the structure of the film is against the strong female character. Because she is so strong-willed she must be reshaped into a properly submissive southern belle but she really doesn’t seem fit that trend. It’s simply another character of Bette Davis that I feel shows her real range as an actress.

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The letter is a A tour DE force from Davis as the colonial wife on trial for shooting the man she claims made advances at her. Her cold, layered performance shifts with the facts and only really exhibits genuine passion while she is killing someone that shows her truly powerful nature upon the screen. This film was the perfect vehicle for an actress like Bette Davis that is another classic of her movies I enjoy watching often that reminds me again and again why I adore this actress.

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It would be the little foxes show Bette Davis’s bad side. Bette’s good at being bad. Bette Davis stars as the mercenary matriarch of a dysfunctional southern family as she gives such a remarkable performance that always makes me smile as she simply is amazing in this role on the screen. The whole cast is wonderful. William Wyler directs the A-list team and the result is one of my favorite Bette Davis films.

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All About Eve was the movie that resuscitated Davis’s career which had been on the downward spiral for a couple of years as she showed she was truly able grow up for the role. It broke her mold again as an actress. It’s simply an amazing gem of a movie.

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Today was Bette Davis’s birthday when I think to her range as an actress. I can’t think of anyone like Bette Davis gave out such a range of roles that showcased her many sides of her nature that also showed her range as an actress.  I never been happy with myself she said once as she never thought she was great as she was on the screen. It’s simply amazing to me that this wonderful legend did so many amazing roles that showed her power as an actress. I hope you enjoyed my talk on her today as I choose some of her roles to give bit of talk to show how simply great she was as an actress. It’s always fun to watch her anytime. I hope catch you again for another bumpy ride soon.

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Richard Donner’s “Superman(Superman 41th anniversary)

Richard Donner’s “Superman(Superman 40th anniversary)


Tell me your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you hear the familiar brass of John Williams’ iconic score. Or that you can resist a smile as a small child introduces the movie by opening a comic book and reading aloud. Or that the opening shot of the crystal canyons of Krypton doesn’t make your spine tingle just a bit. Richard Donner’s Superman is perhaps correctly regarded as the father of the whole superhero genre as it began the whole notion of the genre that changed the sliver-screen. It now became common place the super-hero genre that was simply no where be found when it was released. I remember fondly when i frist saw it as child it amazed me as i believed this was truly the best movie of all time for the genre for years. The opening of movie of child talking of it is purely a marvel to behold as its what you should do make the inner child come alive.

Its rare that a movie so perfectly captures a character as does the superman the movie captures superman as its only movie as few modern perfectly capture them as dark knight perfectly captures batman’s whole notion and ideas in a very good way and wonder woman perfectly captured her character yet the genre is now so much more then superman that we forget the father of the genre began the whole notion of it. The idea now that notion of these visual effects are common place its even as back we may be shocked to think Hollywood didnt give a dam about super-hero movies. Comics were considered a lowbrow art form, and no one thought that a superhero movie could appeal to anyone who wasn’t a child. That all changed when Richard Donner’s Superman hit theaters on December 15, 1978. The film, which starred a then-unknown Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel, went on to be a massive critical and commercial success, earning $300 million worldwide and garnering three Oscar nominations. The film even won a Special Achievement Academy Award for Visual Effects that blew open the door.   many fans still consider Donner’s Superman to be the gold standard of superhero storytelling, and its influence can be felt in the most successful comic book movies and franchise pictures that still defines how we tell these stories.  It still holds a special place in our hearts even now 41 years later. I will list five reasons now why still holds up.  I do think its simply must see classic as i could list endless on why its timeless.

1. The Romancesuperman

I would say sorry to many fans of the notebook and other love stories i still think  the most romantic movie moment would be Lois Lane interviewing Superman on her rooftop and their flight across the night sky. Donner’s film wisely builds Superman’s character arc around his romantic relationship with Lois Lane. It’s Lois who first inspires Superman to use his powers in public as its one of most romantic relationships of flim. It is lois lane remains the connection to mortal world for superman. The film tells two different love stories: one of Clark Kent’s unrequited crush on his co-worker and the other on the connection between Superman and Lois Lane. The romantic subplot is buoyed by great chemistry between Reeve and Margot Kidder, giving superhero films a romantic template that would lead to many of the movies of today for them.

2. Margot Kidder’s Lois Lane

lois lane

Lois Lane often gets short shrift in the comics, usually relegated to playing the damsel in distress role. She is frequently in distress in the Superman films as she is notion played to side-lines she is quite the powerful character in own right. Margot Kidder plays the role not just as a love interest, but as a fully formed female character who is wholly in love with her career and confident in her abilities. Lois Lane is an intrepid, fearless reporter who is just as willing to chase down a story that nails down a performance htat may be one of the finest ever for a super-hero movie. Its her role that blows you away.

Science fiction and fantasy films owe an enormous debt of gratitude to John Williams, who has scored some of the most iconic genre films of all time. While he remains best known for his work in Star Wars (and rightfully so) his Superman score is heroic that may be best of super-hero movies all time. Williams was nominated for an Oscar for his work, one of the 51 Oscar noms Williams has received over his lifetime. as this score is marvelous to listen to on screen.

4. The Comedy

lois lane superman margot kidder christopher reeve

After years of gloom and doom Superman movies, it’s easy to forget just how funny the Donner films were. Calling back to 1930’s screwball comedy which is one of my favorite genres all time.  Reeve’s bumbling, awkward Clark Kent. Even the Big Bad Lex Luthor was played with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor by Gene Hackman, as were his goofy henchmen Otis (Ned Beatty) and Miss Teschmacher (Valerie Perrine). There’s something so funny and charming watching them all on screen as they simply as funny and charming to watch upon the screen.

5. The Optimism

superman lois lane

Superman symbolizes hope, which is something Donner’s film has in spades. The film is brimming with warmth, optimism, and all the wholesome feel-good energy one would expect form a movie about super-man. Save the brooding menace for Batman, I’ll take an inspiring sunny Superman story any day of the week as simply something so marvelous and timeless about it. I hope it makes you interest watch it today.

Nancy wake the white mouse

Nancy wake the white mouse

Nancy Wake was far from a damsel in distress, and by the end of the war was number one on the Gestapo’s Most Wanted list.


On March 1, 1944, French Resistance Captain Henri Tardivat found Nancy Wake tangled in a tree. As he looked up at her hanging from the branches, he remarked on her beauty as seen this lovely dame.I hope that all the trees in France bear such beautiful fruit this year,” he said. Nancy wake had gotten struck in tree after e after parachuting from a B-24 bomber, was armed with classified documents. On her way to the local maquis resistance group, she had no time for Tardivat’s asininity you would say this woman is simply amazing as no woman could be this amazing. Tardivat realized at that moment that if there was one thing Nancy Wake was not, it was a damsel in distress as she simply was a marvelous woman of action.

Nancy Wake Resistance Poster

Nancy wake was rained in hand-to-hand combat, espionage, sabotage, and able to drink almost all of her male counterparts under the table, Nancy Wake was known as one of the most fearsome French Resistance fighters during World War II. By 1942, the Gestapo had put her at the top of their most wanted list, offering a five million franc prize for her capture, dead or alive. They referred to her as the “White Mouse,” as she had managed to evade capture several times throughout the war as she was coined the white mouse she would sometimes just sneak past their checkpoints as they looked at this lovely lady no idea she was the white mouse. She began her  resistance had begun in 1933 while working as a freelancer for a Parisian newspaper, the Australian expatriate was asked to travel to Vienna to interview the new German Chancellor a man named Adolf Hitler. In Vienna, Wake witnessed firsthand the horrific treatment of Jewish men and women at the hands of devoted Hitler followers. Immediately she vowed to oppose Hitler by whatever means necessary as she saw the horrors of what Hitler did to the Jews. She got her chance a few years later.In 1940, the Nazis invaded Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. Rather than leave her home, Nancy Wake remained in Paris and joined the French Resistance with her husband, Henri Fiocca, a wealthy French industrialist.

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For two years they worked as couriers for the resistance, later becoming part of an escape network to get downed Allied soldiers back to safety. The Gestapo knew part of the resistance occurring right under their noses and were working tirelessly to stop it, searching Wake’s mail and staking out her home.Eventually, it became too dangerous for Nancy Wake to continue her work from inside France’s borders. Leaving Fiocca behind to continue their work from Paris, she planned to travel to Britain. On her way to Britain, Wake earned her nickname of the White Mouse as she evaded capture by SS guards and Gestapo officers several times. She would later remark on her tactics, which usually consisted of flirting or talking her way out of precarious situations.A little powder and a little drink on the way, and I’d pass their (German) posts and wink and say, ‘Do you want to search me?’” she said. “God, what a flirtatious little bastard I was.”

Nancy Wake After World War II

When she was picked up on a train outside of Toulouse, she spun a wild tale of deceit, claiming she had to be let go because she was the mistress of one of the guards and that she had to conceal her identity from her husband. The German guards let her go, and she eventually escaped through the Pyrenees into Spain, and later into Britain. Once in Britain, Nancy Wake joined the Special Operatives Executives and was trained in several combat and intelligence programs. Her training officers all noted that she was a quick learner, a fast shot, and could “put the men to shame Before long she was a high ranking officer for the SOE in charge of organizing and allocating arms to 7,500 men. She herself led several attacks on the Gestapo in Montluçon and at one point offered to personally execute a German spy that her men were too scared to kill themselves.

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Her most notable achievement came when the SOE was raiding a German gun factory. As an investigating SS sentry was about to raise the alarm and give her and her crew away, Wake killed the guard with her bare hands.They’d taught this judo-chop stuff with the flat of the hand at SOE, and I practiced away at it,” she said later, recalling the incident. “But this was the only time I used it – whack – and it killed him all right. I was really surprised. In addition to killing a man with her bare hands, Wake further proved her devotion to the resistance when she rode 380 miles round trip on a bicycle through German checkpoints, to transfer a message from her resistance group to another, all within a 72 hour period.

Image result for Nancy Wake

Throughout the war, Nancy Wake saved thousands of lives, most notably those of her Maquis comrades. She was awarded the Medal of Freedom by the United States, The Medaille de la Resistance and the Croix de Guerre from France, and countless other honors from European nations.Though the honors speak for themselves, as well as her notable accomplishments, when remembering Nancy Wake, nothing encapsulates her spirit quite as much as the words of her fellow Resistance officer Henri Tardivat. She is the most feminine woman I know, until the fighting starts,” he recalled fondly after the war. Then, she is like five men.Nancy wake was a legend as you can see.

mighty joe young


mighty Joe young

Mighty Joe Young”(1949) has always been a favorite of mine ever since I saw it for the first time saw it. I am a huge fan of the works of Willis Obrien and Ray Harryhaussen worked together on this movie as this classic movie i talk about in my review today as simply another classic i adore to watch often upon the screen.

mighty joe young review

Mighty Joe Young is the story of a girl and her gorilla and a friendship that would survive despite the hardships they would endure. Those times would see them leaving their jungle home courtesy of a huckster who wants them to play at his latest club in Los Angeles and while it would seem glamorous at first, it was anything but. Though trial and tribulation, Joe and Jill would overcome with a little help and give themselves and the viewer that essential happy ending.(plot)

Mighty Joe Young is his is Ray Harryhausen’s first official credit and it’s a beautiful showcase of the influence that would flourish for decades as we see what begins his magical power of crafting stop motion works upon the screen.


Mighty Joe Young is a more light-hearted family friendly take on the King Kong type story as that doesnt ruin its charm to any effect. MIGHTY JOE YOUNG was originally released to mixed reviews and the box office numbers were so disappointing for the studio that a planned sequel was nixed. That’s really too bad but even today this film seems to get either overlooked or bashed because people go into it expecting another KING KONG but they got something even more special in my eyes as its far better in many regards form its very amazing as the special effects are basically jaw-dropping to watch upon the screen.

Image result for mighty joe young 1949

While Willis O’Brien, who did the animation for King Kong, was officially the supervisor of the special effects, his assistant Ray Harryhausen actually created most of them. Harryhausen went on to become one of the most influential special effects animators of all time. Mighty Joe Young is considered his first major film with such charming animation you see it come to to life upon the screen in such animation stop motion animation on the screen. mighty2

Terry Moore and Ben Johnson and Robert Armstrong all are such wonderful treats to watch play out their marvelous performances on the screen. I would say Terry Moore  as Jill really steals the show as she leads us to really adore mighty joe young. Ben Johnson plays who a rodeo cowboy in a sense is truly who she falls in love as she grows to like him truly as he helps her save mighty joe young. Its their remarkable performances that really make the movie come to life upon the screen.

I would say of my favorite movie moments is the scene of Beautiful Dreamer is one of my favorite movie scenes all time as this scene shows off the animation of ray as its truly magical to see Terry Moore held by mighty Joe young as each animation frame here you see the animation of his face and his expressions it’s just a joy to see the scene. It’s a wonderful wonder this scene.

Image result for mighty joe young 1949

The special effects and stop-motion work by O’Brien and Harryhausen are marvelous, and took fourteen months to complete. Joe actually seems real, so subtle are his movements and expressions and, when he snatches a moving child off a burning ledge with a swing of the arm, you’ll be wondering how it was done as simply one of my favorite scenes is beautiful dreamer as you see him holding her in night club as she plays the piano its such a marvelous scene upon the screen. One famous scene has Joe winning a tug-of-war contest with several legendary musclemen, including Man Mountain Dean, Primo Carnera and the original Swedish Angel Phil Olafsson. Familiar faces to keep an eye out for include Regis Toomey, Ellen Corby, Richard Farnsworth, Dwayne Hickman, Irene Ryan and William Schallert as this scene showcases such a marvelous lead forward form king kong as you see joe is truly alive in such ways.

Mighty Joe Young posters 2

Mighty Joe Young has many scenes of complex stop-motion work not least the exciting burning orphanage sequence. It won for O’Brien a well-deserved Oscar, the award he should have been given for King Kong as sadly it wasn’t box office hit as the follow up idea was we would meet Tarzan (Lex Barker), but was shelved due to disappointing box-office returns barely covering its million-dollar budget. With warmth, humor and future effects superstar Harryhausen as assets, Mighty Joe Young surprised its producers by bombing at the box-office which is somewhat inexplicable especially since King Kong would earn its greatest profits when re-released four years later in 1953 but repeated viewing as such as TV and many forms as re-viewings have made this movie a legendary classic with wonderful acting and direction and a wonderful special effects works make it a must see classic movie.

Image may contain: 2 people

This is Ray Harryhausen if reading this I am sure he was your hero too. He made the monsters the star which is the coolest thing in the world. Ray Harryhausen is A childhood hero of mine. I can say that i have been obsessed with his work since I was a boy. His monsters had more personality then me as a boy but it was truly magical when I first saw his movies i was in awe and wonder. it showed me that one man can make such wonders. I knew these monsters were not real but they touched my heart. it is still so true to my heart because I seen them when i was a boy and not know how they were done. I remember many as boy saying they were not real but i didn’t care. I seen many things that passed in such effects but I never could get over how amazing this guys truly stands out. Ray Harryhausen truly is the greatest artist of special effects. One of the my true heroes to my heart as today i talked his frist creation but noting tops his works to my eyes. I always adore them as to pay tribute to this legend.

The charm of Rosalind Russell

The charm of Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell always been a favorite of mine as always been one of my favorite actresses. In her early days at MGM in the mid 1930s, Russell tended to play prim and proper women the hero jilts for someone more exciting, say, Jean Harlow as simply was her big debut in her more comic roles such as his girl Friday she would truly find her voice on screen as she had such a powerful timing and wit that was able make her something special on screen as i think she was truly one of the finest actresses ever as she was a comic that was such a wonderfully powerful actress to give class to roles that seemed lesser. I talk about her today for THE SECOND MARATHON STARS BLOGATHON as today i talk this wonderful legend.

The Marathon Stars Blogathon


The charm of Rosalind Russell

I recall when I first saw her upon my screen watching His girl Friday. I was truly amazed to see this woman that was matching wits with Cary grant on his same level and just not holding back upon her comebacks to him but sadly in truth the casting of her was last on lists of Howard hawks but we can’t think of anyone playing the role but she was below others at time as Jean Arthur was the first choice, followed by Katharine Hepburn, Carole Lombard, Claudette Colbert, Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers. Rosalind Russell would have been well at the bottom of the list as he was fool not see what we would see this charming actress would come out on screen with Cary grant that would test his wits unlike any woman ever did on the screen. I would say that she was not taking as much of actress by time of his girl Friday due to her roles she played before it.

Image result for The Women 1939 russellIt was another role about same time that would bring her to bigger ideals as it was one year before his girl Friday which I still feel is her true debut as her own voice as actress. It was her role in the women would take this proper actress into a new level of legend as she is truly amazing in her role in the women with her sharp wit and charm she works greatly with the other women as she brings the trouble to the screen. It’s truly fun see her play this fun gem of a role. It would be her next roles after His girl Friday that was some funny roles that I feel showcase the amazing comic charm of this actress along with her powerful acting skills as an actress.

Image result for DESIGN FOR SCANDALRosalind Russell shows her Broadway acting skills as she plays in the wonderful no time for comedy which she plays a wonderful character that may show off her truly best of her timing and mannerism.  Melvyn Douglas and especially Rosalind Russell are magnificent with what little they are given. The material wasn’t much more then an idea and some scenarios, so the laughs came mainly from actors delivery in this thing called love as Rosalind Russell shows again her truly wonderful timing as an actress.

Image result for The Feminine Touch 1941 russell

The Feminine Touch shows off another layer of the magical charm of Rosalind Russell as the movie showcases her skills as an actress. what a cast! Don Ameche, who I have adored since first seeing him in Midnight with Claudette Colbert as i would say he simply is delightful here too. This is a lightweight comedy, with a top-notch cast, particularly Rosalind Russell and Kay Francis, who ultimately engage in a classic cat fight over their men as truly it is Rosalind Russell who more feels like she is a natural born comic as Kay Francis gives her best comedy charms but doesnt match it. Its a fun little gme you can enjoy.

Image result for design for scandal 1941 russell

Design for Scandal (1941) is another charming comedy classic that has such a wonderful cast as Walter Pidgeon is delightful in his role alongside with  Rosalind Russell as the girl too smart to fall for his courtship as she is really charming as hell and delightful as she give such wit and charm for her role as she is so good in this this movie. Its a fun comedy that you will enjoy.

Image result for TAKE A LETTER, DARLING russell

Rosalind Russell is an ad exec who has made it up from the bottom in a male dominated world in Take a Letter, Darling as she is such a powerful role here as her best role for that time to what she did to that point. Fred MacMurray does what he always does, gives his lead actress room to breathe as he simply is amazing in his role on the screen. the idea of combining a successful business career with being a 40s woman is very good touch for this movie it brings it up to a very wonderfully modern feel for a classic gem that is such fun to watch.

Image result for Roughly Speaking 1945

Roughly Speaking is a wonderful family melodrama. Russell should strength as staunch matron, guiding family through hard times, always finding a new way to go on.  Jack Carson stays affable second husband, though you can see fear and pain underneath as both give out such wonderful performances on screen as this is simply a joy to watch upon the screen.

The Velvet Touch has Rosalind Russell killing her killing her long time director/producer/lover as she plays the lady that tries get away with murder by her charm as she can likely pull it off as she is that dam charming. Rosalind Russell gives a good performance in her role as Valerie Stanton. It has wonderful performances by its cast as its a fun little thriller that you will enjoy to watch. A Woman of Distinction is highlighted by three delightful performances by Rosalind Russell , Ray Milland  that all give this flim such powerful fun to watch.

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Auntie Mame has reprising her Broadway role, Rosalind Russell’s uproarious high-wire performance that truly shows off her range as an actress. Rosalind Russell gives an excellent performance one of her best hours upon the screen as she really lights up the screen with this role. The rest of cast give wonderful performances in their roles. untie Mame is an excellent adaptation of the novel and play, thanks to the excellent performances in particular from Rosalind Russell and Peggy Cass, along with the direction, script, some humor and brilliant technical aspects making it a classic.

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Today i talked about Rosalind Russell always been a favorite of mine as always been one of my favorite actresses as no one can really charm us like she can upon the screen. I always find her roles to be so delightful to watch upon the screen form frist time saw her with cary grant to her later works its always such fun to watch this wonderful legend upon the screen. I adore her simply so much to watch in her wonderful range as an actress I hope you enjoyed my tribute to her today.

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the little mermaid 30th anniversary

the little mermaid 30th anniversary

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies. When it was first released in 1989 as i was a little boy as if i was to rank my favorite Disney movies i would say sleeping beauty is top of list. I seen this movie often over the years.  we can all relate to her rebellious nature as we eel that way a teenager as today i honor the 30th birthday of the The Little Mermaid.

the little mermaid 30th anniversary

In Disney’s beguiling animated romp, rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel (Jodi Benson) is fascinated with life on land. On one of her visits to the surface, which are forbidden by her controlling father, King Triton, she falls for a human prince. Determined to be with her new love, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula (Pat Carroll) to become human for three days. But when plans go awry for the star-crossed lovers, the king must make the ultimate sacrifice for his daughter.(plot:goggle) 

The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite Disney films for many years as simply i hold a fond place in my heart for this classic animated gem. It is fondly remembered as the first film of Disney’s Golden Age. A charming but slight musical fairy tale that helped bring back the Disney animated classic. The Little Mermaid was such a surprise hit that it allowed the animation department to keep tackling bigger and bigger projects, starting with the 1991 masterpiece Beauty And The Beast that led to many wonderful classics even today for Disney.

“The Little Mermaid’s” lead character, Ariel, is the youngest of seven royal daughters, as well as the most passionate and outspoken one. Instead of lying around the palace without purpose, Ariel spends her days poking around shipwrecks and chatting up seagulls, rarely staying still for a moment, learning more about human inventions and human society as she is bit of a rebel as what can many relate to Ariel as all feel like Ariel would be as teenagers as we rebel againist parents to find our own way in the world.

I would fondly recall back to begin little boy i would fondly watch Ariel singing along to the songs as i would simply find something so charming with it. I would feel a connection that would build for a lifetime.  it was the begining of a new discovery of a new world as i would find a brave new world of movie magic as i would say like Ariel i found a magical new world that i wanted be part of that magical world.

The Little Mermaid Atlantica

The Little Mermaid has plenty of amazing songs, song by Ariel or Sebastian. And I love them all. During the song Under the Sea, the sea becomes so colorful and all the fish get exciting, it makes you feel happy as well. The first line, “The seaweed is always greener, in somebody else’s lake” is so recognizable with our very own world. It’s a line adults will recognize sooner than children, and that’s also a remarkable thing of Disney animations: for every different stage of life, there are hidden messages. Like the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Despite that The Little Mermaid is not made with computer but by hand drawings, the original way, the film still looks amazing to me. Of course things are way better in this modern time, but this classic is amazing without the use of special effects and stuff. The animation quality in The Little Mermaid” is really astounding.

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The film successfully captures the feeling of weightlessness with characters like Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula effortlessly gliding across the ocean floor and propelling themselves forward in a way that lends the movie a real sense of physicality with its wonderful landscapes that capture the lovely ocean floor so greatly as also when it changes to man’s world form Ariel’s point of view as she has fun in world you get real sense of fun and discovery she is learning of the world while trying get him fall in love as the sense of wonder she has about it is such a an amazing trait of her. Howard Ashman and Alan Menken contribute the songs and score for the film, and their collaboration is legendary with amazing acting by its cast of voice actors give such remarkable acting as the real star is Jodi Benson whose Ariel is the defined role of her life as she simply is Ariel and she brings all the charm we adore about her to her voice acting of the role as simply this movie is a charming classic for the ages. “The Little Mermaid” is quite the powerhouse film and an incredibly touching movie about love, friendship, prejudice and the hard choice of conforming to what others want for you or following the path that you know will make you happy in the long term as its simply a must see classic movie.

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