The black cat review

Today’s review of The black cat is done for this year’s great villain Great Villain blogathon. This post is part of the Great Villain blogathon, hosted by Speakeasy, Silver Screenings and Shadows and Satin. Be sure to check out other entries form this event. Thanks to the wonderful hosts for this wonderful event. so to review this classic gem now.

ca75bfe0b446b1c7e75b4f3208772409Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat was released in 1934; it was the first feature film to famed Universal horror actors Bella Lugosi (“Dracula”) and Boris Karloff (“Frankenstein”) in the same film together which may explain why it is one of the beloved cult classics.

Bella Lugosi plays the good guy in this movie.  The role of Dr. Vitus Werdegast is among the finest ever played by Bella Lugosi. it is so much of a departure from many of his other roles it does stand out among his roles.Boris Karloff plays Hjalmar Poelzig, a Satanic architect whom is among one of his finest roles on the screen as he plays a wonderfully creepy role. He plays a devil worshiper that holds black masses and a penchant for the ladies only when they are put to the  devil’s business. He plays it so dark and twisted as this evil devil worshiping priest. He was once friends to Dr. Vitus Werdegast whom he betrayed during the war which led to a long imprisonment.  This bond really plays off well in parts you see shades of the friendship yet you know truth that both men don’t like each other. They play both together in a horror classic in a fine manner as both of the duo really lights up the screen.

Peter Alison (David Manners), a pulp mystery writer, and his newlywed bride, Joan (Julie Bishop,) both plays both roles finely i may add as both really are good at playing off this couple stuck in middle of this game between both men. Julie Bishop of course plays Joan the victim in the middle of it all.She is used as a pawn in Hjalmar Poelzig’s rituals. Both of the couple really stands out as both give out wonderful performances. The Black Cat contains some of the most unsettling scenes of any classic Universal horror film. It is the darkest of them all. I just wonder how it was viewed by audiences in 1934. Two scenes that immediately come to mind are the black mass performed by Karloff and the torture scene at the end of the film. These scenes are not typical of the Universal classics as this is darker than normal universal horror movies.  I adore the darker elements that make this movie really stand out among horror movies of that era. The setting of this movie is different than other universal horror movies as its futuristic house really stands out among universal horror movie movies.  It’s wonderful set design and cinematography and lighting really shines that makes it stand out along with its wonderful acting and makeup work and direction makes this universal classic stand out. This is one classic movie you should see today.

The Ruth Rating:

overlooked Halloween gems

overlooked Halloween gems


Many people have beloved horror classics they love such as nightmare on elm street and the many universal horror movies and the very well loved horror classics as Its a vastly wide wide world of horror classics you are overlooking by watching them often. So i begin with a classic movie that really does kinda make this list of vastly overlooked as a horror movies go.

Many people have beloved horror classics they love such as nightmare on elm street and the many universal horror movies and the very well loved horror classics as Its a vastly wide wide world of horror classics you are overlooking by watching them often. So i begin with a classic movie that really does kinda make this list of vastly overlooked as a horror movies go.

Diabolique quick review. 

Hitchcock must have forever wondered how he managed to allow this story to slip out of his hands as this horror classic was really one of Hitchcock’s lost stories he wanted to direct. If he did it there wouldn’t be a vertigo at all. I often watch this every Halloween time if I can. It’s one of those classics that i feel i can watch. It’s truly one of the tightest pure suspense movies ever crafted. It starts out really slow but once it kicks into high gear it becomes so thrilling to watch. The plot revolves around two women, Christina (Vera Clouzot) and Nicole (Simone Signoret) who conspire to murder the brutish man who is Christina’s husband and Nicole’s lover Michel, played by the delightfully sullen Paul Meurisse. He is the principal of a boarding school for boys who relies on Vera’s money to support his excesses, and the two women are both teachers at the school. Its acting is one of those wonders too as Simone Signoret gives us one of her finest roles on the screen. The wonderful dialogues and the acting of its cast. I would say something truly is special about this classic movie as its just one of those overlooked classics.

Les Diaboliques is a classic murder mystery that has earned a well-deserved reputation for setting the standard for cinematic suspense in thrillers as it’s what set the bar even Hitchcock adored it in the end. It’s one of those wonderful classics. you should watch today.

Eyes without a face quick review

Georges Franju’s horror classic has inspired so many movies and artists. It had even inspired the song eyes without a face by Billy idol.  Without a Face is a tale is a compelling tale of sadism that has an astute tenderness at same time.  Georges Franju took many cues from classic horror movies such as Frankenstein’ and constructed a dream like surrealistic fantasy that has inspired legions of filmmakers and artists since it came out.  Its a wonder so many overlook this classic horror movie. I would say its villain is one of the finest horror villains all time as he truly is a real man that Unlike many mad scientists since, the doctor here is firmly placed within reality which makes his motivations easy to believe and therefore the horror all the more fascinating as he truly believes in all these experiments to save her face. It makes him somewhat more interesting to watch on screen. He is supported by his assistant, Louise; a fellow web of intrigue. Louise is likely very dark as assistants go as she is a predator that finds the prey for her good doctor.  The real masterpiece of all characters of this movie goes to the central character; the disfigured tragedy herself, Christiane as she truly always wears that mask. , Christiane represents both life and death as she is doll-like and lifeless but she does make you feel for her plight as you feel like this girl is trying to find her place in the world. She is no monster at all but a tragic figure of horror. This film is a rare treat in that it’s actually frightening. Eyes Without a Face taps into the viewer’s fears by presenting us with a situation that is terrifying because it involves a central character living with horror. Eugen Shuftan’s magnificent cinematography and the wonderful acting. Georges Franju’s direction keeps the horror in focus as its truly a surreal classic that should not be overlooked at all. so watch this horror classic today.

Suspiria (1977) quick review

Dario Argento’s horror classic is  the most beautiful horror film ever made. . Every single frame of this film is expertly lit and colorful. With this technique Argento manages to create an almost unbearable amount of tension and the extremely brutal and bloody murder sequences look so good one can only admire their beauty. It’s one of those few horror classics that is so lovely to look upon. This horror classic inspired so many horror classics today and horror filmmakers such as wes craven and many other horror directors to come. The acting is good but its horror makes it a must see as its truly one of those wonderful horror classics. definitely earns its place as one the finest horror movies ever so watch it today.

Black Christmas (1974) quick review  Released and ignored in 1973, “Black Christmas” became a forgotten classic by so many people. Its shameful so many do not watch this horror classic. It was also called silent night. The original and maybe even the best, ‘Black Christmas’ set the ball rolling for the slasher genre as it inspired Halloween and so many slasher movies to come. What set this apart from Halloween is that the killer is less human than Michael Myers as he truly is a monster that just seems to kill and laugh without no care. Its a simple tale but very fun to watch. Black Christmas is one of the most shamefully over-looked films in the slasher film genre, it’s also been one of the most inspiring films of the genre. So watch this horror classic today.

Kuroneko quick review

Shindo’s Kuroneko’s classic ghost story.  Very much in the style of Kwaidan and other Japanese supernatural films of the 1960’s. where ghosts and evil spirits inhabit a world of logic alien to the real world. Western ghosts stories usually have the spirits think as living people do. Japanese spirits behave in bizarre ways that are much more disturbing.  The stylized nature of the film creates the feeling of haunting that few films match this movie.  It is at times reminiscent of Mario Bava’s excellent Gothic horror films. It’s truly a horror classic that one should watch today.

Blood and Black Lace (1964) quick review

One of the most chillingly sadistic gialli of all times, this 1964 masterpiece has lost none of its power. Director Mario Bava, the king of Italian horror. It’s truly one of those horror classics that I would say makes him the king of horror in some ways. Blood & Black Lace(1964) offered audiences in early 1960s a candy coding spectacle of death and violence which mixes some elements that would inspire slasher movies to come.  A positive is the lack of a moral preaching which is a major weakness of the American Slasher film. Adult orientated horror film which thankfully lacks the basic elements of a Teenage Slasher film. Mario Bava paints many scenes in gorgeous Technicolor process some chilling horror that is some of the best ever put to flim. Luciano Pigozzi earns the title of Italian Peter Lorre with Lorrish and sinister presence. It’s very good acting by its cast. The movie belongs to Italian Giallo genre of horror classics. It’s truly a horror classic that really is so lovely and chilling at the same time. There are interesting allusions to Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity(1944) during second half of the movie which is very odd for a horror movie but it’s so very noir like in some ways. It’s a tightly directed horror classic with a jazzy score by Carlos Rustichelli. It’s one of those very horror classics one should watch today.

So today i talked about some overlooked horror classics. Its a shame that so many of them are so vastly overlooked today.  So do yourself a favor and watch some wonderful horror classics today.

Romeo and Juliet

The Barrymore Trilogy Blogathon review of Romeo and Juliet

It’s an event that is made In commemoration of Ethel Barrymore’s, 136th Birthday on August 15th,An event hosted by in the good old days of classic Hollywood an outstanding blog that is ran by Crystal Kalyana Pacey. It’s an event honoring entire Barrymore family the royal family of Hollywood whom have been acting for ages. An outstanding family full of many talented legends. So i join this event to honor a member of this outstanding family. This is the second time we do such honors and its well deserved. I hope you check out this event, thanks for this event. I hope check out this event’s other outstanding entries too, thanks again for this event.barrymore-banner-2

Romeo and Juliet review 


ROMEO AND JULIET does bare being the frist time MGM did the work of Shakespeare for the sliver screen as its a lavish production by  MGM and Irving Thalberg showcasing many of its talents in one truly golden classic. 

John Barrymore amply displays his celebrated talent in one of his finest hours on the screen. It’s such a wonderful performance by one of the finest legends of the golden age. Edna May Oliver steals the show as she gives such wonderful acting. Norma Shearer truly shines as Juliet in one of her fine roles as she gives us a fine display of acting in her performance on the screen. Leslie Howard’s Romeo truly does give us such a wonderful performance as he does such a wonderful acting in his respective role on the  screen. This movie has such wonderful sets and costumes that really are some of the finest at that time on the screen of its production. George Cukor’s direction is on display at his finest as he really does nail home the performances of the cast that do make out such dramatic roles that are outstanding performances by them. ROMEO AND JULIET remains one of those timeless classics that i can watch often as i find such joy in watching john Barrymore ham it up in so many scenes. It has wonderful acting-direction-sets and production all coming together to make it one of the finest movies of the 1930’s and finest of the golden age.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) quick review.

Poster - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)_04

John Barrymore played the dual role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which was his big silent era debut. Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was published in 1886 and was an immediate hit. Dozens of film adaptations have been made, starring everyone from Spencer Tracy to Adam Baldwin, the 1931 Fredric March version being arguably the most famous John Barrymore had been appearing in motion pictures since 1914 but had not yet enjoyed the same level of success that he had achieved on the stage until this movie. It’s his debut into the movie scene. Its considered an early classic of horror. I wouldn’t call it scary at all as it’s a very haunting performance by John Barrymore which was one of his best roles to date on the screen at that point, this movie has some amazing dramatic acting by John Barrymore as it does have its moments of scares but it’s truly more a role that is driven by great acting. One amazing early horror classic gem.

The ruth rating:five bette's                                      Today The entire Barrymore family the royal family of Hollywood whom have been acting for ages. An outstanding family full of many talented legends. So thanks to outstanding hosts for this wonderful event as i reviewed two classic movies in one review for this honorary day.


House of wax

A great villain blogathon review.

Today’s review of House of wax is done for this year’s great villain    Great Villain blogathon. This post is part of the Great Villain blogathon, hosted by Speakeasy, Silver Screenings and Shadows and Satin. Be sure to check out other entries form this event.

Villain 2016 Banners

Wax sculptor Henry (Vincent Price) is horrified to learn that his business partner, Matthew (Roy Roberts), plans on torching their wax museum to collect on the insurance policy. Henry miraculously survives a fiery confrontation with Matthew and re-emerges some years hence with a museum of his own. But when the appearance of Henry’s new wax sculptures occurs at the same time that a number of corpses vanish from the city morgue, art student Sue Allen (Phyllis Kirk) begins suspecting wrongdoing.
Vincent Price was a known caracter actor by time he played Wax sculptor Henry. House of wax. House of Wax was one of the few films made in 3D which was a huge success. It really is likely because of the movies strong acting by its cast.  Vincent Price plays one of his finest villain roles that he gives all his charm as as an actor to the role of  Henry Jarrod, a sweet and dedicated artist who creates lifelike mannequins for a wax museum. He crates wax figures of many people whom he loves like his kids. is partner sets the museum on fire, hoping to collect a tidy sum in insurance money. Henry supposedly perishes in the flames, trying in vain to rescue his beloved wax friends in a scene which is truly heartbreaking as you see him try to save them to be almost burned alive.
Henry reappears, wheelchair bound and just a tad bitter. He has opened a new wax museum which features realistic scenes of murder and horror, many of them taken from current headlines. Unfortunately, some of them are just a little TOO realistic: one looks like Henry’s ex-partner, who was found hanging in an elevator shaft. It really is a very great shift in his persona as this guy now is a wicked villain of charm. Vincent Price played up this role as he really gives out charm in this role.
This is a wonderful, creepy scare-fest with great sets, beautiful colors and strong performances. Vincent Price as Henry Jarrod really is loveable and and horrifying as the kind man driven mad. Charles Bronson, in a very early role, is super freaky as Henry’s mute and morbid assistant. Carolyn Jones. it is really price that steals the show as many scenes he plays up to the camera which was used the 3d effect such as him playing ping pong to the camera that scene you see price’s great charm as an actor come out. Phyllis Kirk is the sensible Sue a slightly uptight but genuinely believable victim that has such charm in her role too.  Vincent Price seems to enjoy playing the villain as he seems to just make it seem like such a joy as he plays it with glee like a school boy. He really loved to play villains he often said as he could have such fun in playing evil. I would love talk about how the wax figures he creates of horror really can creep you out. House of wax is a horror gem that you must see today.
The ruth rating:five bette's

bride of frankenstein.

bride of frankenstein


#MovieScientist Blogathon Starts Friday!

Today’s article is done for an thee “Movie Scientist Blogathon: The Good, The Mad, The Lonely Which is hosted by Ruth of Silver Screenings and Christina Wehner. Please check out all the movie scientists– the good, the mad and otherwise by clicking here. Thanks to both hosts for this wonderful event. So check out event as it takes place this weekend.

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Few sequels that are superior to their predecessors but bride of Frankenstein is far better then it’s masterful original prototype Frankenstein (1931) as James whale had refused at first to direct a follow up but did give in if given complete artist freedom. It starts out this movie as we have prologue that recaps event of first movie with Mary Shelley and only credited role of Elsa Lanchester for her for this movie as she is playing the role of Mary Shelley as it seems odd to have her talk the events of the first movie as what happened in the book. It came out four years after first movie as it’s the greatest example of a movie passing up original in every way as it truly does so in every way.

Colin Clive and Boris Karloff repeats their roles respectively as both are amazing in their respective roles. Valerie Hobson replacing replacement for Mae Clarke in the role of Elizabeth is really more suited to the role. I would say that Mae Clarke did fine in Frankenstein. Dr. Pretorius played by Ernest Thesiger is wonderfully amazing as Dr. Pretorius. Una O’Connor as Minnie is truly amazing in her role. It is fine performances by everyone in the cast.

Boris Karloff returned to portray the Frankenstein Monster as he gives one of his finest performances all time as he plays the creature falling into the hands of Dr. Pretorius whom is played by Ernest Thesiger is giving out one of his finest roles ever as he is born to play that role. the monster’s creator Dr Frankenstein is played by Colin Clive in one of his finest roles. It is Dr. Pretorius who plays Dr Frankenstein who is disinterested in it to do it as he is about to wed his fiancé, Elizabeth (Valerie Hobson) as she gives out a fine performance in her role. This time, the idea is to fashion a female for the creature, and Pretorius enlists the hulking Monster as an anxious partner into his scheme. Ernest Thesiger that steals the show as Dr. Pistorius as he plays one of the finest villain roles ever crafted to the screen as Pretorius’ character’s has such deep layers to his character. The amazing acting of Ernest Thesiger bringing to life this fine role. Its the many scenes you see him do in this movie that takes the cake as he really hams it up and plays the villain to a wonderful level of perfection as also he equally charismatic O’Connor works best when playing directly opposite of Thesiger as we see her play her role so greatly too.

Bride of Frankenstein is presented with amazing camera work German expressionist camerawork by cinematographer John J. Mescall as he uses many camera movements and angles that adds layer to the movie as many scenes are so brilliantly and captured for the camera as his work also aided to create the magical bride scene which is one of the hallmarks of the movie. It’s amazing cinematography.

Jack Pierce’s makeup work is one of the biggest hallmarks of this movie. It is the amazing level of craft and depth to creature work and the many other makeup works of this movie that you see the amazing level of craft and detail that makes this movie magical. He is often credited as one of the godfathers of the art of makeup for movies as Jack Pierce’s work in many movies was the greatest example of fine work and craft by any artist. A fascinating score composed by Franz Waxman, which is nothing less than a masterpiece of excitement and melody that truly is one fine soundtrack. When one thinks of this movie you always look the amazing level of special effects in the many scenes of the movie. It’s the men in the tiny bottle in the lab of Dr. Pretorius to the many other effects make this movie really feel far ahead of its time and place in history as many of these effects are so amazing. Its special effect work is one of the groundbreaking elements of this movie along with its makeup work to craft the movies charm.

The memorable sequence of bringing the Monster’s Bride (Lanchester) to life is unequaled to this day. the scene has him yelling she is alive as Lanchester who only stood 5’4″ tall was placed on stilts that made her 7’0″ tall, as well as, her unforgettable shock hairstyle which stood up and hinted that the electricity had shocked her to life was held by a wired horsehair cage. Also, her darting swan-like movements were inspired by the angry swans in London’s Regent Park. Although, the Bride’s appearance is extremely brief it is one of the movies most unforgettable moments in movie history. I would also say it is also not credited ever to Elsa Lanchester this role in the movie as like the first movie it was left unknown. This scene leaves it mark as one of the finest any era of movies.

Bride of Frankenstein is one of the finest sequel all time to any movie as it does so much more then the original and it really topples everything to make it a masterpiece of cinema. Its special effects work to its make up work to its soundtrack and direction and acting and cinematography all work together to craft out this gem of a movie. This movie stands out as one of the finest film any era of cinema.

The ruth Rating:five bette's

Thanks to the wonderful hosts for allowing me talk this movie in such joy and glee as it is one of my favorite movies all time. It is truly a magical movie that does make for some of my favorite times ever to watch any movie as it is so magical to watch and love. Be Sure to check out other posts for this wonderful event.


The Devil Rides out

The Devil Rides out(AKA: The Devil’s Bride)


The Devil Rides Out is easily one of the most entertaining of Terence Fisher’s Hammer movies.The movie stars Christopher Lee, Charles Gray, Nike Arrighi, Leon Greene, Patrick Mower, Sarah Lawson and Paul Eddington.


This is the greatest of Terence Fisher based upon based on the 1934 novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley. Its screenplay is written by Richard Matheson. who was one of the best horror writers and most imaginative of Hollywood as his work does have such range to many horror classics to twilight zone and he wrote i am legend wrote the screenplay to replace an earlier draft that was deemed too British. If you want to watch some twilight zones to see the work of Richard I would suggest to watch And When the Sky Was Opened-Third from the Sun-The Last Flight-A World of Difference-A World of His Own-Nick of Time-The Invaders-Once Upon a Time(famously stars Buster Keaton)-Little Girl Lost-Young Man’s Fancy-Mute-Death Ship-Steel-Nightmare at 20,000 Feet-Night Call-Spur of the Moment. He wrote many of the classic twilight zone series. I would say what Richard Matheson gave the Sci-Fi and horror genre really did leave its mark forever. Devil rides out really was a hard movie to make at its time due to its subject.

Christopher Lee headlines Terence Fisher’s devil rides out. It was not a big enormous success, either in Great Britain or the U.S. (where it was first theatrically released as The Devil’s Bride. It is now considered one of the finest movies to come out of hammer studio. It was also one of the favorites that Christopher Lee did as he would often remark he would star in a remake with sing modern special effects and playing De Richleau closer to his age from the book. The movie showed up before an onslaught of Satanic-themed horror movies in the 1970s, such as The Exorcist and The Omen. Compared to them the hammer movie seems very tame with its 1930’s setting and orgies.

The screenplay written by Richard Matheson adheres closely to the Wheatley’s story it is based upon called the devil rides out. It does strip out many of the more outrageous trappings of the novel but really does stick closely to the book. The movie pains to create more realistic in tone rituals. The script tightens up the tale to really make it tell the story that requires less explanation to the audience. It’s even have an ending that does feel tad like the normal wrap up of Richard Matheson, Its wrap up is clean slate. It does that over the novels rushed dash to Greece ending. It’s a very wonderful screenplay that Richard Matheson wrote out and crafted a gem.

Terence Fisher crafted out many superb scenes. Terence Fisher crafted out many amazing scenes that does have some magic and charm to them. It’s his direction of the remarkable screenplay that brings to life his finest movie he directed by hammer. Its car chase is one such scene that really does stand out. It’s really a horror masterpiece that is very well crafted out and headed.

Christopher Lee urns in one of his best performances as Duc de Richelieu, a religious man who stands firmly against witchcraft as he gives us one of the finest performances he ever did on the screen. Charles Gray(rocky horror fame) plays Mercata, the leader of the cult who really gives out one of his finest roles. Leon Greene plays a fine role as Richelieu’s friend Rex Van Ryn. It is one of his finest hours as he does bring home a role that is great. Nike Arrighi as Tanith Carlisle really does a fine job to in his role. I would say everyone gives some good performances that does give its great work of class in acting as its truly a well acted horror classic.

Hammer films are characterized by relatively low budgets which does mean normally sets that does have way of limiting things which is greatly used to great effect in devil rides out. Simon’s cold gray observatory turns malevolent purely by adding scratching noises from a cupboard. It’s also two most famous sets are sacrificial ceremony at Mocata’s mansion and the Grand Sabbat, supposedly a grand ritual orgy for Simon and Tanith’s intended baptism, veer toward poorly-staged pantomime. When Mocata invokes Satan. It’s some great setwork there as they are some of the finest hammer ever did. Yes many things are very stagey and low but that’s hammer charm at its finest. It had some wonderful set work that did use its limited nature to great effect.

James Bernard Hammer’s regular composer does a score that does use the syllables of the title to compose a powerful rising theme over the main credits, and uses it as the leitmotif over moments of Satanic power. It does serve a great storytelling part in this movie that does make it stand out as one of hammer’s finest scores.

Arthur Grant Cinematography wonderfully captures the story and movie to a great effect. He captures many scenes in ways that does make for the movie to have some scenes stand out as some of the finest ever captured in a hammer movie for its budgeted sets and outfit which is a normal hammer trait. It’s truly outstanding work by him.

The Devil Rides Out (AKA: The Devil’s Bride) may not be the big hit but it is a success that does really stand the test of time forever. It’s wonderful acting-musical score-Cinematography-sets-direction. Everything seems to have clicked here as we have a masterpiece of horror that does indeed to be considered among the greatest of horror movies all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

DOCTOR WHO The hammer years

DOCTOR WHO The hammer years


Terrance Dicks and Producer Barry Letts took helm of doctor who after the ending of an era of a producer and doctor duo. Robert Holmes and Philip Hinchcliffe
took influences from his favorite genre of movie Hammer Horror and successful horror novels and b movies and classic horror movies. It really was start of it as tom baker was chosen to replace Jon Pertwee after his successful era as the doctor. Tom baker replaced him as he was really starting get noticed in many movies such as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad among other movies. Tom baker era started with many tales that were based upon the hammer horror and horror classics and b movies of its day. Today my talk is to talk about that era of doctor who and movies that are connected to those tales. It’s a sit down talk about doctor who and movies today.

DOCTOR WHO Hammer horror era

The Brain of Morbius(doctor who’s frankenstein tale)

The Tardis lands on the bleak planet Karn, in a spaceship graveyard, where The Doctor and Sarah find a evil scientist named Doctor Solon is constructing a new body for the brain of a evil time lord known as Morbius.

It takes many cues form hammer horror here to great effect.
It is one of the creepiest doctor who tales all time. Comparisons between this era of Doctor Who and the Hammer horror films are common and understandable, but this to me had the air of one of the original Frankenstein films from the 1930’s, the feel of a Hammer production as well as a distinctively ‘Doctor Who’ air about which is one what really taken shape heavy Frankenstein. It is a full on hammer horror movie styled TV story. Tom baker and Elisabeth Sladen give us some fine acting as does all of the supporting cast. It’s a very wonderful serial.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

curse of frankenstein

The Curse of Frankenstein really is one of the most beloved hammer horror classics all time. Doctor who took cues heavy form hammer horror and this one really does have such roots you could enjoy if you loved The brain of Morbius. It’s truly one classic horror gem.

‘The Curse Of Frankenstein’ is a landmark horror movie for several reasons. Firstly, though Hammer had already released ‘The Quatermass Experiment’, a science fiction movie with some horror elements as this movie really the first entry into genre of horror by them. It is inspired by Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein.

Peter Cushing plays Baron Victor Frankenstein who gives such a wonderful role of acting to the role. He is very brilliant in the role in the role. He plays it darker than many of the novels or movies before. It is one role that made peter a legend of horror. It really displays some amazing set designs and Colorful and imaginative cinematography by Jack Asher. The motion picture was masterfully directed by Terence Fisher. It is a masterpiece of horror.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


PETER CUSHING is ever wonderful as the mad doctor. He plays it in such a manner that its ever charming and menacing to watch it unfold as its one of his finest hours on the screen. PETER CUSHING is great as ever in this classic gem. It’s a horror classic for the ages.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) review

Bride of Frankenstein is a rare thing in movies. It is a follow up that really is miles better than the original in every manner. James’s wale was one of the greatest hands of the universal monster directors. He seemed able to make better tales out of such ideas. It is a wonderful gem that delights you always as i find the special effects stand out among its peers of horror films at the time. Elsa Lanchester plays Mary Shelley and also has the unbilled role of the Bride–where she provides one of the immortal images of the cinema with lightning-like streaks of silver in her weirdly towering hair. The central figure is played by Boris Karloff, who in “Frankenstein. It is one wonderful acting by Ernest Thesiger as Doctor Septimus Pretorius. It is also wonderful acting by COLIN CLIVE who plays frankenstein,whom is played with to create the bride by Pretorius. I would say Doctor Septimus Pretorius is the best one of the movie to me as he is just a mad man and a wonderful gem to watch throughout the film. This is James wale’s masterpiece and it shows as the visual effects are some of the best of that era and feels timeless and classic. It contains some of the best sets of the many universal monster films that later would be infamous series of movies that had so many famous sets and landmarks. The make up in this film is not withstanding some of the best of the 1930’s. It is universal’s crown jewel this film and it shows throughout with its wonderful acting,the wonderful direction by wale, the wonderful screenplay William Hurlbut and James wale. The sets and story too is wonderful. It is without doubt a gem to watch. 10/10 classic gem, watch it today, just watch it with popcorn in a dark room and you’re in heaven.

pyramids of mars

Returning to Earth after their latest adventure, the Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive at the site of UNIT headquarters, but in 1911 long before its existence. They find themselves in a room filled with Egyptian artifacts in a house owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. They rescue Marcus’ colleague, Dr. Warlock, who was shot by Marcus’ servant Ibrahim Namin, a fanatical believer in the impending return of the his god, Lord Sutekh. Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars ranks among the best doctor tales all time. It takes cues from mummy movies of the past greatly.
Pyramids Of Mars is one of the finest serials all time of doctor who.

It really has one of the finest hours by tom baker and Elisabeth Sladen. It is really creepy tale that has one of the finest doctor villains all time. Sutekh is one of the best villains in Doctor Who. The power and evil shown by him is scarily impressive, The Doctor appears genuinely in fear of him and so is the audience. Gabriel Woolf is playing one fine villain as Sutekh. Its mummies in this serial truly is one stand out thing that does bring the scares out. It is shocking none based on Egypt and its mythology as much as this tale of doctor who. It is truly one of the finest doctor who serials all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

THE MUMMY (1959) review

 a remake of the classic mummy. Peter cushing and Christopher Lee star together in this fun classic gem as they have some fine acting and a truly fine horror classic to boot for anyone to watch.

The Mummy review

Boris Karloff plays Imhotep, a cursed Egyptian buried alive 3700-years-ago, returns to life to claim the reincarnation of his lost-love in this Universal classic. It’s truly a wonderful horror classic that is one of the true classics of any era. It has some wonderful acting by everyone in the cast. A Gothic romance horror tale for the ages that really is something special to watch anytime.

the seeds of doom

Members of the World Ecology Bureau discover a centuries-old seed pod buried deep in Antarctica’s permafrost. It seems to be still alive, growing without soil. They transmit a photo to London where Richard Dunbar of the W.E.B. shares it with the Doctor. Wary of what it might be, the Doctor immediately flies down with Sarah. They don’t know that Dunbar is a leak in the bureau and has tipped off the discovery to a rich plant fanatic named Harrison Chase. Chase sends a thug and a plant expert down to verify the discovery and fetch it back by any means possible. But before anyone arrives, the pod hatches and the tendril-like life form within attaches itself to one of the men, turning him green. It’s as The Doctor feared: they’re dealing with a Krynoid.

This tale really calls back to many b movies and horror movies. It even does call back to The Thing from Another World and The Day of the Triffids and The Quatermass Experiment . I would say this tale is quite a fun doctor who serial about alien pods form space taking over earth. Its acting is very well done by everyone in the cast. It does have a James bond like feeling to its villains which is normal for doctor who in this era. It’s truly one of the finest serials of doctor who all time.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's

The thing form another world aka the thing review

The Thing” without a doubt is one of the finest science fiction films ever made. This version is Howard hawks at his finest. It truly is one fine horror-Sci-Fi gem that really does have some outstanding acting and horror and tension to it. It’s a fine horror classic for the ages.

 The Day of the Triffids review

Day of the Triffids is a delightful sci-fi horror movie from the sixties, its surely a very overlooked classic today by many. A meteorite shower lights up the sky and blinds all that watches it. Most of the world population must also deal with some rather weird plant life that can uproot itself and seek human nourishment very much a plot that does drive heavy this Sci-Fi gem. Its howard keel and Nicole Maurey in one of their finest hours. It’s truly great acting for a b-movie movie. It is very overlooked now sadly. I would say watch this Sci-Fi gem today. It’s a classic to watch for anyone that loves scfi.

the quatermass xperiment(1955) review

A secret rocket expedition to Space unexpectedly crashes back to Earth. One lone astronaut is found to have survived only he’s disheveled, not quite himself as he seems to be on the verge of some bizarre transformation! And what happened to the other two astronauts on board – all that seems to be left of them is two empty spacesuits?! A likely inspiration for many later film and TV works including THE BLOB, THE FLY, “The X-Files and doctor who and much more to come.   It really was a wonderful b-movie scfi gem that had some wonderful acting. Its a true classsic to watch anytime.

 The Talons of Weng Chiang

 Talons of Weng-Chiang has  the doctor and his lady Leela come to 19th century Victorian London, and there’s a big plot involving a 51st century Chinese “Lord” who’s trying to get a device together so that he won’t die off. Its one of the finest serials of doctor who ever. Tom baker is at his best as the doctor here. It does take cues form many horror movies and such. Its a truly wonderful classic serial for the ages.

The Ruth Rating:five bette's


Its one of the best acted and cast classics all time. Its wonderfully crafted and very richly entertaining to watch. Its a true classic from hammer studios. One of the finest classics ever crafted. Its a classic gem to watch anytime

The devil rides out review

Its one of the finest examples of hammer style and flare shining throughout it. Christopher Lee is so wonderful as ever. Its one of lee’s finest hours on the screen. This classic was not exactly a classic when released now you can see this classic is truly something special. Its one of the classics to watch anytime.

House of wax

House of wax was released in 1953. It stars Vincent Price in one of his finest roles on the screen. It lives up to its reputation as one of the true horror classics as it’s a remake of a classic horror movie called mystery at wax museum. This is one of the finest remakes ever made too. It’s a scary horror classic that stands the test of time with its wonderful acting and its charm of Vincent Price. It’s a true classic you should watch today.

Doctor who tales do also have others such as robots of death that had many traits of horror movies and other movies and such that were loved in its day. It is doctor who in this era that i feel strongly does have many more ties to classic movies and such then other eras of the shows history. Doctor who is a fine show that has a history of using movies and other things for ideas for its tales.