‘Pan’s Labyrinth’: A Richly Imagined, Dreamlike Voyage of Self-Discovery and Character Formation

Guillermo del Toro is one of the most interesting filmmakers and beloved flimmakers in the world today, and he has held that position in our minds and hearts since we saw the little masterpiece called El espinazo del diablo (The Devil’s Backbone) . as I am highly fond of Pan’s Labyrinth. As today i will talk about this classic movie again as i look upon its traits and talk about the marvelous set-work and designs of this wonderful world among other things.

It is okay to begin with a spoiler about the movie as many already know this scene as she dies at start of the movie. What Guillermo del Toro made with  laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) is a dark and twisted fairy-tale that follows the orginal traits of grimm tales fairy-tales. This movie is wonderfully designed with rich sets and wonderful colors and tones that really make this wonderful flim come to life as you are immersed fully into the picture you yourself become lost in the labyrinth in question with her as you feel like you are trying follow her out of it or further into it.  El laberinto del fauno is easily one of the most accomplished and memorable movies of the decade. It was so important to del Toro that the film is made that he lost 40 pounds when making it, dealing with the stress and pressure deriving from lack of time and money as he was really stressed out making this classic movie. The film is one of the ultimate favorite of film critics and millions of inspired audience members around the globe. However you choose to interpret it, the experience of watching it remains equally rewarding. In fact, the very fact numerous interpretations are legitimate only adds to the charm and efficiency of this bizarre materialization of a unique vision and unparalleled style.

Raúl Monge’s storyboards for Guillermo del Toro’s El laberinto del fauno.

Here are several photos taken behind-the-scenes during production of Guillermo del Toro’s El laberinto del fauno. Photographed by Teresa Isasi © Picturehouse. Intended for editorial use only. All material for educational and noncommercial purposes only.

What i showed you above was all form the flim as some looks upon some set pictures and the storyboards with a youtube video talking about this classic movie. As you see this movie really has such amazing depth to it. Guillermo del Toro has combined his love of strange creatures, ghosts and Gothic horror stories with a deep literary sensibility to create genre films uniquely his own. In movies like Pan’s LabyrinthHellboy and Pacific Rim, monsters are not just scary but soulful as they truly stand out as somethng special as i feel his most special to me is Pan’s Labyrinth. Ofelia is a fantastic protagonist. She is a girl you automatically want to protect from the horrors around her and that investment is where this film garners its strength from real and imagined evils of this movie. The heavy symbolism of this movie that notes down many grim classic fairy-tales with shades of Alice in wonderland and the red shoes scene at end. The faun seems to be both good and evil; what are we to make of a huge pile of used shoes, especially worrisome in the time of the Holocaust? The film is visually stunning. The creatures do not look like movie creations but like nightmares (especially the Pale Man, with eyes in the palms of his hands). The baroque organic look of the faun’s lair is unlike any place I have seen in the movies when the giant frog delivers up a crucial key in its stomach as something so moving and timeless about the creature-work of this movie. He invents from scratch, or adapts into his own vision a fairy-tale that is forever timeless. Del Toro says in a commentary that Ofelia is “a girl who needs to disobey anything except her own soul.” The whole movie, he says, is about choices. The powerful acting of everyone is another amazing highlight of this movie with amazing visuals and story-telling it’s something that is forever remembered upon for all time. Guillermo Del Toro released what is arguably his masterpiece in 2006 as he described by the director as the most personal movie I’ve made”, it’s a wondrous merging of history – war-torn Spain, 1944  and fantasy as he weaved an adult fairytale of a young girl’s coming-of-age amid fascism, full of horror and hope, loaded with allusion and allegory that tells a classic tale of that you will marvel upon on the screen.

What’s so magic about Pan’s Labyrinth, despite its obvious surreal elements, is how it combines old-fashioned fairytales, the type we all grew up with and wanted to be a part of since we were little, with the horrifying realities of the world we live in. Of course, the war-based events are hardly magic in the sense of what’s actually happening, but I believe beneath the surface, there’s a certain beauty to this film that’s not very apparent, but quite mesmerizing. I like to think it’s a film about our own personal fantasies and how we try to find comfort and salvation in them, speaking especially to those who feel detached from reality and their everyday experiences. I came to this conclusion after a very specific shot during the film’s climax, which made me question what I had seen prior to that – did it happen, was it even real…? While Pan’s Labyrinth can’t quite be classified as an horror movie, it’s nothing short of terrifying. I would say i Liken the song by Jefferson airship to the crazy ride you have upon the movie as the movie is a very twisted tale that takes you deep into a maze as song talks about Alice in wonder-land which has very much same type of feeling of a girl exploring upon a dark fantasy.

The atmosphere’s always very heavy and tense after all, the film takes place in a war setting. What’s ironic is that it weren’t even the creatures that provoked fear; it was Sergi López’s phenomenal performance as Captain Vidal. This was a character that oozed hatred and despicability, but even if it’s not the best example, I’ll say that he’s to this movie what The Joker was to The Dark Knight it’s just plainly impossible to imagine it being as good without him, or even imagine it at all. It may look like a regular small film, but it’s actually a very special piece of art that combines the ugliness that can be found in the nature of men with the graphic horrors of the fantasy world – an unusual mixture that leads to a beautiful and heartfelt, yet absolutely horrifying in certain ways, story, wonderfully captured and realized by Guillermo Del Toro as this movie truly is amazing as it stands among the best movies of all time. This movie stands out as a classic that stands out as a true classic that lasts the test of time.So i hope you enjoyed my talk aboout this marvelous movie today as catch you soon for another talk soon as i will give insight to flash gordon soon as my copy of movie comes in to me. So catch you soon

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