I walked with a zombie

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I Walked With A Zombie is a brilliant bit of film making based upon the book of Jane Eyre. It takes to Caribbean island mansion. Its Jacques Tourneur and producer Val Lewton’s second horror/thriller collaboration as they craft out one fine poetic flim.   Its Undoubtedly the most atmospheric of the Lawton/Tourneur film collaborations  as its told in flashbacks by y nurse Betsy Connell, Frances Dee. The horror aspects of i walked with a zombie is very minor in regard to its overall story. I walked with a zombie takes a diffrent way of horror then most of the horror of universal horror of its day as it more what you dont see that scares you in this flim then what is seen by you. It does harken back to classic universal horror of the 1930’s its dreamlike approach to cinematic storytelling. Lyrical and atmospheric story-telling that this flim uses very heavy use of that classic trait of story-telling. Walked with a Zombie” recounts the story  of Canadian nurse is hired to care for the wife of a sugar plantation owner, who has been acting strangely, on a Caribbean island.

A rehash of the Charlotte Bronte classic Jean Eyre in a classic sense under the supernatural and unknown in the form of the Island’s natives belief in Voodoo was shown in a way as how one can be put under its spell as its the original sense of zombies. Eerie, poetic horror film with such rich black and white camera work that captures it in a richly psychological way as its more about what the eyes do not see but it’s so lovely and enchanting looking this lovely film. I would say its acting is really wonderful too as everyone does wonderful work in their roles.

Director Jacques Tourneur perfectly in tune with his producer to unhinge the audience by way of an approaching dread we can’t see as it’s so wonderful and haunting elegiac sequences linger long in the memory, rustling wind blows as characters are appearing to float thru sugar cane fields, the distant rumble of ceremonial drums luring them forward with mystical powers. A voodoo zombie shuffling on a mission to fetch poor Jessica from the plantation home is not horrifying; its damn near gorgeous, soft and near silent in its execution, the whole film is simply full of memorable moments. This film was written by Curt Siodmak, the concept for the piece came about by way of a number of newspaper articles that were telling of voodoo and witchcraft in Haiti as its truly a classic that may be one of the finest horror movies ever made for the screen.

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Selznick’s jewel

Selznick’s jewel


So today I talk about Joan Fontaine for the Joan Fontaine CENTENARY  BLOGATHON as I review born to be bad n other movies starring this lovely legend of the screen for my friends event as two of them host this BLOGATHON as my friend Crystal from good old days in Hollywood and my other friend Virginie from the wonderful world of cinema both host this wonderful BLOGATHON as it’s in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday. If you want to check out other posts from this BLOGATHON you can check them out at Virginie’s blog and Crystal’s blog as they both host it for her CENTENARY BLOGATHON. Let’s begin by kicking off her CENTENARY honors by paying tribute to Joan Fontaine with my movie reviews honoring her now.

Rebecca review

Rebecca is one of the finest psychological thrillers of its or any other time. Rebecca is an expertly crafted Gothic tale by Alfred Hitchcock that tells the story of a woman who’s constantly haunted by the presence & reputation of her husband’s first wife, Rebecca.  When she moves to his large country estate and finds herself constantly in clash with the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers, who was extremely fond of Rebecca.

Alfred Hitchcock is a master crafting out thrillers as this Gothic thriller was Hitchcock’s frist foray into  Gothic horror with this movie really set the bars high for Hitchcock as he truly makes one hell of a thriller that is so captivating to watch form scene one to its ending.   Lawrence Olivier plays one amazing role as Maxim’ de Winter that is truly one amazing performance of an actor playing such a broken man in such a wonderful way. Joan Fontaine  plays an amazing role as the new wife of Maxim’ de Winter.  Joan Fontaine plays Mrs. de Winter. She plays one amazing performance that made her a legend for years to come. The acting of everyone else is outstanding as always.  Rebecca is not a typical Hitchcock film by any means as he crafts out a Gothic masterpiece.

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Suspicion review

Suspicion is a classic Hitchcock thriller from 1941 is another  thrilling mystery from the master of suspense. Hitchcock gave us some of the finest thrillers as this classic stands among them.  Cary Grant plays a dam fine role as he is truly delightful playing againist type in this role.  Joan Fontaine plays one wonderful role that is one of her finest performances but not as Rebecca yet she still is truly amazing in this role.

Suspicion contains a few Hitchcock motifs: crashing waves, a person teetering on the edge of a very great height, someone who happens to be desperately in love. Joan Fontaine is outfitted in excellent outfits that truly are outstanding as always that i really adore. Suspicion is one of the most watchable of his lesser known classics as its truly another wonderful thriller you should see.

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Jane Eyre review

Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre is by far one of the great classics of all time as this classic version may be one of the finest versions of this tale on the screen. German Expressionism meets old English Gothic which Under Robert Stevenson’s direction Fontaine/Welles seem to capture the essence of two abused outsiders resisting their attraction for one another, trying to adhere to convention of society. It’s probably one of the best classics in its score alone as Bernard Herrmann’s  haunting score may be one of the finest of the golden age.  Orson Welles plays a great role as Rochester.

Joan Fontaine as the adult Jane is very good as she gives another outstanding power house performance. This classic movie has very outstanding acting with many outstanding actors in its cast with some some excellent casting, including Agnes Moorehead as Jane’s mean-spirited aunt, the icy Henry Daniell as Brocklehurst, and a young Elizabeth Taylor as Jane’s school friend Helen. The entire cast of cast of actors all give out wonderful performances that all stand out among the classics of golden age.

The look of the film is perhaps the most memorable component of all. This seems to be an unusual production for Fox Studios, who at that time were producing mainly film noir and contemporary-themed subject matter. JANE EYRE invokes incredible atmosphere that may be simply some of best of the golden age. I wonder if David Lean was influenced by this film in his decision to make his famous Dickens production GREAT EXPECTATIONS, later followed by OLIVER TWIST as this truly is one outstanding classic that i simply say you should see today.

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Letter from an Unknown Woman review

Letter from an Unknown Woman truly is a very heartbreaking love story. Max Ophuls was an exceptionally good director, best recalled for “Le Ronde”, “The Earings of Madame D”, “Lola Montez and this wonderful film. He could capture the charm of the Europe of the 19th Century but he was realistic enough to admit two things: the social system was hardly fair with its layers of classes and their appointed rankings, and love was glorious, but ephemeral. It is hard to select his best movie.

Letter from an Unknown Woman may be my favorite among his movies as i truly adore love stories this one really sets the bar high for that type of tale. It is the intoxicatingly bittersweet tale of the obsessive love a young girl (Joan Fontaine) develops for a roguish pianist (Louis Jordan) that love goes through their life. Joan Fontaine plays this role with such range and depth to her craft and skill come through the role that this role may be her finest hour on the screen. Louis Jordan gives out such a great performance that is truly wonderful that may be his best hour on the screen. This movie is a wonderful melodrama about lost love and admitting that when the right love comes, we can only be so naive and captivated by the beauty of it as this movie is a true classic with such wonderful acting and direction that truly is one of best melodramas ever put to the screen.

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born to be bad review

Born to be Bad’is a great melodrama from 1950 directed by Nicholas Ray. It is Generally considered to be a lesser Nicholas Ray yet i found this one to be one outstanding  work by him. Joan Fontaine is lovably despicable Christabel as she plays a manipulative young lady who goes out of her way to make all things in life go her way disregarding the effects that has on anyone else’s well being in the process as what she wants she gets. Robert Ryan plays a wonderful role that share many one wonderful one liners. He is truly giving us an amazing performance. Zachary Scott is very good in this movie. Joan Leslie gives out a good performance.

What is truly Fascinating to watch Joan play against type as Christabel as the actresses natural sweetness here contextualized as pure ruthless artifice as she smarms her way to the top it really is one of the stand outs of this movie. 

Joan Fontaine really makes the show as she plays this ruthless dame that you believe no one else is born to be this bad like her.  Ray’s cinematic language to convey tones which the code forbids is again at play in this movie in many ways. Its truly a wonderful classic with such a wonderful cast and direction but its the performance of Joan Fontaine  that steals the show as she is truly born to be bad. Born to be bad truly may be one fine classic movie that stands among the best of golden age that you should see.

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Joan Fontaine: one of a kind legend(parts of info form tcm.com)

The younger sister of actress Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine is known for her exceptionally poised performances in Hollywood films of the 1940s and 1950s as she managed to always make each performance better than last performance. “Born to Be Bad may be her finest hour as she plays a role against type that may make it truly stand out as no one is born to be bad like our Joan Fontaine. Fontaine excelled at numerous hobbies and pursuits in her private life. She studied cooking at the Cordon Bleu School, earned her pilot’s license, was an expert golfer and fisherman, and won a championship as a member of a hot air ballooning team. In 1978, she published her autobiography, titled No Bed of Roses which detailed the infamous de Havilland blood feud that had lasted their entire lives. She was truly an outstanding legend that excelled at many things in her life as she truly remains one of our finest legends ever on the screen. I hope you enjoyed my tribute to her today for The Joan Fontaine CENTENARY BLOGATHON.

Keeper of the Flame


So today I talk about keeper of the flame for THE SPENCER TRACY AND KATHARINE HEPBURN BLOGATHON.   I review this classic movie starring Spencer Tracy today for my friends crystal kalyana’s  BLOGATHON. today.   so check out others form  THE SPENCER TRACY AND KATHARINE HEPBURN BLOGATHON  hosted by a dear friend.  so here is my review of this classic movie.

Keeper of the Flame review


Keeper of the Flame”(1942)was the second film starring the team of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn as the frist movie starring the duo was  the delightful George Stevens comedy,”Woman of the Year”,which was a smash hit at the Box Office which many hail as one classic flim yet they overlook this very bold classic.  Keeper of the Flame is a proto-film noir, one of those gothic melodramas from the early 1940s that foreshadows the darkness that would consumed crime thrillers in the next decade also a prototype to the political paranoia genre as as Spencer Tracy’s reporter character gathers with other members of the press in a small rural inn, there to report on a vaguely described “American hero’s” funeral that has many dark seeds in its tale that unfolds.

Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy make this thriller so very interesting as its one of my favorites they did.  The wonderful acting of Spencer Tracy and Kate Hepburn really makes this movie stand out.  Tracy and Hepburn play their roles exceedingly well. The supporting cast is well-chosen with wonderful acting that makes this movie.

This is the quintessential Spencer Tracy in what I feel was one of his best roles. And what made Tracy so good here is that unlike some of his early films, by this point in his career he had learned to be subtle and understate his acting as this movie shows him at his charming best. He truly is the best among cast as he leads the show. George Cukor directs this classic that mixes noir elements with proto elements of political paranoia genre to a wonderful direction that crafts out a one of a kind classic movie that I feel you should check out today.

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Star Trek Discovery:a new era begins

Star Trek Discovery:a new era begins



Star Trek: Discovery stands tall alongside the best-regarded incarnations of the star-trek as the first two episodes was truly one two hour long episode that is one of best opening episodes all times. It is far better opener then Encounter at Farpoint or The Man Trap as both are good stories just not best of each version of star trek. It’s an amazing tale that begins with these two episodes as it’s an opening to a chapter in the star trek story that hasnt been told on screen before. The Walking Dead vet Sonequa Martin-Green stars as Michael Burnham, who serves as First Officer of the USS Shenzhou back in the days before Captain Kirk as its set ten years before events of that series. Kirk is a boy in this period of the story.


The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green gives us an amazing performance as the frist officer. Michelle Yeoh gives us an amazing performance as Captain Philippa Georgiou who is captain of the USS Shenzhou as we see bond between both Micheal and Philippa as the bond is very strong but its last time it will be so simple their bond as the story takes turns that changes things forever. The show’s biggest standout, apart from Martin-Green, is Doug Jones’ Saru, the ship’s science officer, who will be its resident Spock like figure. Saru is a member of the Kelpien species, a race that has evolved to be able to “sense death as it will come in handy. It’s truly one dam good prequel series with very amazing acting and a strong direction to come for this series i am very much looking forward to the next era of star trek. It has begun with these two episodes that is truly an amazing start for the series.

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The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns review

Today is batman day as i remember as much back to past form when i was boy to now i always admired batman snice i frist saw batman 1989 then i saw animated series i fell in love batman. I would later read Batman: The Long Halloween and dark knight returns both would finally make me love comics also would help me forever love batman. I truly love batman to death so to honor batman’s big 78 birthday review one of his biggest comics all time.


Batman: The Dark Knight was written and drawn by Frank Miller, inked by Klaus Janson, and painted by Lynn Varley. how Frank Miller re-envisioned the character of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns really changed forever how we look upon the dark knight as every future version of batman would further take batman’s down a road that keeps making him more and more able connect to us each year. The first time I read Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, I dismissed it in just that way. Its thrill-seeking, bloodthirsty sadist was definitively not my Batman but re-reading it many times over i keep finding more about this tale that just clicks with me overall as its an amazing tale that redefined batman forever.we learn that Bruce Wayne, at 55, has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd 10 years prior.  it was a promise he made after that moment to never be batman again.  You see Bruce Wayne pushing to kill-self as he feels need for thrills.  It next cuts to next page where Jim and Bruce  are talking about past of batman as we see him talk about the batman fooling everyone then Bruce calls it a night walking off. It pretty much begins as Bruce starts lose control over his great self control over his other side of his persona better known as batman then he becomes batman again begining the story of dark knight returns.

Frank miller’s Unlike The Watchmen or Kingdom Come, Batman: The Dark Knight is more episodic, with each chapter featuring its own main story, but held together by the overall narrative arc and sub-plots that with many details layered on each page such as reporters and others it really tells a story  that  is one of best takes on batman ever written to the page as a man  straddling the line between hero and vigilante, as a man with a dark past he keeps running from and with villains who rise up against his heroic light. He is a man who keeps running from his past but can never escape the fact of the legend he is. Batman in this story is older and darker as he feels less civil on the world and its ideals as age has really changed Bruce mentally.  He is more like a dirty harry meets an outlaw type hero now that is an aging hero that is really showing darker traits and ideals yet he remains the batman deep down.

The city of Gotham city dystopian as it comes as crime runs rapid in the city as it mirrors New York City of the 1980’s and regan era crime waves of the cities. The city has many times over may times citizens are mugged often and attacked by gangs and other criminals as its wild and crazy as the old west in Gotham city. After vanishing from the public eye, both superheroes and super villains have aged badly. Selina Kyle, alter ego of Catwoman, runs an escort service. Superman has becomes a tool of the government. The Green Arrow is an anti-government terrorist. These are grimly, brilliantly logical extensions of their accepted characters: Catwoman is always a manipulative, self-centered opportunist, Superman a simple-hearted patriot and the Green Arrow is mirror and reflection of his own ideals. The Dark Knight introduces a female, 13-year-old Robin as we see Alfred tries stopping it by reminding batman of robin death but batman says robin was a good soldier and he wins out and they start the new era of batman and robin. The dark knight returns really examines deep down the ideals of batman and robin the bond and the ideals of Gotham city and its crime wave upon it and the deep down ideals of how a batman and superman and other heroes would feel like in a modern world as we see this comic paint us a modern context to the heroics of dc comic heroes. Frank miller sparked an interest in modernizing superheroes for dc comics. The fight between superman and batman is one the books main key-points for fandom as the fight is because superman and batman stand on different grounds as both just don’t get along at all anymore yet deep down they are friends to the end which in end happens to come out when the defeat of superman by batman when batman falls superman saves him and buried him as he hears a heartbeat he has hope for the future of batman as comic ends with batman training new heroes. The batman and superman friendship is talked upon here fairly well as we see how both relate to each other in context of tale is different. The dark knight returns is one truly amazing read that had Frank Miller re-envision the character of Batman and his world it really is an amazing read that greatly changed comics forever. It is a read that i would read today.

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ball of fire

I am a very huge fan of screwball comedies. I often review more screwball comedies on my blog often also i review many noir classics and talk about Hitchcock often. I would say they are my three favorite movie areas to talk about. I love fondly screwball comedies.  Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. They also generally feature a self-confident and often stubborn central female protagonist and a plot involving courtship and marriage or remarriage or cross-dressing. Some comic plays are screwball in nature. It was a genre that was made in movies until 1942. Many flims of the 1950’s also have traits of screwball comedies.  Its time to talk these classics again for this month’s theme as my next review is the screwball classic ball of fire which is a reverse snow white type tale that is very much one of the most funny comedy classics ever. Its time to review this classic comedy classic.

Ball of fire review

Howard Hawks Ball of Fire is an urban update of the Snow-White fairy tale as as well as an effervescent look at the fertile potential of clashing cultures. It was written by Billy Wilder with Howard hawks directing ball of fire which remains one of finest screwball comedies ever crafted for the screen.

Ball of fire remains one of my favorite screwball comedies all time with such wonderful acting by Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper. The ever wonderful Barbara Stanwyck really leads the show as Sugarpuss O’Shea who hides with them for her gangster boyfriend. She plays the role in a very wonderful way as she is so witty and charming in this role yet she makes this wonderful performance a warm up to her later roles as you see how amazing her skill as an A warm up for Stanwyck’s most sensual performance on film in Double Indemnity(1944). Gary Cooper gives us one amazing performance as he plays Bertram Potts with such amazing charm and skill of acting.

The group of professors are all very good supporting actors as Oskar Homolka and Henry Travers and S.Z. Sakall and Tully Marshall and Leonid Kinskey and Richard Haydn and Aubrey Mather. I would say Henry Travers is among cast of the stand out character actors as he played the angel It’s Wonderful Life this may be one of his finest roles. I would say each of these professors are played by very wonderful character actors that each give out wonderful performances that stand out. Allen Jenkins is a garbage man seeking knowledge for pecuniary gain as he gives a very good performance in his role.

Dana Andrews plays against type as a gangster in one very good role for him as the gangster boyfriend of Sugarpuss O’Shea.   Mary Field as Miss Totten, the daughter of the wealthy inventor who created the foundation really gives a good performance in her role. The whole of supporting cast of many great acting legends all give such wonderful performances.

Ball of Fire (1941) comprises of some fine cinematography by Gregg Toland. Ball of Fire (1941) is directed by Howard Hawks. It’s such a wonderfully charming comedy classic that truly may be one of finest screwball comedies ever made for the screen. It’s a classic you should see today.

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Trouble in Paradise

Screwball gems INTRODUCTION 


I am a very huge fan of screwball comedies. I often review more screwball comedies on my blog often also i review many noir classics and talk about Hitchcock often. I would say they are my three favorite movie areas to talk about. I love fondly screwball comedies.  Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. Films definitive of the genre usually feature farcical situations, a combination of slapstick with fast-paced repartee and show the struggle between economic classes. They also generally feature a self-confident and often stubborn central female protagonist and a plot involving courtship and marriage or remarriage or cross-dressing. Some comic plays are screwball in nature. It was a genre that was made in movies until 1942. Many flims of the 1950’s also have traits of screwball comedies.  Its time to talk these classics for my new theme for this month of the month called screwball gems. today i review  Trouble in Paradise (1932) for the start of my themed month of reviews.

Trouble in Paradise (1932) review

This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex. It is more open in sex. It is pre-code in that nature toward how it plays sex. It is based on Laszlo Aladar’s play The Honest Finder which was the springboard for the movie. The sexual undertones is very frank. I would not call it as sexually open as Design for Living which is far more sexual in nature. This was a taste of what was to come for his works.  Trouble in Paradise is a comedic counterpart to a melodrama.

Lubitsch was best known for what we call the Lubitsch touch is a subtitle way of referencing sexual shenanigans that his characters do upon the screen. Lubitsch’s Magnum Opus faced controversy three years after its initial release because of the conservatism of the Production Code. This pre-code sophisticated comedy epitomizes the European attitude toward sex as we see this movie them more open in sex in a more modern sense of the word. The movie is tamer than his other film design for a living.  Its a spellbinding comedy classic about  a a suave jewel thief (Herbert Marshall) falling in love with his intended victim (luminous Kay Francis) much to the displeasure of his girlfriend (Miriam Hopkins) as this movie truly shines in their acting performances in this movie. The acting is very wonderful as each of the cast give out wonderful performances.  Kay Francis steals this film as she truly shines in her wonderful role that is hard to do with Miriam Hopkins. She is exquisite and enchanting and absolutely charming. Miriam Hopkins gets the better comedic lines and the guy even if lesser then Kay she still gives out a marvelous performance. Herbert Marshall shows an unexpected flair for light comedy while Charlie Ruggles and the ubiquitous Edward Everett Horton provide their usual first class supporting roles that that truly shine in their performances on the screen. Ernst Lubitsch crafts out a masterpiece of early comedy that truly shines in every manner as this is one true classic you should see today.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


So today I talk about Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for The 3rd Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon! a classic MGM horror movie that remains timeless today.  I hope you check out other posts form the The 3rd Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon! hosted by my dear friend  frorm The Wonderful World of Cinema known as Virginie Pronovost. Thanks to the wonderful host of this event if you want to check out others form event please do so. So now to present my review.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde review

Unlike Universal, MGM was never a studio associated much with out-and-out horror films (A notable exception: 1932’s great The Mask of Fu  which is another classic movie by this classic studio. This version of the classic “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” story is more slow-moving and psychological than most of the versions of this classic tale on the screen. It relies on a good cast to bring out the ways that the characters and their relationships are affected by the doctor’s weird experiment as its not a version to watch if you want horror but you will love it if you dont mind  a psychological approach. 

Spencer Tracy plays the dual leading role giving it a good job of creating both personas. This movie is a perfect encapsulation of Stevenson’s original vision as Spencer Tracy gives us a more closer to the book version of this evil side unleashed. Tracy’s makeup is far less monstrous than that created for Fredric March ten years earlier. Director Victor Fleming goes for exaggerations of Tracy’s features and the playing up of the psychological differences between Jekyll and Hyde. The first couple of transformations are played as dream sequences involving good girl Lana Turner and bad girl Ingrid Bergman. We don’t see the actual transformation until well on into the movie. so have big actresses like Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner in supporting roles as both give us wonderful performances.

It is a  literary-based horror/drama that has such good acting and direction that feels closer to the original book in many ways.  Joseph Ruttenberg’s cinematography with Cedric Gibbons’ Art Direction and Edwin B. Willis Set Direction  all recreate foggy Victorian London and Franz Waxman’s musical score all come together to create a gem.  Victor Fleming directed Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman in this very marvelous classic that one should see today. It’s simply a classic Gothic based novel movie that you will simply enjoy anytime.

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My Silents are golden theme continues with another look upon another classic silent movie classic as i continue to explore the many facets of silent movies as this era has such vast richness and depth to its storytelling. Today’s review is WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER in which is her debut movie. Its end of my themed month i hope you enjoyed theme.


This 1922 production (now restored) was at the time the most expensive picture ever made. It was also a major box-office hit. Marion Davies plays Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and intended bride of old Louis of France. But she’s in love with the dashing Charles Brandon (Forrest Stanley). After Brandon is framed for murder, Mary agrees to bargain with Henry: he’ll spare Brandon’s life if she willingly marries old Louis. She counters that she will agree if she can choose her second husband. Henry agrees.

The breathtaking restoration on this film with the original tinting scheme and digital hand-coloring restored is one very wonderful thing to look upon. Marion Davies does give a wonderful performance. I really love her comedies which stand among some of best of silent era as good example the patsy and Show People.She did a very good job in a dramatic role here. There are also glimpses of her comedic talent in several scenes such as when she’s buttering up her older brother to get something that she wants, and when she’s being obstinate and refuses to get out of bed to meet King Louis’ envoy.

What makes this movie is that Marion Davies is no heavyweight in the dramatic apartment and she’s the one always in focus. Davies is a comedienne and barely get to do anything to suit her trait apart from pull a few goofy faces which does come off as a shame but still a very good role and acting by her. She is supported by her frequent co-star Forrest Stanley whom gives a very good role here. William Powell, who mostly played villainous characters during the silent period, has a small role in which he does a good job in his role. This movie is simply a very good classic gem that should please any fans of Marion Davies, Hollywood epics and/or English history should find a lot to love as its simply a classic silent movie that is another marvelous classic you should see anytime.

When Knighthood Was In Flower (1922) (Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack)(buy it here folks)

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The Bride’s Play


My Silents are golden theme continues with another look upon another classic silent movie classic as i continue to explore the many facets of silent movies as this era has such vast richness and depth to its storytelling. Today’s review is The Bride’s Play (1922)  Cosmopolitan Davies pictures leads up its follow up to her breakthrough role in the star-making When Knighthood Was In Flower. This lush romantic drama is presented in a review today.

Marion Davies stars as a Bride at an Irish wedding. According to custom, she asks each man if he is the one she loves best, but when the man she truly loves appears everyone is in for a big surprise.The Bride’s Play review

The Bride’s Play refers to an odd custom probably fictional where an Irish bride circulates among the men in the wedding party and asks them if any one of them is her true love. Marion Davies stars in this role as she plays an Irish lass pursued by an older man (Wyndham Standing) and a rakish poet(Carl Miller) as she simply plays a wonderful role. As with many Davies films this one has a fantasy sequence which shows Davies as a 12th Century woman named Enid who enacts the bride’s play but runs off with her true love when she asks if he is the one she loves best.

Marion Davies had beauty and personality as both emphasized in this wonderful film. Marion Davies is elaborately gowned in both the medieval and the modern wedding sequences. Many of Davies films featured her in elegant costumes due to the wishes of William Randolph Hearst, the producer of her films and her lover the producer of the film. The most interesting aspect of the film is the beautiful cinematography of the film’s setting supposedly Ireland but actually the rugged coast near Carmel, California.

The actors are framed against a background of the picturesque pines and cypress that overhang the cliffs and beaches of the coast. The cinematographer Ira H. Morgan photographed several of Davies’s films in the 1920s including Beauty’s Worth (1922) her next film that also has outstanding photography of the Carmel coast.  Undercrank releasing this wonderful movie in a near pristine gorgeous print really shines as Marion Davies shines throughout. The costumes in the last quarter of the film are exquisitely wild and the final scenes featuring ‘the Bride’s play’ provide a great twist as the soundtrack is simply wonderful. This film is visual treat that will be watched again and again by me often. This is simply a marvelous  classic to watch anytime.

The Bride’s Play (1922) starring Marion Davies(buy it here folks)

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