Dark Passage

So today I am honoring Agnes Moorehead, the renowned character actress, who is best remembered for her role as Endora for THE AGNES MOOREHEAD BLOGATHON hosted by my dear friend  Crystal form IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD. Thanks to her for hosting this wonderful BLOGATHON.  I would suggest you check out other posts for this BLOGATHON. So today I review dark passage for AGNES MOOREHEAD’s birthday. 


Dark passage review

Bogart plays a man convicted of murdering his wife who escapes from prison in order to prove his innocence. Bogart finds that his features are too well known, and is forced to seek some illicit backroom plastic surgery. The entire pre-knife part of the film is shot from a Bogart’s-eye-view, with us seeing the fugitive for the first time as he starts to recuperate from the operation in the apartment of a sympathetic young artist (played by Bacall) for whom he soon finds affection. But what he’s really after is revenge.(story off web)

Dark Passage offers a different take on the San Francisco noir genre as its lead is hardly seen in its first half of the movie. Delmer Daves, adapting the David Goodis novel has created something seldom seen in this type of films, in which, the hero’s presence is required at all times.

The film has a great look to it as it captures a view of the San Francisco of the 1940s in ways that hadn’t been seen before on the screen. It’s a stark difference form many noir classics. This film hooks you from the start with its book like opening that truly feels like it is out of a noir book of that era.

Sidney Hickox’s stylish cinematography is one of the best assets of the film as it truly captures the city by the bay in such a magical way. The mood is set by the swing music of the time as Frank Waxman’s score as its truly a jazzy soundtrack that feels right at home as its great swing music that does truly sound so wonderful. This is one fine soundtrack.

Humphrey Bogart dominates the movie in his truly wonderful role that was Oscar worthy as he truly isn’t seen until hour in movie it is a wonderful as it speaks volumes about how the actor and director speak out this wonderful performance. m. Ms. Bacall’s radiant beauty dominates every scene she is in. This actress had such a style that no matter what she is doing, she pulls our attention to her as she truly gives one wonderful performance. Agnes Moorehead makes a phenomenal appearance as the evil Madge Rapf as truly she gives one wonderful performance. Her last scene with Mr. Bogart stands as one of the best moments in a film noir of the era. This is one of a kind in noir as its truly a movie that is a very special classic that is one of the finest noir classics ever made.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

A very happy birthday to Agnes Moorehead. I loved to talk about one of her fine roles on screen. So i am wishing her a very happy birthday.

His Girl Friday

So today i am honoring one of my favorite actors all time  Cary Grant for  the Cary Grant Blogathon which is hosted by phyllislovesclassicmovies. So thanks to the wonderful host of this Blogathon for hosting it as i would also be sure to check out other posts form it. So today i am reviewing my girl Friday in honor of Cary grant.                                                        When hard-charging New York newspaper editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant) discovers that his ex-wife, investigative reporter Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell), has gotten engaged to milquetoast insurance agent Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy), he unsuccessfully tries to lure her away from tame domestic life with a story about the impending execution of convicted murderer Earl Williams. But when Hildy discovers Williams may be innocent, her reporter instincts take over.(goggle story info)

His girl Friday review 

 This classic comedy done by Howard hawks is one truly classic comedy gem that is one of my favorite movies all time. I truly adore this screwball classic. Cary Grant stars in this classic movie as he truly makes one of his fine performances on the screen.  Its truly one of his finest roles as he is truly a fun actor to watch on the screen.

It’s madcap all right as there is no better people then Grant and Russell, who make a great team together on the screen. It’s truly fine acting by both of the duo as they have great comic timing and wit that brings both their roles to the screen in such a wonderful way. The film’s supporting cast is no less impressive, with every single role cast to perfection as all of them truly shine in their respective roles on the screen. Its truly fine acting by everyone in this wonderful cast of talents.his-girl-friday-04Howard hawks was truly a wonderful director that crafts out such a wonderful tale with such wonderful wit and timing that is comedy gold to watch unfold on the screen. My Girl Friday successfully combines screwball romantic comedy with biting satire that truly makes it  the true comedy classic.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

What does it take to be a leading man. You have to have a sense of humor about yourself. Cary Grant truly had an image that was always something truly one of a kind. He was a true movie star. It was always so easy for Cary grant to anything in his moves. I truly want to be like Cary grant but cannot match him sadly. He truly is one of the finest actors all time. So glad to honor him.


dial m for murder

So today I honor Grace Kelly for the 2nd Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon hosted by my good friend  Virginie Pronovost form  the wonderful world of cinema  Thanks to the wonderful host for this wonderful event as I would also suggest you check out others form this wonderful event. So i honor Grace Kelly with a birthday tribute review of dial m for murder.


In London, wealthy Margot Mary Wendice had a brief love affair with the American writer Mark Halliday while her husband and professional tennis player Tony Wendice was on a tennis tour. Tony quits playing to dedicate to his wife and finds a regular job. She decides to give him a second chance for their marriage. When Mark arrives from America to visit the couple, Margot tells him that she had destroyed all his letters but one that was stolen. Subsequently she was blackmailed, but she had never retrieved the stolen letter. Tony arrives home, claims that he needs to work and asks Margot to go with Mark to the theater. Meanwhile Tony calls Captain Lesgate (aka Charles Alexander Swann who studied with him at college) and blackmails him to murder his wife, so that he can inherit her fortune. But there is no perfect crime, and things do not work as planned(story of movie off imdb.)

Dial M for Murder succeeds on many levels as it is a return to Hitchcock’s murder theme of movies. It stars grace Kelly fresh off her Oscar nominated role in John Ford’s 1953 tale of romance and adventure Mogambo. Ray Milland plays a wonderful role. Grace Kelly plays the Hitchcock role of the ideal Hitchcock woman as this movie brings her to the world in a way unlike her past film before it. She plays a wonderful role in this movie. It’s truly wonderful acting for everyone in the cast.

Dial M for Murder is an adaptation a popular play by Frederick Knott. Frederick Knott writes most of the screenplay, the movie remains extremely faithful to the play as he crafts out a wonderfully screenplay with such captivating twists and many twists and turns that spiced up makes it truly interesting and one of a kind.

It was Hitchcock who finally could allow Kelly’s talent to shine beyond her physical beauty. Grace Kelly makes her character shine with her subtle and restrained performance that makes her really come out of her shell in this movie. Its wonderfully directed by Hitchcock whom crafted out such a wonderful movie. Alfred Hitchcock truly crafts out one overlooked gem that is one is one truly wonderful classic.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

374002_10151300163933554_282593130_n 239_14420438553_6728_n

Happy birthday to grace Kelly.In the storied history of the American cinema few stars shine so brightly as Grace Kelly whom only starred in such a limited number of films yet she truly was one of a kind that managed to be the defined Hitchcock woman. Its amazing she eleven flims in her day. she is the princess of the sliver screen. She also captured the heart of many men in her day. She became European royalty by marrying into it. It’s truly magical as she became a true princess.  She truly was so a very happy birthday to the ever wonderful legend and princess of the sliver screen.

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier second annual Blogathon is here

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier second annual Blogathon is here



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These banners below was created by the wonderful world of cinema. I would love to thank Virginie Pronovost form that blog so much for making them. She is one is one my close friends. I would say check out her wonderful blog if you can. I am very grateful for everyone that is taking part in honoring Vivien Leigh for her birthday.




Old Hollywood Films:Anna Karenina (1948)

The Wonderful World of Cinema:Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara: Movie History’s Most Iconic Character

la-explorer:Spotlight on Laurence Olivier in Rebecca


Vivien Leigh was a petite classically trained legend of the silver screen.  She remains best-known for her two most successful screen roles as American Southern belles as i have been enchanted by her charms since I saw Vivien Leigh in gone with the wind. Her film career spanned 30 years yet she only starred in 19 films but each role showed us a different facet of her talent that talent earned her two academy award Her life with one of the greatest actors of the stage and screen made her the center of attention for millions. She had repeated illnesses in her lifetime. She still remains unknown to us even today. She said every role she played was a part of her real personality. Vivien Leigh was all of these elements and much more as she was such a wonderful actress of the stage and screen. So to honor her on her birthday with a Blogathon honoring both Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier for her birthday starting now. Check out posts of others taking part. So thankful everyone taking in the second annual event. So happy birthday to Vivien Leigh.

overlooked Halloween gems

overlooked Halloween gems



Many people have beloved horror classics they love such as nightmare on elm street and the many universal horror movies and the very well loved horror classics as Its a vastly wide wide world of horror classics you are overlooking by watching them often. So i begin with a classic movie that really does kinda make this list of vastly overlooked as a horror movies go.

Many people have beloved horror classics they love such as nightmare on elm street and the many universal horror movies and the very well loved horror classics as Its a vastly wide wide world of horror classics you are overlooking by watching them often. So i begin with a classic movie that really does kinda make this list of vastly overlooked as a horror movies go.

Diabolique quick review. 

Hitchcock must have forever wondered how he managed to allow this story to slip out of his hands as this horror classic was really one of Hitchcock’s lost stories he wanted to direct. If he did it there wouldn’t be a vertigo at all. I often watch this every Halloween time if I can. It’s one of those classics that i feel i can watch. It’s truly one of the tightest pure suspense movies ever crafted. It starts out really slow but once it kicks into high gear it becomes so thrilling to watch. The plot revolves around two women, Christina (Vera Clouzot) and Nicole (Simone Signoret) who conspire to murder the brutish man who is Christina’s husband and Nicole’s lover Michel, played by the delightfully sullen Paul Meurisse. He is the principal of a boarding school for boys who relies on Vera’s money to support his excesses, and the two women are both teachers at the school. Its acting is one of those wonders too as Simone Signoret gives us one of her finest roles on the screen. The wonderful dialogues and the acting of its cast. I would say something truly is special about this classic movie as its just one of those overlooked classics.

Les Diaboliques is a classic murder mystery that has earned a well-deserved reputation for setting the standard for cinematic suspense in thrillers as it’s what set the bar even Hitchcock adored it in the end. It’s one of those wonderful classics. you should watch today.

Eyes without a face quick review

Georges Franju’s horror classic has inspired so many movies and artists. It had even inspired the song eyes without a face by Billy idol.  Without a Face is a tale is a compelling tale of sadism that has an astute tenderness at same time.  Georges Franju took many cues from classic horror movies such as Frankenstein’ and constructed a dream like surrealistic fantasy that has inspired legions of filmmakers and artists since it came out.  Its a wonder so many overlook this classic horror movie. I would say its villain is one of the finest horror villains all time as he truly is a real man that Unlike many mad scientists since, the doctor here is firmly placed within reality which makes his motivations easy to believe and therefore the horror all the more fascinating as he truly believes in all these experiments to save her face. It makes him somewhat more interesting to watch on screen. He is supported by his assistant, Louise; a fellow web of intrigue. Louise is likely very dark as assistants go as she is a predator that finds the prey for her good doctor.  The real masterpiece of all characters of this movie goes to the central character; the disfigured tragedy herself, Christiane as she truly always wears that mask. , Christiane represents both life and death as she is doll-like and lifeless but she does make you feel for her plight as you feel like this girl is trying to find her place in the world. She is no monster at all but a tragic figure of horror. This film is a rare treat in that it’s actually frightening. Eyes Without a Face taps into the viewer’s fears by presenting us with a situation that is terrifying because it involves a central character living with horror. Eugen Shuftan’s magnificent cinematography and the wonderful acting. Georges Franju’s direction keeps the horror in focus as its truly a surreal classic that should not be overlooked at all. so watch this horror classic today.

Suspiria (1977) quick review

Dario Argento’s horror classic is  the most beautiful horror film ever made. . Every single frame of this film is expertly lit and colorful. With this technique Argento manages to create an almost unbearable amount of tension and the extremely brutal and bloody murder sequences look so good one can only admire their beauty. It’s one of those few horror classics that is so lovely to look upon. This horror classic inspired so many horror classics today and horror filmmakers such as wes craven and many other horror directors to come. The acting is good but its horror makes it a must see as its truly one of those wonderful horror classics. definitely earns its place as one the finest horror movies ever so watch it today.

Black Christmas (1974) quick review  Released and ignored in 1973, “Black Christmas” became a forgotten classic by so many people. Its shameful so many do not watch this horror classic. It was also called silent night. The original and maybe even the best, ‘Black Christmas’ set the ball rolling for the slasher genre as it inspired Halloween and so many slasher movies to come. What set this apart from Halloween is that the killer is less human than Michael Myers as he truly is a monster that just seems to kill and laugh without no care. Its a simple tale but very fun to watch. Black Christmas is one of the most shamefully over-looked films in the slasher film genre, it’s also been one of the most inspiring films of the genre. So watch this horror classic today.

Kuroneko quick review

Shindo’s Kuroneko’s classic ghost story.  Very much in the style of Kwaidan and other Japanese supernatural films of the 1960’s. where ghosts and evil spirits inhabit a world of logic alien to the real world. Western ghosts stories usually have the spirits think as living people do. Japanese spirits behave in bizarre ways that are much more disturbing.  The stylized nature of the film creates the feeling of haunting that few films match this movie.  It is at times reminiscent of Mario Bava’s excellent Gothic horror films. It’s truly a horror classic that one should watch today.

Blood and Black Lace (1964) quick review

One of the most chillingly sadistic gialli of all times, this 1964 masterpiece has lost none of its power. Director Mario Bava, the king of Italian horror. It’s truly one of those horror classics that I would say makes him the king of horror in some ways. Blood & Black Lace(1964) offered audiences in early 1960s a candy coding spectacle of death and violence which mixes some elements that would inspire slasher movies to come.  A positive is the lack of a moral preaching which is a major weakness of the American Slasher film. Adult orientated horror film which thankfully lacks the basic elements of a Teenage Slasher film. Mario Bava paints many scenes in gorgeous Technicolor process some chilling horror that is some of the best ever put to flim. Luciano Pigozzi earns the title of Italian Peter Lorre with Lorrish and sinister presence. It’s very good acting by its cast. The movie belongs to Italian Giallo genre of horror classics. It’s truly a horror classic that really is so lovely and chilling at the same time. There are interesting allusions to Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity(1944) during second half of the movie which is very odd for a horror movie but it’s so very noir like in some ways. It’s a tightly directed horror classic with a jazzy score by Carlos Rustichelli. It’s one of those very horror classics one should watch today.

So today i talked about some overlooked horror classics. Its a shame that so many of them are so vastly overlooked today.  So do yourself a favor and watch some wonderful horror classics today.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!

Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!  #BoldlyGo50 #StarTrek50 #BoldlyGo

https://www.facebook.com/Wolffianclassicmoviesdigest63d3936c81f153a02a6a3a396b6dacc01469158071It’s about the idea of humanism as gene would quote it to be. Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star-ship Enterprise. It’s continuing mission, To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before, let’s go boldly where no man has gone before. We are bold explorers that explore our past to better understand our nature and we explore space often to find a new future. Mankind at its heart are explorers. Star trek teaches us to be our best as humans and find a way to live better as humans. The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that ‘Star Trek’ has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities.” – Gene Roddenberry. Gene Roddenberry created not only a vision but a philosophy that expanded what is possible. His vision was to create unity, curiosity, taking chances and going where no one has gone before. It’s that vision that keeps star trek lasting for so long. Thank you Gene Roddenberry and the many talented hands beyond this wonderful idea and vision. Let us always remember we must take chances and go where no man has going before. as Kirk ended it. second star straight into morning,happy 50th anniversary to star trek.

I remember when i was a boy i turned on CBS to find star trek next generation. Honestly as a boy when I first tuned into star trek next generation i was not sure what I was expecting. I did not know it yet. I was watching that opened my eyes. It showed a different kind of world where none of the social injustices existed,. It felt like it was a world i wanted to be in. I think what amazed me most was its tech too. Star trek thought me to think about what makes us human. It’s rare a show does that but star trek at its best is about the human condition. Star trek always remains at its core a show about the best of the humanism as gene would quote to saying it was about. When you expect star trek to end it always seems to return again stronger than ever. I think its lasted so long because it’s always about making us think and that is what makes it one of the best ideas ever created for TV. You can often say that star trek is one of those scfi ideas that has such ideas that talks about what it means to be human and our social conditions. So today i am honoring star trek for its 50th  Anniversary. Happy 50th  Anniversary to star trek. So for my special tribute review.

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield review

The vision of Frank Gorshin with half ‘white face’ and half ‘black face’ in ‘Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield is burned into my memory as a classic example of Roddenberry’s brilliant social commentary. It is star trek’s nature at its finest to tell us about social commentary as one can sum it up to it about being different that makes for some of the worst social injustices. The differences of one person is still very much something we talk about even today. I would say this tale turns racism on its head in a smart way. Its way of addressing how racism can effect a world’s nature. It is directed by Fred Freiberger whom with the cast and writers really made a story about racism come to life. This is a tale that hits home strongly on gene’s social message of the series. It is one of those fine tales you can watch anytime.

The Spock rating:five spocks

the city on the edge of forever review

The city at city on the edge of forever may be one of star trek’s finest hours. It’s one of those episodes that really does have such depth and charm that makes it stand above and beyond the rest of the series. Written by science fiction legend Harlan Ellison and guest-starring Joan Collins. This is star trek at its finest. This classic tale is often considered by Trekkies to be the finest star trek tale of all time. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find themselves in 1930s New York, where a chance encounter could have disastrous consequences on the future if they alter events in any way. It’s one of the first tales on TV to deal with the ripples of time travel. Time travel is a new idea for this period as we had shows dealing it softly at its time as this tale is the highest praised story of star trek for good reason. The City on the Edge of Forever” is a love story about Edith Keeler and Jim Kirk which really shouldn’t happen as the ripples of such a love would destroy the timeline. It’s at a Kirk story as we deal with Kirk’s humanity as he must follow prime directive yet he feels so passionate for this person. It’s a moral test for captain Kirk as he really by end does feel broken up by his choice. It has moments where you think timeline may be altered as by end it is not altered as we see as Kirk makes right choice in end for the best of the timeline. Kirk’s test of humanity is what makes this tale a classic tale to watch for the ages. Its classic trek at its finest with great acting and writing and direction makes it a wonderful tale that is classic star trek at its finest.

The Spock rating:five spocks

Mirror, Mirror review

Mirror, Mirror may be among some of the best the series offered us. It’s a tale that really does triumph of character examination. A landing party of Kirk, McCoy, Scottie and Uhura is beaming back up from negotiations with the Halkans for dilithium-crystal mining rights when an ion storm opens a porthole between two parallel universes thus they end up in another universe they do not recognize. This is the best written and acted tale of the series. Its acting of the cast is above and beyond the call of duty. The cast play two roles each their good and evil half it’s such a mirror of roles that one can see a depth of acting form everyone in the cast as they nail home such amazing levels of acting. It’s the finest direction too as we see the crafting of this tale was one so good as its way of making each turn in the story feel as natural to the tale makes it among the finest of star trek. This tale goes beyond the call of duty to tell us one of the finest tales ever told on TV.

The Spock rating:five spocks

I remember the first night that star trek next generation aired as i watched it. It did show me a new frontier. It’s about the idea of humanism as gene would quote it to be. Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star-ship Enterprise. It’s continuing mission, To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before, let’s go boldly where no man has gone before. We are bold explorers that explore our past to better understand our nature and we explore space often to find a new future. Mankind at its heart are explorers. Star trek teaches us to be our best as humans and find a way to live better as humans. The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope that ‘Star Trek’ has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities.” – Gene Roddenberry. Gene Roddenberry created not only a vision but a philosophy that expanded what is possible. His vision was to create unity, curiosity, taking chances and going where no one has gone before. It’s that vision that keeps star trek lasting for so long. Thank you Gene Roddenberry and the many talented hands beyond this wonderful idea and vision. Let us always remember we must take chances and go where no man has going before. as Kirk ended it. second star straight into morning. They have been our guides for 50 years. Star trek continues grow stronger each year. Live long and prosper. happy 50th anniversary to star trek

#BoldlyGo50 #StarTrek50 #BoldlyGo 

my third liebster-award:classicmovie thoughts

my third liebster-award:classicmovie thoughts


liebster-awardThis is my Third liebster-award for wolffian classic movies digest. I could not be not be more happy to answer these questions and give you insight into me. I am very happy to have my work honored form my writing on this blog. I loved movies since I was a boy so this is a deep honor for me being honored for writing about movies which I love greatly. Thanks for this wonderful honor form The Wonderful World of Cinema as i am once again honored by such an award. So let’s get started with the answers to the questions. 4939c-hunchback-cathedral

My 11 questions to those blogs form The Wonderful World of Cinema

1:What is your favorite blogathon?31 Days of Oscar Blogathon happens to be my favorite as last year I wrote about one about one of my favorite movies. As I wrote about Cinematography of Black Narcissus. I would say it’s one of my favorite topics is to talk about Oscar movies of the past.

2:What subject do you like the most to write about on your blog?I often write about noir as i love it so much. I would say its the topic most covered. As quoted by Eddie Muller, Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir: The collective sign of relief heaved on V-J Day ought to have inspired Hollywood to release a flood of “happily ever after” films. But some victors didn’t feel too good about their spoils. They’d seen too much by then. Too much warfare, too much poverty, too much greed, all in the service of rapacious progress. A bundle of unfinished business lingered from the Depression — nagging questions about ingrained venality, mean human nature, and the way unchecked urban growth threw society dangerously out of whack. Writers and directors responded by delivering gritty, bitter dramas that slapped our romantic illusions in the face and put the boot to the throat of the smug bourgeoisie. Still, plenty of us took it — and liked it. These movies are some of those classics that do not hide such as they were about talking about social issues in a collective way. I would say some of the finest movies are noir classics. I would suggest the third man to watch as its one of the finest movies ever crafted for the screen.

3:What is your current movie character crush (not movie actor, movie character)?I would say my favorite is Jennifer played greatly by Veronica Lake. 4:Do you wear perfume? If yes, which one?Non 5:Can you sing? (I mean, can you sing well lol)?I sing like a frog. I cannot sing. 6;Do you play a musical instrument?nope i am not into playing any of them at all. 

7:What is your favorite cinematographic moment? I would say the opening shot of rear window. Its tour of his apartment as its use of the camera angles without a single word spoken it setups the movie greatly. 8:Have you ever written fan mail. Did you receive any answers? No i have no written any fan mail. 9:When you started your blog, do you remember what was the first blog you followed and what was the first blog to follow you? I started on the date of Mar 12, 2014. I would say my first follower was MATTHEW RICHARDS PHOTOGRAPHY.  10:What is the last book you read? I would say Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir  again as i just adore to read it 11:What would be your dream house? I am not into housing as i have no dream home in mind. 

11 things about me(repost form My frist one)

  1. I have loved movies snice i was a boy. I seen wizard of oz and disney flims snice i was a little boy. I have the reputation to be the one person in my family and friends that loves classic movies so highly as i just adore them highly. I love them to death as i am lover of movies snice a young age.
  2. I was a gamer since I was a boy as I played super Mario bros at age four. Many that know me knows i was wild into video games more highly until i slowed down as i grew older. It’s still a passion of mine.
  3. I am comic book nerd snice a young boy as i started out reading comics at a young age.
  4. I love doctor who so highly snice the reboot started in 2005. I have been a whovian and proud of the fact. My favorite doctor is the seventh doctor Sylvester McCoy.
  5. I love to read often,i started my passion of reading at a young age of 7 years,i love books and love to read often a book.
  6. I am a Disney dork snice a young age as a boy. I had my grandparents buy me movies often of Disney as each tape came out as a boy. I really love and adore Disney movies.
  7. I consider myself a Vivien Leigh fan at heart. Ever snice i saw gone with the wind,i have always been captured by the lovely beauty of vivien leigh and her skills as an actress.
  8. I am Bette Davis fan so highly as she’s my favorite actress all time,i just love Bette Davis to death. That even my blog’s review system is named in honor of her. She is to me the finest actress to ever grace the screen in my eyes.
  9. I am a huge lover of batman. I have been a batman fanboy snice i was young boy seeing him on the movies. I just love batman to death.
  10. I love history so much,it’s my favorite subject as i am just a lover of history to death.
  11. I love to write so my passion is expressed often on my blog.

The 11 blogs I nominate for the Liebster Award Congrats!

  1. Summer Reeves
  2. The Telltale Mind
  3. the last drive in
  4. MIB’s Instant Headache.
  5. the flapper dame 
  6. moviemovieblogblog
  7. shadowsandsatin
  8. Speakeasy
  9. CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch
  11. Pop Culture Reverie

My 11 questions to the 11 nominated blog

  1. What is your favorite screwball comedy all time?
  2. Name your favorite noir classic?
  3. What is the last book you read?
  4. What is your favorite cinematographic moment?
  5. What is your current movie character crush (not movie actor, movie character)
  6. Name the movie that started your love for classic movies?
  7. Name three overlooked classics you feel everyone should watch more often?
  8. What subject do you like the most to write about on your blog?
  9. Who is your favorite actress all time?
  10. Name one of your favorite b-movies all time?
  11. What kinda movies you love to watch the most?

One classic movie review for this honor,thanks to The Wonderful World of Cinema and thanks everyone. 

patch of blue review

When Selina D’Arcey (Elizabeth Hartman), a blind young white woman, befriends Gordon Ralfe (Sidney Poitier), a black office worker, their budding relationship eventually leads to romance. However, once Salina’s insensitive and abusive mother, Rose-Ann (Shelley Winters), finds out about Gordon, she becomes determined to keep the couple apart. With its stirring story of interracial love, this thoughtful film fittingly reflects the civil rights movement of the era.

Elizabeth Hartman plays Selina a blind girl that has no idea of color or race as she is blind. She truly has no idea of many things yet she is so friendly and kind hearted. She befriends a black man that is kind as ever. Her Hateful mother played by Shelley Winters truly is something of a different class by playing Roseanne D’arcy a mean mother that is racist as ever. It reflects the civil rights movement of the era and racism in that era. Sidney Poitier is wonderful as always, as Gordon as this kind guy that truly shines in his role. Veteran actor Wallace Ford is excellent in the pathetic role of Winters’ drunken father, a man who obviously hates his daughter so much yet has little compassion for the granddaughter who adores him. The director is presented with a real problem when deciding how to film an actor playing a blind person. Tight shots on the eyes are what makes acting for the camera so special. Unfortunately the unfocused eyes of a blind person cannot convey much emotion. What makes this movie’s role very tragic is that Elizabeth Hartman was a very broken soul suffering depression which makes this sweet role very much a sadder role. Elizabeth Hartman’s Selina is so fragile that she looks as though she will break any moment. I have a hunch that much of her excellent performance is mined from her real-life depression. Its acting is truly wonderful as ever in this movie.

Sidney Poitier admits that of all his films, “A Patch of Blue” holds a unique and special place in his heart. It touched him that much, and it will do the same for you. Please have some Kleenex handy and let yourself see “A Patch of Blue as it is a movie that will stay with you for ages.  Thank you to also the wonderful Sidney Poitier breaking down all the barriers.  A small triubte to you too sir. You truly are right that this movie is a gem for the ages.

The Ruth rating:five bette's


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