night of living dead:Night of Anubis

night of living dead:Night of Anubis(orginal title)


Today I review the cult classic night of living dead as you know the original title was Night of Anubis as the lost work-print was cut and removed from screens before even released as finally released in some form now as part of the new Criterion Collection version that is the closest we get to a director’s cut of this marvelous classic gem. It is truly one of the finest horror movies all time. It redefined horror films for the ages. I am a very huge fan of horror movies for ages this movie is a special horror gem that I finally feel time to talk about this horror classic so let’s review this classic horror gem.

night of living dead review


Night of the Living Dead, directed by Geoage A. Romero, is a horror masterpiece that truly is the landmark cult classic that redefined horror forever. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living was released  in 1968 as it turns 50 years old this year. It finally got its true directors cut under new Criterion Collection version which is the truly closest to recapturing the feel of it being shown on screens in 1968 as it looks so much more amazing and detailed now.

The premise is very basic, a group of random individuals happen to meet up at house to hide from flesh-eating entranced humans aka zombies. Bruce Capristo, the head of the makeup department did a great job at making the zombies look like normal people as they all look like such real people makes you feel for them even if they are flesh eating monsters.

The films cast is great as Duane Jones as Ben leads the pack with his remarkable role that really showcases such raw talent.  Judith O’Dea  as Barbra is marvelous she really is such a wonderful actress as who would forget the line they are coming to get you Barbara.  Karl Hardman  as Harry Cooper really shines in his role. Marilyn Eastman as Helen Cooper gives us a marvelous performance. I would say that all of the cast even supporting cast even bit players all give out marvelous acting performances that all do shine truly.

Its the wonderful directing by George A. Romero along with the marvelous screenplay by  John A. Russo  and George A. Romero that does also add depth to it too as they captured such raw and gripping storytelling that tells of a an outbreak that feels real and raw as it would be happening now.

This movie showed something that could have only occurred pre-Watergate. At one point, the people trapped in the farmhouse discover a television and turn it on in search of news of what is going on. Something almost as remarkable to today’s audiences as the dead rising from their graves is seen to occur. In Washington, reporters confront a government official about the situation, the government official tells the reporters the truth, and everyone believes what the government has told them. All of this would be truly remarkable in today’s environment of mutual mistrust between citizens as we would doubt such things today but it does still feel so raw and real even now.

It has this sense of dread and bleak horror that seems to give you a bit of hope but it takes it away fast as you see how much the zombies have taking over. The movie makes most of the group of people that all have their own agenda that makes it feel so much more real and gripping they feel real and alive as we have e war, pollution and division between the rich and the poor. Through our values, culture and norms we create division among ourselves yet if we unite we can overtime such moments. I feel it raises such a question, so in a way the movie is questioning our values. Because, although that is what makes us strong as a race that is also our downside, because we might not be able to compromise our values as we all are always on our own in a way. George Romero’s cult horror classic. Is a truly classic movie you should watch today.  I will say a gripping moment of tribute to the wonderful George Romero whom did such a wonderful gem you should watch anytime.

The Ruth rating:five bette's


Buster Keaton: the joys of silent comedy

Buster Keaton: the joys of silent comedy

I am a very huge fan of Buster Keaton. I would say i adore his work so much. He is one of the biggest joys for me to watch his work on screen as he simply is a wonderful act to watch on screen. I would say he ranks among the best of comedy legends all time to my eyes. Buster kreaton is simply one of the true founders of modern comedy. He is simply a marvelous legend that may be one of the best of silent comedy legends all time throughout his cinematic career, Buster Keaton was never particularly considered to be a producer of films that were socially or politically engaged yet his work on the screen is bar none among the best of silent comedy before e Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson, before Chuck Jones and Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton, one of the founding fathers of visual comedy.

The Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

I talk about him today for The Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon which i frankly hope enjoy my talk and read and check out others form this great event today,so lets talk this legend

Buster Kreaton: the joys of silent comedy

The General review
The General is a roller coaster ride of laughter  that was a critical & commercial failure during its time of release but is now considered as one of the greatest films ever made, The General is Buster Keaton’s magnum opus as even if i adore Sherlock jr far more this movie manages to be so enjoyable for its whole run time. It is Co-directed, co-produced co-written & co-edited by Buster Keaton, the film presents the silent star at the top of his game and is inventive, creative with so many wonderful gags and stunts on the screen as some of the moments are absolutely jaw-dropping & are sure to make many wonder how he was able to execute such feats on the film canvas.The General is Buster Keaton’s most accomplished work as a director even if i love Sherlock Jr more i find it so wonderful to see his vision fully translated to the screen in this wonderful movie.
 Sherlock Jr (1924) review
One film which stands up to critical re-discovery one of Keaton’s most celebrated Sherlock Jr (1924). It’s such a wonder this movie is a joy to watch. Buster Keaton is starring in a movie about It tells the story of the ‘Boy’ played by Keaton, a lowly cinema protectionist who dreams of becoming a famous detective yet it’s the wonders it does as he dreams as it breaks some amazing new grounds here as it’s a simple story that uses using pioneering cinematic techniques that would still evoke a sense of spectacle within modern cinema. Throughout the film, Sherlock Jr plays with ideas of reality and fiction and the distinction between them. The film employs two narratives, one imagined and the other set in the film’s diegetic reality. This parallel of narratives gives Keaton the ability to offer a comedic analysis of an individual’s identification with those on-screen. Sherlock Jr should be complex given its narrative and stories nature. It’s yet a wonder its simple idea of a dream makes many of the stunts seem so possible. Keaton is given license to instill a number of ‘gags’ which would seem implausible within a narrative set in reality. The cinema theatre is a good example of this, although there are several throughout the film. In one scene Keaton appears to jump through someone to escape, in another he jumps through a window into a moving car. By staging the narrative within a dream like world, Keaton can push the cinematic boundaries further than many comedians before him. Thus, Keaton can perform tricks than astound and amaze audiences while remaining somewhat plausible as its yet such scenes that make me smile at this marvel. Sherlock Jr is a highly imaginative and inventive film comedy that explores ideas of reality and cinema through experimental film-making techniques that make it something so inventive and fresh that it stands as one of the wonders of cinema with outstanding Cinematography marks it to be a true masterpiece.
Seven Chances review
Seven chances  is A nearly perfect film, and for my money the only Keaton feature that sustains the invention and exuberance of his best shorts as it does keep many of the traits of his shorts bringing them to screen.  Buster Keaton’s “Seven Chances” is an amusing look at love, marriage, and money. Its one of his most funny  feature length flims he did as all the humor is so funny and orginal for its time. Seven Chances” proves itself as an admirable piece of early cinema that may have invented many comedy gags we would often see in comedy for ages to come.  Its truly funny comedy classic that one should watch today.
Three ages review
Latching onto the massive concept that D.W. Griffith put forth in ‘Intolerance Buster Keaton makes one of the earliest spoofs by sending up Griffith with essentially with essentially a rom-com set in three periods of time.  It is so funny to watch Buster Keaton in each period of time try to win girl a form a caveman to modern day. Each setting has its highlights and the always wonderfully constructed chases that Keaton does so well with such wonderful gags and shots that all stand out in each period of time. It’s a rollicking good time and for Buster’s first independently produced feature is truly a classic must see.

I simply adore buster kreaton because he simply could make any simple gag and many complex gags all work together as I went through his shorts and movies I found that he simply is marvelous with his timing that he manages make any gag truly stand out by his timing as he makes simple gags and many ladder gags all stand out. He is also a wonder with mechanical gags and he adored trains and other modes of transport as he would often use them in his gags and shorts and movies all of his gags were truly amazing as he did some groundbreaking work in some of his movies such as breaking fourth wall in Sherlock jr to his inventive sets and way each set and idea was done on screen as buster was truly a wonderful master of comedy that still inspires everyone today.  I hope you enjoyed my talk on his works for his tribute today for The Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon today as always until next time.

the sea wolf

the sea wolf

Today I review the Michael Curtiz/Robert Rossen adaptation of Jack London’s famous novel the sea wolf which I frankly just watched recently as I brought it recently which is the Warner brothers archive Blu-ray release of this movie which is a remastered version with lost scenes we have not seen as this wonderful movie really speaks about Nazi fascism in a way that stands out. I would also love to wish Ida Lupino a happy 100 years old.


So now to review this classic movie

the sea wolf review

The sea wolf is one take of the famous jack London novel of same name in a way that really shines as its loosely based upon the novel.  Edward G. Robinson does one of his finest hours  of acting as the cruel captain of the ghost a ship which no one wants to sail upon. Edward G. Robinson puts his own brand of cruelty on the role of a freighter captain who tyrannizes his crew and some unexpected passengers in such a marvelous acting performance.

Ida Lupino and John Garfield and Alexander Knox all  play in a crew of a ship that is basically a ship that feels like its form hell in some regards as they all give out such marvelous acting and performances that all stand out.

This Michael Curtiz/Robert Rossen adaptation of Jack London well known novel  was mostly shot on one location as it has lots of atmospheric shots, tons of memorable conflicting personalities(dward G. Robinson, Alexander Knox, John Garfield, Barry Fitzgerald, Gene Lockhart, an underserved Ida Lupino) It really shines with this new blu-ray release i think the movie is even more lovely to admire on screen now as its never a dull moment on screen as i feel it really goes form one tension filled moment to next in such a wild and fun movie that is one stand out movie. It is Rousing old-school sea adventure yarn functioning as an allegory for the burgeoning Nazi dictatorship in Europe in 1941 as its truly a marvelous movie that may be one of the fine movie.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Today i reviewed the sea wolf which is a rousing old school yarn that i feel has such marvelous acting that makes it such a marvelous movie that may be one of the finest movies i ever seen as this true classic is something i enjoyed to talk about today as always until next time for another movie review.

In A Lonely Place.

In a Lonely Place

Driving down the dark alleyways of Hollywood as I enter the sunset from the darkness of noir. Today I review In a Lonely Place which is fine noir about Hollywood which tackles the darkness of the Hollywood shining lights. Let us enter into Hollywood now.

In a Lonely Place review

Nicholas Ray’s in the lonely place presents us a very amazing noir classic about a Hollywood writer  whose temper leads to accusations of murder and conflicted relationships as this flim stands among other Nicholas Ray classics as they live by night and rebel without a cause and Johnny Guitar  and On dangerous ground numbering with Martin Scorsese and Wim Wenders among his fans of his work.

Humphrey Bogart’s part in a Lonely Place perfectly makes such an interesting case as to what is capable in his skills as an actor as you see how raw and deep this man could go on screen as you see the true depths of this amazing actor broken down raw on screen in one of his finest hours of acting on screen as he stretches his acting muscles and allows his vulnerability to be on display in one of his darkest roles on the screen in A scorching performance that makes his role as Dixon Steele one of the greatest screen characters all time. Gloria Grahame plays her finest hour on screen as Laurel Gray whom is one dam amazing character that seems to really play to the under-rated nature of the real life Gloria Grahame perfectly in one amazing performance on screen.

Humphrey Bogart  and Gloria Graham  have electrifying chemistry on screen together in something of a wonder as they light up the screen this duo as both give out their collective best together on screen.

In A Lonely Place is a fabulous picture which frankly never was nominated for any Oscars which is shameful as this fine classic has such amazing acting by Humphrey Bogart’ as it plays form a point of view of Dixon Steele for a while in the movie as it changes to the view of Laurel Gray in the movie as we see her point of view of fear played out as we see Gloria Graham become nervous and scared in her finest hour on screen.

What always amazes me with the film is how its two halves are so very riveting for different reasons as the first halve of the movie deals with Dixon Steele and his darker traits unfolding on screen then we see the relationship of Dixon Steele and Laurel Gray unfold on screen in a wilder and more tension filled part of the movie as the fear builds up for her it is so great how Nicholas Ray merges both parts together dabs them with darkly affecting visuals to make one interesting movie. The restored black and white cinematography is overwhelming that it looks so lovely to boot. In the lonely place is true gem of movies that you will want to watch again and again.

The Ruth rating:five bette's

Today i took you down a dark alleyway of Hollywood to bring to light one of the darkest tales ever to go down the screen as in the lonely place is one special movie that i feel you will truly adore if you love Hollywood and noir it will make you go wild with joy as this is a true classic that i feel anyone can enjoy. I hope you enjoyed my talk about it today. I hope to see you soon for my next review.

Ruby Keeler:A broadway baby

Ruby Keeler:A broadway baby

Today i talk about RUBY KEELER for The Busby Berkeley Blogathon! as i pay tribute to this wonderful legend’s work with Busby Berkeley for this event today as i talk about a true legend of the stage of screen that was a true Broadway baby in a tribute to her works with Busby Berkeley i never have talked this legend before on my blog before this artcle .

The Busby Berkeley Blogathon

I am happy today to talk her today for this Blogathon today. I hope you check out others form the event today as today i hope you enjoy my talk about this legend of the screen.

42nd Street review

42nd Street (Warner Brothers, 1933) directed by Lloyd Bacon as simply musicals go this classic musical is simply one classic gem that I adore to watch often again and again. Busby Berkeley choreographed many enjoyable numbers. The brutal and endless rehearsals, the wise cracks and the backstage intrigues are part of this movies charm as it presents the backstage drama of making a big show on the stage. Its famous numbers such as shuffle off to buffalo and “(I’m) Young and Healthy”, and “42nd Street in the last 30 minutes of the show. Ruby Keeler shines in such her marvelous performance as Peggy Sawyer. I would say marvelous acting of the cast in this movie. The supporting cast is full of familiar faces from the ’30’s all of them really are marvelous in their respective roles. It’s cast of legends all give out marvelous performances on the screen.

Busby Berkeley’s groundbreaking choreography bursts on to the screen late in the film in a couple of dazzling production numbers in the end that all really stand out as I feel these numbers all come together in ending stretch of movie. What I enjoy about 42nd Street is its more backstage drama then musical it really makes you understands the pressures of these shows. 42nd Street is the movie was one of the early films that played a role in kick-starting the 1930’s musical genre during the Depression as it’s truly a marvelous classic that is one fine classic gem.

gold diggers of 1933 review

gold diggers of 1933 directed by Mervyn LeRoy brings the viewer back to the simple style of dance with Busby Berkeley directed and choreographed the dance scenes that feels so much fun and enjoyable to watch on screen as this enjoyable pre-code classic may be one of those classics that always feels so enjoyable to watch each time unfold on the screen.

The marvelous cast of talents in gold diggers of 1933  such as Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Aline MacMahon, Dick Powell, Guy Kibbee, Warren William, Ginger Rogers all star in this movie giving out such wonderful performances as all at top of their game. We’re In The Money’ (really titled ‘The Gold Digger’s Song’) can stand alone from the film’s score, but Warren and Dubin’s other efforts all work perfectly within Berkeley’s inspired production numbers all do stand out  I really adore all the musical numbers of this movie as this movie really is such fun to watch unfold on the screen.

“Shadow Waltz” is  elegant and beautiful. It’s visual poetry that really shines on screen. Its lovely and enchanting to watch unfold on screen as its simply something of a joy to watch.

Remember My Forgotten Man is another musical number that really is something of a special musical number that really is such a joy. Its a wonderful joy to watch this scene.The number climaxes with an enormous arch of soldiers looming over the mass of homeless men and their desperate women. . The song shows off the hardships of the era.

It’s a rousing finale, one of the greatest combinations of cinematography, music, singing, choreography in one number really shines out. Gold Diggers of 1933 is truly a marvelous classic with such marvelous musical numbers and wonderful acting all come together to make such a classic gem that you should see.

Footlight Parade review

James Cagney stars as a fledgling producer who finds himself at odds with his workers, financiers and his greedy ex-wife when he tries to produce live musicals for movie-going audiences. Co-starring Joan Blondell and Dick Powell with spectacular Busby Berkeley dance sequences. Inducted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry.(plot off net)

By a Waterfall is a marvelous musical number that i think may be one of the flims stand out numbers. The entire number gives of a heavy Garden of Eden vibe with Dick Powell sits by a brook and daydreams of his sweetheart, Ruby Keeler. The waterfall becomes more and more elaborate, becoming an art deco swimming pool and eventually a spiral fountain of women as the scene really shines to show off the marvelous wonders that Busby Berkeley created.

“Honeymoon Hotel is another musical number that a risque, upbeat piece of music about a couple who are desperately trying to fornicate. They make an appointment to wed at the Honeymoon Hotel which i simply adore to watch unfold.

The third and last number finally sees James Cagney getting to try out his dancing chops in a normal number by compassion to the other numbers. Mind you, the man’s ability to tame the legendary Shanghai Lil certainly helps him regain his own masculinity. The idea of a man’s own sense of himself being determined by the woman he’s with is a theme that plays a lot into romantic comedies as its truly something fun to watch this scene but its not the best number to my eyes as its just a fun little number as it finishes off this delightful musical gem.

Footlight Parade is a delightful musical gem that may be one fun little musical gem that you will enjoy.

Dames review

Dames bites back at the Hays Code right as it was starting to get enforced in such a fun musical gem with choreography by Busby Berkeley that really is fun. Dames” is extremely entertaining at virtually every moment, a delightful musical gem with tons of comic wit and charm.

The first strong point is the excellent comedic plot, better than that in 42nd Street, about the same as Footlght Parade. Guy Kibbe is wonderful as always, Hugh Herbert and Zasu Pitts are great. The three of them really steal the show with such wit and charm. I would say Joan Blondell really shines in her role too as she has such wonderful wit and humor.  Its musical numbers all are fun little numbers.

 Only Have Eyes For You” has a handful of my favorite shots as its simply marvelous to watch Ruby Keeler come out of the eye as she comes out of the glance of obsession in a way. All three of the big production numbers in the film share several traits and meanings that all feel such connections to each other as reflective of a whole fun little musical as the numbers all feel such reflective joy to them. I simply love them all as each musical scene is marvelous to watch on screen.
Try to See It My Way, Baby completely breaks out, never traipsing into one of Berkeley’s signature visual extravaganzas. But that doesn’t make it any less significant as this is last number it does stand out.  Busby Berkeley’s choreography Incredible, imaginative and thoroughly astounding. Berkeley always stands out such as he does in dames as. His choreography is among the greatest things ever committed to a cinema screen as this trait really does show in this wonderful musical classic with so many ranging numbers.

The movie Dames is extremely entertaining at virtually every moment with such marvelous musical numbers with wonderful acting and classical choreography that really stands out.  Busby Berkeley/Warner Bros. musicals all are such fun to watch as I often find self re-watching this classic movie often. Dames is a marvelous classic that is simply marvelous to watch unfold on the screen as simply to watch on the screen.

RUBY KEELER and Busby Berkeley always manages to make such enjoyable movies together as they did four movies together as she went from Broadway to the big screen in standout musical numbers that all are such fun to watch unfold on the screen. Busby Berkeley/Warner Bros. musicals all are such fun to watch as I often find self re-watching this classic movie often so today I enjoyed to talk these movies so much today for The Busby Berkeley Blogathon today as I feel so much joy to talk them so much as always check out other posts form the event as I hope you enjoyed my talk about RUBY KEELER and Busby Berkeley today as I do hope you join me next time for another review.

BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts

BUSTER KEATON joyful shorts

I am a very huge fan of Buster Keaton. I would say i adore his work so much. He is one of the biggest joys for me to watch his work on screen as he simply is a wonderful act to watch on screen. I would say he ranks among the best of comedy legends all time to my eyes. Buster kreaton is simply one of the true founders of visual comedy and modern comedy in so many ways so to talk him is a real joy now.

The High Sign review

The high sign is one of the best buster kreaton shorts with a ton of amazing athleticism and stunts and tons of gags it really packs a punch. The way takes the house the hard way so many times really shows how far he would go for a gag. Its gags are so wonderful to watch form simple gags to surreal gags as each of the gags stand out giving us joyful and enjoyable gags that will have you laughing at them. Most silent shorts are long on gags but short on plot but this one has his character working in pawnshop and his character climbing houses. Keaton packs in an awful lot of locations and characters and a not insignificant amount of story into nineteen minutes that is amazing in itself. The short ends with Keaton cavorting through a tricked-out house booby-trapped and full of secret passages that shows off physicality and visual inventiveness in such ways that is bar to none simply marvelous. This is a truly wonderful short that you will enjoy anytime.

One week review

One Week is one of the most impressive short films I’ve ever seen. The stunts are absolutely incredible from the very beginning, and they only get bigger and better by the end as this short is so impressive with the stunt work that ranges form simple stunts to more complex stunts as it changes each scene. . Buster Keaton and his newlywed wife are gifted a plot of land and try to build a home for themselves, but things quickly begin to go wrong when the pieces get mixed up as normal everything seems to go wrong with this newly wed couple. The way buster plays in such stunt work is amazing beyond words. You are in for a treat with this wonderful short.

Convict 13 review

Buster Keaton’s first directorial efforts. During a game of golf, Keaton knocks himself out with his own ball and an escaped convict changes clothes with him. The guards mistake him for the prisoner. The joys of this short is the mistaking intent he plays off of trying to escape.  Besides the many obvious things that make Keaton’s performances great are the ways he plays off the camera as he always seems make angles and gags really light up the screen as he is truly the king of comedy as this short shows him at his collective best. Its a fun short that i feel you will enjoy for its simple charms.

The Goat review

Buster gets mistaken for a murderer, dodges the police, plays around on trains. Its noticeable he loves trains as he often would play around them on his shorts and movies often as trains were one thing he adored. This short is charming little gem that has such funny gags and moments as we see it to the end in a simply marvelous gem of a short.

The boat review

The boat is one of his most fun little shorts in my eyes. I adore watching buster deal with this boating trip form hell. Its a fun family trip gone wrong as much buster could get everything wrong with the vacation form sinking his car to sinking the boat to losing it fully in a storm as he simply cannot ever seem to win. A brilliant Keaton short that is endlessly creative and goofy form start to finish which makes it one of my favorite of his shorts.

The paleface review

A Buster Keaton comedy-western as its where Keaton defends some Native Americans from greedy oil-men. Its one of those very fun little shorts its fun to watch buster kreaton play such a soft role that leads to some fun gags and moments. Its fun comedy gem that i feel you will enjoy

cops review

Cops Among Buster Keaton’s short comedies Cops is one of his most recognized and famous and with good reason as its truly one of his best works of comedy. Keaton displays pure athletic ability, daring stunts of his own and simply hilarious comedy. One of the most impressive things in the film for me was the ladder sequence as that is half the size of hat is half the size of the fence as like a seesaw it tips down to the other side, and whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down whilst this is happening, he turns his body around on the ladder whilst it is going down. He sees police officers coming, so he shifts his weight to the other side of the ladder, rotating his body once more causing it to tip over as gags of ladders go this is bar none the best of it ever on screen. I would say another scene is Keaton going down the street on his horse and carriage as a cop parade happening as he catches the bomb tossed at it and lights a cigarette with it. I would say its stand out gags and moments all make the comedy stand test of time. Keaton’s best short reel is cops which has some excellent gags and well-executed comedy that makes it his best of works of comedy.

The Electric House review
The Electric House is another great c Keaton short that highlights his delight in all things mechanical. Probably the high point so far of Keaton using technology for laughs as he truly does such wonders with all things mechanical as its a true joy to watch each scene unfold. History buffs will know Keaton broke his ankle filming the escalator scene and had to put the film on hold as he dusted off an old short until the next year then re-shot everything as simply to make everything perfect that makes me adore it even more as its done to perfection.  It is Hilarious, inventive, unique and full of gags. Buster Keaton entertains again in this truly classic short.
Why i adore buster kreaton so much

I simply adore Buster Keaton

because he simply could make any simple gag and many complex gags all work together as I went through his shorts i found that he simply is marvelous with his timing that he manages make any gag truly stand out by his timing as he makes simple gags and many ladder gags all stand out. He is also a wonder with mechanical gags and he adored trains and other modes of transport as he would often use them in his gags and shorts.  He did westerns a few times that managed poke fun at the western in fun ways before western spoofs were a thing. It is truly remarkable managed do so many wonderful gags and stunts without help of anyone. I enjoyed to talk him today i hope you enjoyed my talk on some of his shorts today.

women in flim:a fight for change

women in flim:a fight for change


It was women that made the shape of Hollywood we see today yet the face of Hollywood has not changed for years since the 1930’s for women in film as the big studios got bigger they pushed out the women that helped create Hollywood as now we have a rare chance a movie will be directed by a female as many times today it is far worst yet the truth that women helped make Hollywood become the place it is today. It’s been a fight for change since the times of the 1930’s for women to have a bigger voice. Today we keep on fighting for the change in the face of Hollywood. It has been this way since the studio system pushed into the gates. It pushed women away from the front and center image of Hollywood to a smaller role. Its sad fact that very few movies directed by females or produced as it’s a male’s world today for Hollywood since the start of the studio system. It has not always been this way in Hollywood but it beginnings were noble but what it sparked ended the noble ideas of the start of Hollywood which gave women and other equal voices in Hollywood.


In the beginning of Hollywood we had  women in a bigger role in Hollywood. When it comes to tackling gender equality, Hollywood always seems to drag its feet and leave it beyond as women helped make the face of Hollywood we see today. It was a woman that helped create the directors vision with her co-founder of united artists.  It is sad the studio system today is a male world mostly driven by men now. It is a fact that we lose that this fact was not always this way in Hollywood yet we lost it with the invention of sound and the birth of studio system.

Women were in the movie game from the very start. The early directors of flim had both males and females both directing flims. The first woman to direct a film was almost certainly Alice Guy-Blaché, who worked for Gaumont in Paris. She began to make films in 1896 with her husband as she was also the biggest producer of her age for years. Women produced, wrote and edited films in vast numbers as they often played flappers and other images on the screen. Mary Pickford is the best example as she was making her own movies and producing as even co-founded united artists. Film historian Anthony Slide has rediscovered an early feminist film company, too. Entirely financed by women, the American Woman Film Company was founded in 1916 to “to produce motion pictures of the highest moral and artistic tone. In the silent era, distinctions between jobs were often blurrier than they are today as today we see the titles of jobs are more set in stone as Producing or editing merged into directing we seen crews start making costumes more or less and the studios became more formal and bigger it became where women lost that playing field as one Lois Weber’s advice to young women considering a career as a director was starkly prescient. “Don’t try it,” she said. You will never get away with it. it was not until 1982 when studios began fully crediting women fully. It’s a shame in a heartbeat as the one that helped make the tramp today was a female she was why he managed to become huge. It was females that began the modern idea of directors being the vision of movies in a way with Mary Pickford. We had women play big roles as stunt women and other roles in early days in which today we do not see that image. The face of modern Hollywood is still needing many changes as we cannot overlook the truth that women made the studio system without them we wouldn’t have it today. Last year one of biggest movies was wonder woman it shows why we need change.

Today Hollywood is worst for women in the cores of the Hollywood studio system.  It is better on the TV front as they see more women watch it and allow it more. I do see often many screaming how Hollywood is still a male’s world it is truly that even today and now as we seen last night at golden globes we still have to fight for women to get more a voice in every manner of Hollywood. the time is up for the boys club to rule over things. I am hoping this does bring some details on the past how we can embrace a change for future.